Full Profile of Actor and Model, Goo Seung-hyun

Goo Seung-hyun’s Movies


1. A Friend In Need – 2010

The first movie Goo Seung-hyun is in the movie A Friend In Need. The film was written by Lee Moo-Ryong and Lee Sun-Kyung, and directed by Song Jung-Woo. A Friend In Need was released on December 2nd, 2010 with a duration of 88 minutes. Goo Seung-Hyun plays the role of Hwang Hyun-Joon.

This film tells about in bleak Yeouido, crowded by the political world, press and stock companies, section chief Hwang Woo-Jin works in a stock trading firm. He is a hard-working salaryman, but is the first to be laid off. With an outstanding private loan to pay for his hospital, Hwang Woo-Jin’s stress gradually suffocates. Finally, a junior staff member and a boss, who he trusts, conspire to kick him out.

After finding about their scheme, Hwang Woo-Jin becomes desperate. In front of him, his friend Jung-Hoon, who does something for justice, appears. Under the influence of alcohol, Woo-Jin tells Jung-Hoon that he wants to kill them. The next day the junior staff member is found dead.

By his death, Woo-Jin gets another chance with his company and is recognized for his work, but his sudden luck can not sustain his happiness. As his surroundings again chokes the very air he breathes, Woo-Jin becomes the prime suspect. Woo-Jin is frightened that his friend Jung-Hoon might be the killer.

2. Hello Ghost – 2010

The Hello Ghost film was written and directed by Kim Young-Tak which was released on December 23rd, 2010 with a comedy genre with duration 111 minutes. Goo Seung-Hyun plays the role of Sang-Man (childhood) played by Cha Tae-Hyun.

This film tells about Sang-Man attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge and into a river. He fails, but the end result is that he starts seeing ghosts. Sang-Man then goes to the hospital and gets an an examination.

Meanwhile, Sang-Man meets nurse Jung Yun-Soo Gang Ye-Won at the hospital and quickly falls in love. But those pesky ghosts still haunt Sang-Man everywhere he goes. Sang-Man then attempts to help the ghosts fulfill their unrealized dreams to get them to leave him alone once and for all.

3. Mr. Idol – 2011

The film was written by Lee Gyu-Bok and Ra Hee-Chan, and directed by Ra Hee-Chan. The film was released on November 3rd, 2011 with a duration of 114 minutes. Goo Seung-Hyun plays Han Eun Ki.

The film tells about Goo-Joo is offered a job by Hee-Moon played by Kim Su-Ro who runs top talent agency Star Music. She turns the offer down and instead seeks out the remaining members of Mr. Children to reform the group. Hyun-Yi, Jio and Ricky all gather together again, but they need a lead singer. Goo-Joo decides to hold an open audition to find the next vocalist for Mr. Children.

Meanwhile, Goo-Joo calls her cellphone, which was in her suitcase, and talks with Yoo-Jin’s travel guide assistant. They make an arrangement so Goo-Joo can pick up her suitcase and phone. In the past, Yoo-Jin trained with a band for talent agency Star Music, but the group was kicked out from Star Music. He now works some part-time jobs and at night plays with an indie band in a bar. One day, the owner of the bar asks the band to take part in the auditions held by Goo-Joo.

At the audition Yoo-Jin and Goo-Joo are both surprised to see each other again. Yoo-Jin’s band performs, but Goo-Joo asks to hear just Yoo-Jin. He refuses to perform alone and leaves the audition with his band. Later that day Yoo-Jin’s band, seeing no hope for their careers, decide to disband. Music executive Goo-Joo still has not given hope to Yoo-Jin and follows him around daily, hoping to persuade him to be a frontman for Mr.Children.

4. Secretly Greatly – 2013

Goo Seung-Hyun plays Choi-Woong in a movie written by Hun, Kim Bang-Hyun and Yoon Hong-Gi and directed by Jang Cheol-Soo. The film was released on June 5th, 2013 with a duration of 124 minutes.

The movie starring Kim Soo-Hyun tells about Won Ryu-Hwan played by Kim Soo-Hyun, trained in the North Korean Special Forces. He can speak five languages ​​and is also a lethal killing machine. Two years ago, he received orders to deploy to South Korea as a spy.

While Won Ryu-Hwan was wondering in a poor neighborhood, a woman living in a small apartment above her modest convenience store, lets him work in her store. His identity in South Korea is now Bang Dong-Gu and he has taken up the persona of a goofy, mentally challenged young man. Since that time, Bang Dong-Gu has gotten to know everybody in the neighborhood and has become attached to the woman who treats him like her second son.

One evening, Bang Dong-Gu receives a visitor in his small apartment. His visitor is Lee Hae-Rang played by Park Ki-Woong, who trained in the same North Korean Special Forces Unit. Lee Hae-Rang has also received orders from North Korea to work covertly as a spy in South Korea. His persona is that of a young wannabe rock star. Lee Hae-Rang finds it difficult, because he never played the guitar before. Shortly later, Ri Hae-Jin played by Lee Hyun-Woo, also a member of their special forces team in North Korea, arrives in the same neighborhood. While the three young men live unnoticed among their neighbors, they await orders from North Korea. Until their orders finally arrive.

5. Around The World – 2015

The film was directed by Lee Hang-Bae which was released on March 26th, 2015 with 91 minutes duration. Goo Seung-Hyun plays the role of Sun-Ho. Seung-Hyun plays in this movie along with little actress Park Ha-Young.

The little siblings Ji-Ho and Seon-Ho live on their own without a protector. They lost their mother to a hit-and-run accident and had father wandering all around the nation trying to catch the culprit. But they live everyday loving each other. One day, they receive a phone call from the police station, which makes them misunderstand what has happened.

6. The Piper – 2015

The film entrusts Goo Seung-Hyun with the lead role along with Ryoo Seung-Ryong, Chun Woo-Hee, and Jung Kyung-Ho who are the senior actor and actress. The film was written by Kim Dong-Woo and directed by Kim Gwang-Tae. The film was released on July 9th, 2015 in the horror fantasy genre.

The film tells the story of what happened After the Korean War, Woo-Ryong played by Ryoo Seung-Ryong and his young son Young-Nam walk to Seoul. Woo-Ryong wants to get Young-Nam treated for tuberculosis. Along the way there, they find an obscured path on a mountainside road. Woo-Ryong decides to venture down the hidden path.

Soon, Woo-Ryong and Young-Nam come across a village. The village appears well-off and peaceful. The residents are led by a village leader played by Lee Sung-Min. Woo-Ryong learns the village is an idyllic place to live, except the area is infested with rats. Woo-Ryong plays the pipe and appears to have certain extraordinary abilities. He offers to get rid of the rats and the village leaders to offer him a hefty sum in return. Woo-Ryong also falls for a young female shaman in the village played by Chun Woo-Hee. While everything seems to be going well, Woo-Ryong’s nightmare is about to begin.

7. Along with The Gods: The Two Worlds – 2017

Goo Seung-Hyun plays Soo-Hong (young) played by Kim Dong-Wook in Along with The Gods: The Two Worlds. The film was written by Joo Ho-Min and Kim Yong-Hwa and directed by Kim Yong-Hwa. The film was released on December 20th, 2017, starring one of Korea’s idols EXO’s D.O who plays Won Il-Byung.

This film tells about that following a person’s death, an Angel of Death escorts the deceased to the afterworld. There, the deceased person has 7 trials over a period of 49 days. At that time, the Angel of Death, who is not supposed to get involved in human affairs, unavoidably takes part in human affairs.

Gang Rim played by Ha Jung-Woo is the leader of the angels of death. He has an affection for humans. Kim Ja-Hong played by Cha Tae-Hyun receives his trial in the afterlife.