Full Profile of Actor and Model, Goo Seung-hyun



General Information About the Cute Actor Goo Seung-hyun

Goo Seung-hyun is a talented boy from South Korea who debuted as a model when he was five years old and officially debuted in acting in 2010.

Goo Seung-hyun grew up as a smart and cheerful kid and he usually likes watching television. He is motivated by the way people act. He usually gets excited and is reportedly imitating and acting among his friends. Although he was very smart at school, it was reported he had been bullied several times.

Full Profile About Goo Seung-hyun and Facts


Name : Goo Seung-hyun

Date of Birth : September 22nd, 2004

Age : 13 years old

Profession : Model and Actor

Zodiac : Virgo

Blood Type : A

Facts About Goo Seung-hyun :

  1. He earns about 15 million dollars.
  2. His favorite color is yellow.
  3. His favorite sport is swimming.
  4. His favorite genre movie is Thriller.
  5. He watches the drama series and studies.
  6. He is very active in science class at school.
  7. He has been acting and singing since he was a child.
  8. He speaks Mandarin.
  9. He likes to watch football.
  10. He likes to eat sausage.