Full Profile of MBLAQ Mir’s Sister, Go Eun-ah

Go Eun-Ah’s Trivia and Miscellaneous Facts

  • She has wanted to be a celebrity since she was a child.
  • When she was 11 years old, a magazine in Seoul brought her out to do photo shoot, and she went to work on a weekend.
  • Also when she was 11, she was hit in the head with a glass ashtray for being 30 minutes late by the president of agency.
  • Her stage name was created because her past agency’s CEO really liked Go So Young and Shim Eun Ha at the time, so he combined their names to create ‘Go Eun-Ha’ for her. But a reporter mistakenly published a story on her, spelling her name ‘Go Eun-Ah’, and she has been Go Eun-Ah ever since.
  • Her father is a farmer who grows peaches and apples.
  • When she was asked who she wanted to be paired with on “We Got Married”, she chose INFINITE’s Woohyun because she wanted to date a younger man.
  • She likes to travel around and drink.
  • She has more boy friends than girl friends.
  • Shin Min-Ah is her close friend. They became close after filming the movie ‘1 Billion Won’ together.
  • She revealed the secret to her great figure is eating one meal a day and her Spartan workouts.
  • She has been using eye creams since she was in the elementary school, while not currently using lotions, sunscreen, or toners.
  • She had a superb exposure scene (bed scene) in the movie ‘Sketch’. She ended up doing it since she received support from the staff members as well as the director, and she was able to do the scene with minimal pressure.
  • She received the lowest grades possible in all subjects, and ranked last in her entire class.
  • She was chosen as Public Relations Ambassador: Seoul Metropolitan City Tap Water Promoter (2006) & Plan Ambassador to Korea (2009).
  • She was involved in a local bar incident, and came clean to the public by posting an official apology on her Cyworld back in 2010. The incident involved lots of arguing, resulting in a warning issued by the police department. She was drinking with her younger brother when an argument arose between the actress and nearby customers. Both sides admitted to taking part in the fight equally, thus leaving no charges to be paid and a warning issued to each person.
  • Based on reviewsh.com, Go Eun-Ah is their #1 pick for sexiest famous actress in the South Korean entertainment industry in 2018. Best known for her stellar performance in the Gold Apple television series, she has achieved more than many established actresses in the industry, winning the heart of millions of loyal fans in Korea, and Asia in general. She has been featured in Drama City (2005) and Rainbow City (2006), and won several awards.

All About Go Eun-Ah and Mir

  • She often came to her brother’s dorm (MBLAQ) to cook all the members some food.
  • In “Beatles Code”, the MCs asked her brother, Mir, if he thought she was cute, to which he replied “she is the worst of the worst“.
  • I feel like if I’m close to Mir, then good things will happen“- Go Eun-Ah.
  • I feel like my sister always has me in the palm of her hand. Where ever I go, I feel like she’s keeping close watch” – Mir.
  • Whenever Mir gets a girlfriend, he brings her over to Go Eun-Ah first. She doesn’t want him to date a bad girl (JTBC’s Witch Hunt).
  • She was impressed by Mir’s ability to attain abs in only two months.
  • She betrayed Mir by prefering Thunder (former MBLAQ) over her younger brother. On Go Eun-Ah’s personal minihompy, she posted a picture of Thunder for her profile picture with the status “Crush <3”. In the picture, Thunder is shown wearing a full suit with smoky makeup and a charismatic expression. Additionally, Go Eun-Ah also wrote a message addressed to her younger brother stating, “Dear Chul Young (Mir’s real name). I am sorry”, causing laughter among netizens who visited her minihompy.

Go Eun-Ah’s Dating Rumors

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  • Her ex-boyfriend is Super Junior’s Kang In, whom she met at a broadcasting company. The relationship happened in 2007, but the media announced it late (after they broke up).
  • Go Eun-Ah was involved with dating rumors with Kim Jang Hoon for buying him a camera (Samsung). Also there was heated debate over SNS, when Kim Jang Hoon posted a picture that he had taken with Goo Eun-Ah. Since then, Kim Jang Hoon has made it clear that they were not in romantic relationship.
  • There was a rumor that she was going out with the singer Jung Joon Young, but they confirmed that they were only close friends. They’ve known each other for more than 10 years, and nothing has happened. They’re totally cool. They proved it by going to Khaolak in Thailand, for reality show SBS’s “Nam-Sa-Chin Yeo-Sa-Chin : 남사친 여사친”. The concept is that the boys and girls who do not have romantic love go on a honeymoon trip.