Full Profile of MBLAQ Mir’s Sister, Go Eun-ah


Get to Know Go Eun-Ah, the Sexy Actress

Go Eun-Ah is an actress who officially debuted in 2004 under her former agency, Wellmade STAR M (now Imagine Asia). She debuted in September 2004 by starring in a CF for ‘Orion Choco Pie’, and since then has appeared in 7 commercial films in 8 months. As of now, she is managed by JIHO Entertainment, alongside other actors such as Choi Jung Won, Park Jung Min, Won Bin, and Seo Ji Hee. She is also best known as MBLAQ’s Mir oldest sister.

Due to her acting career, which has spanned over 10 years, Go Eun-Ah has always been an influencer to the public even though she doesn’t get to show her face frequently on the air lately. She even revealed that even, though she is currently taking fewer roles, she is concentrating more on the few that she has and feels that she is improving as an actress overall. In fact, there were not many works that became box office successes compared to the number of movies she has appeared in. Although she seemed to have made her debut in the entertainment industry easier by receiving calls from various entertainment companies, she actually went through all kinds of twists and turns. Read more of her story below!

Go Eun-Ah’s Full Profile


Name : Go Eun-ah (고은아)
Real Name : Bang Hyo-jin (방효진)
Nickname : Little Kim Hee Jun
Profession : Actress
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : October 28, 1988
Place of Birth : Jangseong, Jeollanam, South Korea
Height : 171 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
Blood type : O
Religion : Buddhist
Agency : Wellmade STARM & MH Entertainment (past), Jiho Entertainment (current)
Family : Parents (Bang Ki Soon & Han Sung Sook), 2 brothers (Bang Hyo Sun & Mir)
Education: Yangjae High School, Konkuk University – School of Motion Picture Arts
Hobbies : Reading
Specialty : Jazz dance, Speaking English, Handbells
Website / Social Medias : Official CafeDaum Profile, Personal Instagram (@koeuna88), Personal Twitter (@koeuna1028)

Go Eun-Ah’s Real Age


Based on her profile, Go Eun-Ah was born on October 28, 1988, in Jangseong, Jeollanam, South Korea. Even though she is actually just 3 years older than her youngest brother, Mir, she is already known by the public for her sexy look since her late 10s. Not to mention she’s also a 88-liner, which means she is the same age as innocent and youthful-looking actresses such as Park Se-Young, Lee Yeon-Hee, Uee, and many others! What do you think? Does she look mature for her age?

The Bang Siblings’s Controversy: Go Eun-Ah & Mir


Go Eun-Ah is already known to closely resemble her little brother, especially after chopping off her locks for a drama. And upon seeing the photo, fans realized that the siblings inherited their good looks from their mother. However, their closeness once angered netizens back in 2010, when she created headlines after showing excessive affection for her brother on air.

She starred in Mnet’s “Scandals”, where she introduced her non-celebrity TV boyfriend to her brother, Mir. While saying goodbye, Go Eun-Ah asked Mir to give her a kiss on camera. Flustered, Mir said, “Not now“, which led Go Eun-Ah to plant a kiss on Mir’s lips. And ever since that happened, Go Eun-Ah revealed that they haven’t even been able to walk comfortably beside each other when they hang out because people think they’re involved in some crazy incestuous romance.

After sometime, she cleared up the controversy on the pilot episode of MBC’s “Talks Club Actor” by saying “Because our family lives separately, we tend to be very expressive when we display affection for each other. I wasn’t really paying attention to others and gave him a peck. However, the next day, there were a lot of articles, and some of them even claimed that I committed incest.

She explained that Mir is her only brother, her younger brother, and she loves him a lot, and shows affection towards him. It’s completely obvious that she was playing around with him, yet netizens commented about how inappropriate her actions were in public, no matter how close they are. There was a lot of controversy and people commenting on their sibling affection, and many disapproved, but there were also some netizens who considered it is very normal, because it just showed how much they care for each other.

If you watch the full video of Mnet’s “Scandal”, you can see he cried after the kiss because his eye makeup runs down his face as he said goodbye. They were going to be separated for a long time, so she was affectionate towards her baby brother. Their family is very loving, and treats kisses as signs of love. What do you think about the video? Was it too much for siblings to give each other a litlte peck as symbol of love?