Full Profile of Girl’s Day Members (Name, Ages, Religion, Position and Etc)

What is Girls Day’s label company?

What is Girls Day's label company

As has been mentioned previously, Girl’s Day was promoted by Dream Tea Entertainment. Dream Tea Entertainment itself was founded in 2009 by Lee Jong Seok. As an official record label, some former artists, including ONCE, Jevice, and MAP 6, were Entertainment also promoted that. Dream Tea Entertainment is currently run and managed by Imagine Asia (previously known as Wellmade Yedang).

Becoming one of the successful talents under Dream Tea Entertainment, Girl’s Day gave a well amount of income to themselves and the label. It is proven by the new building of Dream Tea Entertainment, shortly after Girl’s Day’s sensational debut.

Girl’s Day members’ age: from the oldest to the youngest

Girl's Day members' age

Knowing the age of idols is always fascinating. It feels like knowing them closer and better. Since Girl’s Day currently consists of four members, the list below will only provide those members’ age. So here is the list of Girl’s Day members’ age, from oldest to youngest:

  • Sojin, 34 years old
  • Yura, 28 years old
  • Minah, 27 years old
  • Hyeri, 26 years old

Well, after knowing their age, we can imagine how consistent they all are in being a member of Girl’s Day. Yes, it has been 10 years since their debut. I can’t agree more that years of experience make them one of the K-Pop female presidents in their era.

Girl’s Day members’ height: from the tallest to the shortest

Girl's Day members' height

In Korean entertainment, it is very common for companies to adjust the idols’ official profiles to make them look better, including their height. Sometimes, their real profiles can be revealed through several reality shows that are purposely doing height or weight measurements. If you are curious about Girl’s Day height rank, just scroll down and see their rank from tallest to shortest:

  • Yura. 170 cm.
  • Sojin. 167 cm.
  • Hyeri, 166 cm.
  • Minah. 164 cm.

Girl’s Day’s visual, who is she?

Girl's Day's visual

In each K-Pop girl group or boy band, you can usually find one member who has the visual role. Assigned as the visual means he or she fits Korea’s beauty standards the most and is the member who usually draws attention because of their appearance.

In short, the visual member is the one who is known to be the most beautiful or handsome. For Girl’s Day, the visual member is Yura. Let’s check out her profile closer.

As a former ulzzang (an ulzzang is defined as someone who has a beautiful face), Yura’s beauty is undeniable. Having a slender face, huge round eyes, and luscious lips, Yura is considered one of the industry’s most beautiful idols. It’s amazing how she’s constantly maintaining her weight, although she’s got a huge appetite.

As a fact, she used to eat seven plates of food at a buffet. Seeing this, we can say that Yura is truly the best eater in Girl’s Day (and basically in all of K-Pop). In addition to this, Yura also has an outgoing personality. Thus, no wonder that many producers are interested in inviting and hiring Girl’s Day’s Yura for their variety shows.

However, do you think that Yura has undergone plastic surgery? Some of the resources said that Yura’s facial features, such as eyes and nose, changed with some plastic surgery. Yet, beauty is only an additional factor that makes Yura hold her place in the internet forums because she is actually a portrait of the perfect female idol with a pleasant personality.

Girl’s Day members’ popularity ranking

girls day

It was sad to find out that all four Girl’s Day members decided not to renew their contract with Dream Tea Entertainment on January 11th, 2019. However, the good news is Dream Tea Entertainment announced that the group didn’t disband but is only in hiatus mode. The management still hopes the members will promote again as Girl’s Day in the future.

Living the hiatus mode, Girl’s Day’s popularity still leaves a mark especially, among their fans. Therefore, it is fascinating to know their individual popularity as Girl’s Day members. Yes, although they are all in one group, there is, of course, a popularity ranking among all the members. Girl’s Day members once appeared in V Apps with the title “Today is Hyeri Day!”

During the live performance, they gave a popularity rank among themselves. They all agreed that Hyeri ranked the highest as she was in the list of Korea Power Celebrities. Yura said, “Minah ranks the lowest out of all of us. Hyeri is #1. She gobbles up all her unnies.” At first, they said that Minah ranked the lowest, but suddenly they all deemed Sojin as the lowest among all while laughing.

Minah herself laughed and said, “I can’t deny that I’m the lowest,” but then shouted, “But the real lowest is Sojin-unnie!” And the rank went with Hyeri as the top rank, Yura ranked second, Minah ranked third, and Sojin ranked the lowest.

Popularity Rank Girl’s Day Members
#1 Hyeri
#2 Yura
#3 Minah
#4 Sojin

In their ten-year-long career as members of a girl group, Girl’s Day members have endorsed over 20 brands. In 2015, they ranked 13th in Korea Power Celebrities, a list ranking Korea’s most powerful and influential celebrities. In 2016, the group ranked 26th.

Seeing their great influence, no wonder that the agency still maintains the group even though they are in hiatus mode. Girl’s Day is the only girl group that has managed to last for 10 years. Finally, not only last but also intimate with each other even after each member has been pursuing a solo career. So, what do you think about Girl’s Day? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below, and make sure to stay tuned on Channel-Korea for the latest news and updates about your favorite K-Pop artists.