Full Profile of Girl’s Day Members (Name, Ages, Religion, Position and Etc)

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Who is Girl’s Day?

Girl’s Day is one of South Korea’s most popular girl group, which debuted under Dream Tea Entertainment in 2010. Girl’s Day members are Sojin, Yura, Minah, Hyeri, Jihae, Jisun, and Jiin. However, Jisun and Jiin decided to leave Girl’s Day in 2010, and Jihae in 2012. Girl’s Day’s most popular songs are Twinkle Twinkle, Expect, Hug Me Once, Darling, Ring My Bell, and Something. They are also in the list of Korea Power Celebrities in 2015, ranked 13th, and ranked 26th in the next year, while Girl’s Day’s Hyeri ranked 3rd among all the Korean idols.

Girl’s Day Member Profile: Sojin

girl's day sojin

Birth Name: Park So Jin

Stage Name: Sojin

Position: Leader and Lead Vocalist of Girl’s Day

Religion: Christian

Age: 31 years old

Place and Date of Birth: Daegu, May 21, 1986

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 47 kg

Blood Type: AB

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Colors: Black, white, and purple

Last Education: Yeongnam University (majored in Mechanical Engineering)

School Graduates: Ahyun Elementary School, Seobu Girls’ Middle School, Kyungduk Girls’ High School, Yeungnam University

Instagram Account: @ssozi_sojin

Twitter Account: @Girls_Day_Sojin

Some Facts about Sojin

1. Sojin loves to clean, compose music, and search for good songs. She also loves to browse Youtube videos, eat snacks, play piano, and go shopping.

2. Girl’s Day’s Sojin can play piano and also has special skill in calligraphy.

3. Sojin likes meats, including beef, chicken, seafood

4. Sojin’s life motto and quote is “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”, by The Alchemist.

5. In her engineering class which consisted of 800 students, Sojin is one of the 8 girls among all the students.

6. Surprisingly, Sojin knows how to put a car together.

7. Although her major is engineering, but Sojin loves to knit.

8. Sojin’s ideal type is a guy with strong eyes and a definite point of view. A guy who is faithful and attentive is definitely her ideal type. For Sojin, appearance doesn’t really matter, but she prefer someone who has a big mouth. Height also doesn’t matter much to her.

9. She hates dirt, rabbits, and rats.

10. Sojin often says “Um-Chung”, which means “many or true”.

11. Just like Mina, Sojin loves food.

12. Sojin is the oldest one among Girl’s Day members, but she is the most child-like one.

13. She has a younger brother.

14. It was once gossiped that Sojin was with EXO’s D.O, but there is no clarification from either of them.

15. She composed some of Girl’s Day songs, including: “Telepathy”, :Girl’s Day World”, “Let’s Go” and she co-wrote the lyrics for “I Don’t Mind”

16. Sojin released her very first solo single “Our Love Like This” got the “Flames of Desire” OST.

17. Being the eldest among all Girl’s Day members, Sojin said that she has her own advantage, she revealed that “Unlike the other members, even when we’d just debuted, they never told me not to date”.

18. Girl’s Day’s Sojin was confirmed to be dating Eddy Kim by Dream Tea Entertainment, Sojin herself also said “I hope that people will watch over us kindly. I hope that people will continue to send their love and support to us as we continue to work in this industry”.

Girl’s Day Member Profile: Yura


Birth Name: Kim Ah Young

Stage Name: Yura

Position: Visual, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, and Vocalist of Girl’s Day

Age: 25 years old

Religion: Sources note that she is Buddhist

Zodiac: Scorpio

Place and Date of Birth: Ulsan, November 6, 1992

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 49 kg

Blood Type: O

Favorite Color: The color of strawberry milk

Last Education: Dongduk Women’s University with Minah

School Graduates: Ulsan Art High School (majoring dance)

Favorite Motto: “This too shall pass”

Instagram Account: @yura_936

Twitter Account: @Girls_Day_Yura

Some Facts about Yura

1. Yura is known for having a cheerful, positive, and lively personality.

2. Yura’s idol is Lee Sung Gi. She admires Seung Gi’s singging, acting, MC-ing, and CF skills.

3. Yura’s favorite food is meat, and others think that she is a meat maniac.

4. Yura has her own insurance for her legs and it’s worth around $449,000 (500,000,000 won).

5. She likes playing computer games.

6. Her hobbies include dancing, listening to music, and painting.

7. What she hates the most is dieting.

8. She became the member of Girl’s Day by joining an audition after being part of the cast on an ulzzang site.

9. Yura has a bad habit, she likes shaking her legs.

10. She prefers music with quiet, melodious piano-accompaniments.

11. Yura’s most often visited place is the convenience store.

12. Yura’s favorite movie genre is action and thriller.

13. Her ideal type is someone who has a good sense of humor, is attentive, and of course likes her.

Girl’s Day Member Profile: Hyeri

girl's day hyeri

Birth Name: Lee Hye Ri

Stage Name: Hyeri

Position: Lead Dancer and Maknae of Girl’s Day

Age: 23 years old

Place and Date of Birth: Gwangyu, June 9, 1994

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: AB

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Favorite Color: Black, white, and purple

Last Education: Konkuk University (majoring in Film)

School Graduates: Seoul Performing Arts High School

Instagram Account: @hyeri_0609

Twitter Account: @Girls_Day_Hyeri

Some Facts about Hyeri

1. Hyeri loves watching movies and also reading books.

2. She is known for having special skilla in marathon running and writing.

3. Hyeri’s favorite colors are red, black, and purple.

4. She has a younger sister who is 2 years younger than her, named Hyerim.

5. Hyeri joined Girl’s Day in September 2010, along with former Girl’s Day members’ Jiin and Jisun.

6. Hyeri doesn’t like the cold.

7. She also dislikes stairs.

8. Just like Yura, Hyeri likes action ad thriller movie genres.

9. Hyeri’s favorite food is sushi.

10. Hyeri can speak really loud, just like it was shown in “Flower Bouquet”

11. Hyeri was scouted by her current agency, Dream Tea Entertainment when she was still a middle school student.

12. Hyeri started her acting career through SBS weekend drama “Tasty Life”. She acted as the youngest daughter in the family.

13. Hyeri was once hospitalized because she fainted on stage during Girl’s Day’s “Something” promotion.

14. Hyeri was confirmed to be in a relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol on August 16, 2017, who she acted with in “Reply 1988”.

15. Hyeri’s aegyo in “Real Men” went viral and reached 1 million views in just a day.

16. Hyeri’s most successful drama is “Reply 1988” as she also became the icon of aegyo through the drama.

17. Hyeri also became one of the most in demand advertising models in South Korea.

18. Because of her role in “Reply 1988” and “Entertainer”, Hyeri was ranked third in “The 2016 Korea Power Celebrity” list released by Forbes.

19. Hyeri has shot more than 30 advertisments for brands, including Lotte Confectionery’s Ghana,  Amore Pacific’s Happy Bath, Puma, and many more.

20. She was also given the title “10 billlion won girl” by South Korea’s media.

21. Her ideal type is a guy who can take good care of her.

22. Hyeri once donated 50 millions won to Community Chest of Korea on Lunar New Year back then in 2016. A year after that, she also donated another 50 millions won for the victims of Seomun Market fire to Korea Disaster Relied Organisation.