Full Profile of Gangkiz’s Members

Kwak So-min: Somin of GANGKIZ


Stage Name : Somin (소민)
Birth Name : Kwak So-min (곽소민)
Position : Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Birthday : September 19, 1987
Star Sign : Virgo
Height : 171 cm
Weight : N/A
Blood Type : N/A
Twitter : http://twitter.com/BambiKwak

Facts About GANGKIZ’s Somin

  • She was supposed to be one of the new members of T-ARA.
  • She was the cheerful little princess of GANGKIZ.
  • Education: Seoul Arts Center, Department of Broadcasting.
  • She worked at an office after the disbandment.

Cho Eun-byul: Eunbyul of GANGKIZ


Stage Name : Eunbyul (은별)
Birth Name : Cho Eun-byul (조은별)
Position : Sub-Vocalist
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Birthday : November 3, 1988
Star Sign : Scorpio
Height : 165 cm
Weight : N/A
Blood Type : N/A
Twitter : http://twitter.com/eunbyul88

Facts About GANGKIZ’s Eunbyul

  • She became a stewardess for ‘Singapore Airlines’, after the disbandment of GANGKIDZ in September 2014.
  • She attended middle and high school in New Zealand, and is fluent in English.
  • Education: Dongduk Women’s University Broadcasting Department.
  • Her talents include English and Yoga.
  • Featured in “MNet Scandal” with FT Island’s Jonghun.

Jeon Sol-rim: Eshter of GANGKIZ


Stage Name : Esther (에스더)
Birth Name : Jeon Solrim (전솔림)
Position : Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Place : Osan, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Birthday : December 27, 1988
Star Sign : Capricorn
Height : 166 cm
Weight : N/A
Blood Type : N/A
Twitter : https://twitter.com/esder1227

Facts About GANGKIZ Eshter

  • Her real name is Jeon Jae Hyun (전재현).
  • She is originally from Guam-ri, Seocheon.
  • Before debuted with GANGKIZ, she was a trot singer. Her popular song was “Toad’s Love”.
  • She was the last member to join GANGKIZ, and the mood maker of the group.
  • When the five members left the group and two remained, she automatically became the leader of the group.
  • Education : Osan University Event Direction Department.
  • Her talent is taekwondo.

Kim Hye-ji: Hyeji of GANGKIZ


Stage Name : Hyeji (혜지)
Birth Name : Kim Hye Ji (김혜지)
Nationality : South Korean
Birth Place : Seoul, South Korea
Birthday : May 29, 1989
Star Sign : Gemini
Position : Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae
Height : 172 cm
Weight : N/A
Blood Type : N/A
Twitter: http://twitter.com/ellykim0529

Facts About GANGKIZ’s Hyeji

  • Education : Sungkyunkwan University – Acting Department.
  • She shared that her parents were against broadcasting, but slowly recognized her talent and have been supporting her since she won the supermodel contest.
  • She was a model before she debuted with GANGKIZ. And got a 2nd place in the 19th Super Model Selection Contest in 2010.
  • Her talents are art, swimming, snowboarding, and speaking English.

GANGKIZ Members Popularity Ranking


Before GANGKIZ officially debuted in 2012, some of the members already had their own career in entertainment industry as models, actresses, and even singer. Looking back on their debut days, it’s clearly the leader, Jihyun, who garnered the most attention from the public. Besides working as an actress, she was known as actor Hyunbin’s former girlfriend. The news about their relationship was all over the place prior her debut with GANGKIZ.

Following Sooeun and Haein on the next list, they had starred in several dramas and shows before they debuted, and even had their own nicknames. After they departed from the group, they continued to pursue acting and slowly faded away from the entertainment world as they didn’t get anywhere with their efforts. If we rank them based on the articles that have been made over the past years, this would be the correct order of their popularity ranking:

  1. Jihyun (actress and Hyunbin’s former girlfriend).
  2. Sooeun & Haein (actress and model).
  3. Hyeji (former supermodel).
  4. Eshter (former trot singer).
  5. Eunbyul & Somin (no entertainment activities reported after the disbandment).

The Disbandment of GANGKIZ


Because most of the members already had brilliant careers, there was an uncomfortable prejudice that the group was “leaning on the fame” without having to try hard. But that wasn’t the case, it was revealed that before debuting, GANGKIZ had been practicing for two years. Of course, that could be considered a short time compared to other idols, but they stated that they did their best.

The average age to debut as a girl group for GANGKIZ was extremely high, therefore they were often compared by the fans to their labelmate, T-ARA, who were younger on average. Also it was known that T-ARA’s money was invested in GANGKIZ, as a result the reaction of T-ARA fans was not good.

As you may know, GANGKIZ went with the sexy concept, wearing tight outfits that revealed their body shape on stage, as they targeted adults. However, after a short period of activity that lasted less than a year in 2012-2013 with two songs, GANGKIZ entered a long vacancy. Then after opening CCM’s official fancafé, it was revealed that most of the original line-up had quietly withdrawn from the group, and that only Esther and Hyeji remained. Haein subsequently confirmed her departure. In 2014, Hyeji’s Twitter account was deleted, Esther’s went inactive, and the group’s official fancafé was shut down. Although Core Contents Media has never released an official statement, the group is believed to have completely disbanded.