Full Profile of f(x) Members (Names, Heights, Weights and Facts)

f(x)’s Ex-Member Sulli: Full Profile


Real Name: Choi Jin Ri

Stage Name: Sulli

Nickname: Ssul, Giant Baby, Peach, One Million Dollar Smile, Sulliver, Sullovely

Date of Birth: Yangsan, South Gyeongsang, South Korea; March 29, 1994

Age: 25 (Korean age) / 24 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 169 cm

Weight: 41 kg

Blood Type: O

Religion: Christian

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Chinese Astrology: Dog

Siblings: 2 (Older brothers)

Position: Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Visual, Face of the Group

Education: Jungbu Elementary School, Chungdam Middle School, Seoul Performing Arts High School (SOPA)

Language: Korean

Hobbies: Acting, dancing

Instrument: None

Fan Club Name: Sullians

Instagram: @jelly_jilli

Ideal Type: A man who is dependable, responsible, caring, mature, does not act cute a lot and listens to everything she says. It would be nice if he was always in the same place as her. Moreover, the man should have straight hair, tidy clothing, be sexy, and have a dignified and open mind

Fun Facts and Trivia About f(x)’s Ex-Member Sulli:

  • Sulli debuted as a child actress and acted in a lot of dramas and movies before debuting with f(x).
  • Sulli was cast into SM after her appearance as the young Princess Seonhwa of Silla in SBS’s drama The Ballad of SeoDong in 2005.
  • Sulli is considered f(x)’s fake maknae because of her babyish facial features.
  • Sulli was the tallest member in f(x).
  • Along with Krystal, Sulli is the cooking princess of the group.
  • Along with Victoria, Krystal, and Luna, Sulli has made a venture into the field of acting and has starred in the dramas Song of the Prince / The Ballad of SeoDong, Oh! My Lady, and To the Beautiful You. In addition, Sulli has starred in movies as well, including Babo: Miracle of a Giving Fool, The Pirates, Fashion King, and Real.
  • According to a statement from SM Entertainment, Sulli officially left f(x) in August 2015 to focus on her career as an actress. The decision was made after doing several negotiations during Sulli’s break for health issues.

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How Is the f(x) Members Popularity Ranked?


Generally, the popularity ranking within f(x) is easy to tell. The first place is equally shared by current member Krystal who has more female fans and former member Sulli who has more male fans. In addition, both Krystal and Sulli who are same-aged colleagues have similar yet contrasting charms, making it sometimes difficult for people to decide which one of them looks prettier because both Krystal and Sulli have irresistible charisma and auras. In second place is the boyish member Amber who is famous for her active status in social media where she often replies to fans whenever she goes online. Moreover, Amber often participated in variety shows, so it must be expected that she is famous among both fans and the general public. Then, the leader of the group, Victoria, occupies the third rank as she has a well-known reputation in China following her continuous activities in the said country under her one-man agency Song Qian Studio since 2015. Lastly, the main vocalist Luna is placed in the last rank. Even so, Luna’s popularity cannot be underestimated as she has released a solo album, played in musical dramas, and participated in variety shows. To sum up, all of f(x)’s members, whether current or former, are pretty famous even though there is indeed a gap between each of them.