Full Profile of F-Ve Dolls Members (Name, Age, Religion and Facts)

F-ve Dolls

F-Ve Dolls General Information

The name of ‘F-ve Dolls’ may not seem familiar to most of the current Kpop fans since F-ve Dolls officially disbanded in 2015. However, it is never too late to know about F-ve Dolls because, why not? Isn’t it great to know more about groups who have contributed to the Korean pop industry in general even though they are no longer around? Thus, Channel-Korea here will provide the profile of each member of F-ve Dolls, be it the members who have departed long before the official disbandment of the group, or the members who did not even debuted in F-ve Dolls but somehow are still related with F-ve Dolls or the members who stayed in F-ve Dolls until the legitimate ending of the group. Stay tuned!

F-ve Doll’s Official Accounts

F-ve Dolls

Currently, because F-ve Dolls have been disbanded since 2015, they are no longer have official accounts on social media platforms. However, you shall not be worried because almost all members of F-ve Dolls have a personal account, either on Instagram or Twitter that are listed already on their personal profiles below. So, keep reading!

F-ve Dolls Ryu Hyo-young Profile


Real Name: Ryu Hyo Young

Stage Name: Hyoyoung

Nickname: Hanbit Hyoyoung (One Light Hyoyoung)

Date of Birth: Gwangju, 22 April 1993

Age: 26 (Korean age) / 25 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 167 cm

Weight: 52 kg

Blood Type: O

Siblings: 2 (younger twin sister former T-ara member Ryu Hwayoung and the youngest sister)

Position: Main Rapper, Visual

Twitter: @Rhy93

Instagram: @ryuhoyoung93

Fun Facts:

  • Hyoyoung was scouted after she appeared with her twin sister Hwayoung on SBS ‘Star King’.
  • Hyoyoung used to be in the original line up of T-ara but she was cut out and a year later debuted with Co-Ed School (F-ve Doll’s primary group) instead.
  • Hyoyoung was born two minutes earlier than Hwayoung.
  • Hyoyoung likes to cook, read, and go shopping.
  • Hyoyoung won the Miss Chunhyang in 2010.
  • Hyoyoung was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador of Namwon City in June 2010.
  • After F-ve Dolls’ disbandment and leaving MBK Entertainment in 2015, Hyoyoung became even more active as an actress. She has starred in dramas such as tvN ‘Family Secrets’ in 2014-2015 and MBC ‘Golden Pouch’ in 2016.
  • Not only has she starred in dramas, Hyoyoung has also acted on a short film titled ‘In The Box’ in 2011.
  • Hyoyoung had her own beauty vlog show which was broadcasted by insiteTV in 2014-2015.

F-ve Dolls Heo Chanmi Profile (Former Member)


Real Name: Heo Chan Mi

Stage Name: Chanmi

Nickname: Byulbit Chanmi (Star Light Chanmi)

Date of Birth: 6 April 1992

Age: 27 (Korean age) / 26 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 162 cm

Weight: 46 kg

Blood Type: A

Siblings:  1 (sister)

Position: Main vocalist

Instagram: @chanmiii_h

Fun Facts:

  • Chanmi was in the original line up of Girls’ Generation but was cut out before they debuted.
  • Chanmi likes to go shopping and watch movies.
  • Chanmi was a student of Anyang High School of Arts, majoring in Theater and Movies.
  • Chanmi officially left F-ve Dolls in 2012.
  • In 2016 Chanmi participated in Mnet ‘s survival show ‘Produce 101’ and got the final ranking at #26.
  • Chanmi also participated in another survival show in JTBC ‘Mix Nine’ in 2017.
  • Chanmi is able to speak in Chinese and play musical instruments such as piano and drums.
  • Chanmi owns an online store named ‘Stylememory’ with her sister.

F-ve Dolls Jin Hyewon Profile

Jin Hyewon

Real Name: Jin Hye Won

Stage Name: Hyewon

Nickname: Little Goo Hara, Doraewon, Hanbyul Hyewon (One Star Hyewon)

Date of Birth: Bucheon 6 March 1992

Age: 27 (Korean age) / 26 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 168 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: AB

Siblings: Unknown

Position: Lead Rapper, vocalist, face of the group

Instagram: @jin__hw

Fun Facts:

  • Hyewon was a child model for Yoppy Shop.
  • Hyewon received the nickname ‘Doraewon’ because she can imitate Doraemon’s voice.
  • Fellow members of F-ve Dolls think that Hyewon is a boyish girl.
  • After F-ve Dolls’ disbandment, Hyewon resumed her career as an actress in several dramas, such as MBC ‘She Was Pretty’ in 2015, tvN ‘Cinderella and Four Knights’ in 2016, and KBS2 ‘Sea of the Woman’ in 2017.
  • Not only did she act in dramas, Hyewon has acted in SBS movie ‘Run Toward Tomorrow’ in 2015.

F-ve Dolls Shannon Williams Profile (Temporary Member)

Shannon Williams

Real Name: Shannon Arrum Williams Lees

Stage Name: Shannon Williams

Korean Name: Lee Areum / Lee Arrum

Nickname: Pix

Date of Birth: London, 26 May 1998

Age: 21 (Korean age) / 20 (International age)

Nationality: Welsh and Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 45 kg

Blood Type: Unknown

Siblings: 2 (older twin half-brothers)

Position: None

Instagram: @shannonpix13

Fun Facts:

  • Before she became a trainee, in 2010 Shannon appeared on SBS ‘Star King’ and did a duet with SHINee Onew with an OST of Aladdin titled ‘A Whole New World’. Because of this appearance, MBK Entertainment recruited Shannon as the trainee in their company.
  • Shannon used to be the part of F-ve Dolls but decided to quit because she was eager to show more of her vocals and she wanted to debut as a soloist like her idol, BoA.
  • Shannon attended Sylvia Young Theatre School when she lived in London.
  • Shannon started her musical career when she was three years old. At the age of seven, Shannon landed the role as Cosette in ‘Les Miserables’ musical performance.
  • Shannon’s father Chris Williams Lees is Welsh, meanwhile her mother Kim Jungmi is a Korean.
  • Shannon participated in SBS ‘K-pop Star 6’ and received the final ranking in the fourth place.
  • Shannon’s role model is solo singer IU.
  • Shannon is a big fan of JYJ and former member of TVXQ Junsu.
  • Shannon is known for her four octaves voice.
  • Shannon is a close friend of the members of SPEED, F-ve Dolls Nayeon, and Kim Dani (former T-ara member).

F-ve Dolls Cho Seunghee Profile

Cho Seunghee

Real Name:  Cho Seung Hee

Stage Name: Seunghee

Nickname: Eomma (mother), nagger

Date of Birth: Gwangju, 3 June 1991

Age: 28 (Korean age) / 27 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Religion: Unknown

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 43 kg

Blood Type: O

Siblings: Unknown

Position: Lead vocalist

Instagram: @seunghee91_63

Fun Facts:

  • Seunghee auditioned for Woollim Entertainment and FNC Entertainment and successfully passed in both of them. However, in the end, Seunghee chose Woollim Entertainment to train.
  • Seunghee appeared on SBS ‘Running Man’ with Lovelyz’s Jiae and The SeeYa’s Yeonkyung as the part of Woollim Girls (the past line up of girl group Lovelyz).
  • After F-ve Dolls’ disbandment, Seunghee joined DIA, the youngest girl group of MBK Entertainment which debuted in September 2015. However, she left the group in 2016.
  • Seunghee is the winner of the Miss Chunhyang Pageant in 2012.
  • Seunghee is a student of Kookmin University, with major in Theatre and Film.
  • Not only did she have activities as an idol group member, Seunghee also ventured into the acting field as an actress. She has acted as a cameo and supporting actress in several dramas, such as MBC ‘Mr. Back’, MBC ‘Triangle’, MBC ‘Diary of a Night Watchman’, KBS2 ‘The Producers’, Naver TV Cast ‘Sweet Temptation’, and KBS1 ‘The Unusual Family’.