Full Profile of EXID Members (Names, Age, Height, and Weight)

EXID Members

General Information about EXID

Debuting on February 2012, EXID consists of 5 members including Hani, Jung Hwa, LE, Hyelin, and Solji. Before they got involved in this group, just like other idol groups, they followed a path that was not easy. Before Solji and Hyelin joined the group, EXID consisted of only six people. Their first debut included Hani, Jung Hwa, LE, Yeji, Dami,  and Haeryung. But in the middle of their debut, in April 2012, AB entertainment who owns the EXID group announced that Yeji, Dami and Haeryung had left the group. The agency stated that Yuji and Dami left the group to focus on their studies and Haeryung wanted to focus on her acting career.

After all of that Solji and Hyelin joined the group and on August 2012 and EXID returned with their single I Feel Good’ from their first EP ‘Hippity Hop’. The EP gained much appreciation at that time. Then, on October 11 they made a comeback with the new song ‘Hey Boy’, which became an original soundtrack for MBC’s sitcom The Thousandth Man.

Solji’s Profile and Fun Facts

Solji EXID

Just like we already mentioned above, Solji is also part of ‘Dasoni’ with Hani. Her wonderful voice made her to become a main vocalist of EXID. She’s also the leader of the group; she became the leader of course because of her sttractive singing skill. She joined EXID in August 2012 to replaced another member who’d left the group.

She was born in Seoul, South Korea on January 10, 1989. Before she debuted with EXID, she debuted in the ballad duo group 2NB in 2006 and released solo singles in 2012. Then, she worked as EXID’s vocal trainer.

In February 2015, Solji participated in the singing competition program ‘King of Mask Singer’. She became the first winner and gained much popularity for her and her group.

Stage Name: Solji (솔지)
Real Name: Heo Sol Ji (허솔지)
Birthday: 10 January 1989
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood: O
Specialties: singing
Position: leader and main vocal
Hobby: music, drumming
Instagram: @soul.g_heo


Fun Facts :

  1. She was a former member of the group 2BN (R&B unit)
  2. Solji released a total of 23 albums in 2NB, but none of they were a success.
  3. Solji’s nickname is Heo Bad Gas (Hani said that whenever they’re on a diet and they just eat eggs she always farts)
  4. Her shoe size is 240 mm
  5. Solji has a dog named Choco. Its breed is Chihuahua
  6. She is currently on hiatus due to health issues (since late 2016). She’s recovering from her hyperthyroidism
  7. Solji’s ideal type: Kim Soo Hyun

Hani’s Profile and Fun Facts


If you were asking who is the leading vocal in EXID? Well the answer is definitely Hani. She is also the visual of the group and part of the subunit ‘Dasoni’. Before Hani join EXID, she was a trainee from JYP. Before she was about to debut, she got cut out somehow. She was a little bit disappointed and decided to go to China to study instead. Then, Yeji called her to ask her if she want to join AB Entertaintment and join EXID. After that she came back to Korea and made her debut as a member of EXID.

Hani was born in Seoul, South Korea on May 1st, 1992. She is now about 24 years old. Her real name is Ahn Hee-Yeon but she decided to debut with Hani as her stage name.

EXID has gained much attention after Hani’s focus fancam went viral on social media! In October 2014 a fancam was taken of Hani performing ‘Up & Down’.  The song did not get much attention until this fancam blew up in the media.

Stage Name : Hani (하니)
Real Name: Ahn Hee Yeon (안희연)
Birthday: 1 May 1992
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood Type: AB
Position: Lead Vocal, Face of the Group
Specialties: singing
Hobby: reading
Twitter: @hani_exid
Laman Facebook: EXID.HaniAhn
Instagram: ahnhani_92


For your information Hani is the only child in her family and she stated that she’s happy with that. Hani once aspired to study psychology and become a psychologist. Hani graduated from Jiri Senior High School and she also graduate from Global Cyber University. One thing that is not a secret is that Hani is a smart girl. She has an IQ score of 145.

Fun Facts :

  1. She speaks English and Chinese.
  2. She is popular with both women and men.
  3. In December 2015 it was announced she was in a relationship with Xiah Junsu (JYJ/DBSK). In Sept. 2016 it was confirmed they broke up.
  4. One of Hani’s nickname is Ahn Burp. Because she always burps at the dinner table.
  5. They all tried taking a shower together, except for Hani because she’s too shy
  6. Hani’s ideal type: Kang Ha Neul (stated on “Master Key”)
  7. Zodiac Sign: Taurus

LE’s Profile and Fun Facts


Born in South ChungCheong, South Korea on December 10, 1991. Le is known as the main rapper of girl group EXID. Before she joined the group, she was an underground rapper with stage name “Elly”. She made a rap group with the other underground rapper Jiggy Fellaz. She was not willing to join the first time but she eventually joined and started her hip – hop rap career. In May 2012, LE collaborated with Gavy NJ on their song ‘Don’t Call Me’ and she sang the rap line.

Stage Name : LE (엘이)
Real Name: Ahn Hyo-jin (안효진)
Birthday: 10 December 1991
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 50 kg
Blood: AB
Specialties: Rapping
Position: Main Rapper
Hobby: Lego


Fun Facts :

  1. LE has a tattoo. It’s a heart and there’s a music note inside to express her love for music
  2. LE composed 51 songs, as of 2017
  3. LE auditioned for JYP entertainment but failed
  4. Despite of LE’s personality, especially when she performs, she’s the most feminine on EXID according to her fellow members
  5. LE’s nickname is Ahn Dirty because she never cleaned up when they lived together
  6. LE doesn’t like rides at amusement parks. She always talked about this when they were on Showtime
  7. LE’s Ideal type: Cha Seung Won