Full Profile of Cross Gene Members (Name, Height, Weight and Facts)

Kim YongSeok Profile – The Motherly Maknae


Real Name : Kim Yongseok (김용석)
Stage Name : Yongseok (용석)
Nickname : Mypace Gene
Position : Main Vocalist and Maknae
Height : 176cm (5ft 9in)
Weight : 64kg (141lbs)
Birthplace : South Korea
Birthday : January 8, 1993
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Blood Type : AB
Nationality : Korean
Languages : Korean, Japanese and Mandarin
Instruments : None
Hobbies : N/A
Siblings : Two sisters
Education : N/A
Instagram : @cg_yongseok

Facts About Yongseok :

– His favorite food is Korean Style Pork Chops.
– In elementary school, he practiced swimming and aikido. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea)
– He has a mischievous personality and a good sense of humor.
– Yongseok has three tattoos. One on his left scapula, one on the left side of his hipbone and one on his right wrist.
– Yongseok used to be scared of Takuya because of his height (187cm).
– In the dorm, Yongseok does the house cleaning and cooking. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea). Yongseok acts like a mom in the dorm yet he’s the maknae.
– Yongseok mumbles in his sleep and likes to touch other people’s hair while sleeping.
– Yongseok is the aegyo king.
– Yongseok, Sangmin and Seyoung performed as a sub-unit called XHEARTS (crosshearts) and had mini concerts on 9/16, 9/17, 9/24 2017 in South Korea.
– Yongseok’s ideal type : Someone smart.

Lee SeYoung Profile – The Unpredictable Alien


Real Name : Lee Seyoung (이세영)
Stage Name : Seyoung (세영)
Nickname : Miracle Gene
Position : Lead Vocalist
Height : 180 cm (5ft 10in)
Weight : 60 kg (132lbs)
Birthplace : South Korea
Birthday : February 8, 1990
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : O
Nationality : Korean
Languages : Korean, Japanese
Instruments : Piano
Siblings : Older Brother
Instagram : @cg_seyoung

Facts About Seyoung :

– He is the oldest member and was the last one to join the group in 2012.
– He replaced J.G, who left Cross Gene to start a career as a solo artist.
– He loves veggies and fruits, as well as chocolate.
– He actually likes bugs/insects ever since he was a kid.
– Seyoung has a husky voice.
– Seyong is the most obsessed with girl groups.
– Seyong has a strong mentality.
– The members in CROSS GENE thinks Seyoung is from another dimension.
– Seyong is awful at doing aegyo.
– Seyoung already did his duties in the army before they debuted.
– Seyoung, Sangmin and Yongseok performed as a sub-unit called XHEARTS (Crosshearts) and had mini concerts on 9/16, 9/17, 9/24 2017 in South Korea.
– He played as Kwon Juhee (Brave Gold Dino) in Power Rangers Dino Force Brave.
– Seyoung’s ideal type : Someone with a pure heart.

Zhong Ze Xiang Profile – The True Gentleman (Former Member)


Real Name : Chu Xiao-Xiang (储晓祥)
Stage Name : Casper (캐스퍼)
Former Stage Name : Zhong Ze Xiang (中泽祥)
Nickname : Wild Chic Gene, C.True
Position : Main Rapper and Main Dancer
Height : 176 cm (5ft 9in)
Weight : 66 kg (145lbs)
Birthplace : Shanghai, China
Birthday : March 20, 1991
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Blood Type : O
Nationality : Chinese
Languages : English, Chinese and Korean
Instruments : None
Hobbies : Playing sports, Shopping, and Watching movies
Siblings : None
Education : Bao Shan Vocational and Technical School
Instagram : @cg_casper
Twitter : @caspertrue1991
Weibo : @ctrue1991

Facts About Casper :

– On August 31, 2017 it was announced that Casper left Cross Gene.
– On September 1, the agency informed fans he had graduated from Cross Gene on August 31 following negotiations.
– He is a high tone rapper.
– He first wanted to be an athlete. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea)
– He had weight lifting training for 6 years and he also did short-distance racing training for 1 year.
– He gave up to the idea of becoming a professional athlete because he injured his back.
– He also does some writing, acting, and modeling.
– Casper can jump over both Yongseok and Takuya at once.
– After he left the group, he joined KBS “The Unit : Idol Rebooting Project”.
– Casper’s ideal type : Someone cute, kind and respectful to their parents.

Gao JiaNing Profile – The Angelic Voice (Former Member)


Real Name : Gao Jia Ning (高家宁)
Stage Name : J.G. (제이지)
Nickname : Destiny Gene
Position : Main Vocalist and Maknae
Height : 182 cm
Weight : 69 kg (152lbs)
Birthplace : Baicheng, Jilin Province, China
Birthday : January 12, 1993
Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Blood Type : AB
Nationality : Chinese
Languages : Chinese and Korean
Instruments : None
Education : Chung Ang University
Twitter : @gaojianing

Facts About J.G :

– J.G left Cross Gene in January 2013, to start a career as a solo artist.
– He was known for his powerful vocal.
– He appeared at the audition of The Voice China, Season 4 in 2015.

Fascinating Facts About CROSS GENE Group


– The fandom name was supposed to be Destiny but because there is already a fandom name similar to that, so they changed it to CandY. CandY stands for ‘CROSS GENE and YOU’.
– Shin and Takuya are models.
– Takuya and Shin are on Yang Sechan’s Ten show.
– The hardest choreographies they have learnt according to Takuya and sangmin are Shooting star and Solar.
– They take really good care of fans and each other.
– They all look good without makeup.
– Excluding Takuya and Shin, Sangmin speaks the best japanese.
– Shin is a korean weeaboo. Takuya is a koreaboo.
– In a zombie apocalypse Takuya, Sangmin and Seyoung would be the first ones to die.
– Takuya and Sangmin spends the least time in the shower.
– They have all appeared in multiple famous dramas such as : The Legend of The Blue Sea (Shin), The Lover (Takuya), BIG (Shin), etc.
– They think NCT Dream are cute.
– Casper and Shin are afraid of Ghost houses
– When they do the laundry they usually do it with the one they share a room with and they take turns in doing it.
– All the members have done sports before they got casted. Sangmin did artistic gymnastic and track-and-field in middle school. Takuya did basketball ad baseball. Shin learned taekwondo in elementary school, squash in middle school and he did boxing in high school. Seyoung played soccer and basketball. And last but not least, Casper was a weightlifter in china, learned Tai Chi Chuan for a few months, and while practising the La-Di-Da-Di dance, he was able to learn karate and taekwondo. These boys are extremely athletic.
– ‘ZEDD’, a zombie apocalypse movie that starred all of CROSS GENE members in 2014. The members speak their native tongues in the movie, so that is very interesting to see and hear. It just fastens the idea of diversity which does not inhibit us, but propells us to do better as a team. The ZEDD OST, Billion Dolla, has a global version as well, sung in four different languages.

CROSS GENE Members Popularity Ranking


As multinational idol group, CROSS GENE has been gaining attention over the years especially in Japan. Yet they don’t get much attention in South Korea and considered as one of underrated boybands. Though the group has been actively involved in Japanese activities and promotions, they have also released several Korean singles and EPs.

The members all different in their own ways and have different charms. They also have different kinds of voices and amazing vocals which is normal for a group. Most of them are pretty good at acting and have really good facial expressions too. They all speak more than 1 language, and not to forget they’re also really athletic!

1. A vocalist and leader of CROSS GENE, Shin, represents the ‘PRESH GENE’ in the group and has expressed his talents as an all-round entertainer, be it singing, acting or modeling. Shin is fluent in Japanese, he is the most popular member in Japan, and is an unashamed otaku and goes by his family name which is more common in Japan. He starred in several hit dramas, which scored him the awards for ‘Best Rookie Actor’ and ‘Best Male Model Advertising’ in 2012.

2. Vocalist and Japanese member Takuya needs no other words to describe his ‘GORGEOUS GENE’, as we attribute it to his good looks and height. TAKUYA was in fact active as a model and actor in Japan prior to debuting as a member of CROSS GENE. Not to mention that he got famous from his appearance in dramas, movies, even variety shows.

3. Seyoung is represented as the ‘MIRACLE GENE’ in CROSS GENE. Despite being the latest member to join the group, his husky and original voice color adds vibrancy to the group. He is often praised for his brilliant composition and lyric writing skills.

4. As with all other K-pop groups, there is always one maknae that catches our attention. Identified as the ‘MYPACE GENE’, Yongseok is known for his pop and sexy vocals in the group. He has been casted for a role in ALTARBOYZ The Musical 2016, which hit the stage in South Korea on June 14th to August 7th. And maybe it’s the nature of being the youngest member in the group, but he’s always well-loved for his playful and optimistic personality!

5. Coming down to the final member, Sangmin is known for his distinguished low tone heavy rap. Always cheerful and outgoing, this ‘ORGANIC GENE’ is not only the sunshine of the group, but also the most acrobatic member in CROSS GENE.