Full Profile of Cross Gene Members (Name, Height, Weight and Facts)


Meet The Multi-National Idol Group, CROSS GENE!

CROSS GENE (크로스진) originally is a six-member boy group based in South Korea signed under Amuse Korea Entertaiment. Now the group consists of five members : Shin, Sangmin, Yongseok, Seyoung, and Takuya. The original members, J.G. left the group in 2013 and it was revealed that Chinese member Casper also had left the group in August 2017.

Cross Gene is a multinational boyband whose concept is that they have members from China, Japan, and Korea that all represent different desirable “genes”. The entertainment company explained the meaning behind the group’s name, stating that the group would “cross the superior genes of each country to create one perfect group”. They’ve already debuted in both Korea and Japan in the hopes of being marketed as a truly international band versus just belonging to K-pop.

The group debuted on June 7, 2012, with “La-Di Da-Di” and appeared on reality show called ‘Cross BattLE’. On September 2017, it was announced that members Seyoung, Sangmin and Yongseok would be members of a new sub-unit, X HEARTS/CROSSHEARTS (크로스하츠).

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Shin Won-Ho Profile – The Prince of The Group


Real Name : Shin Wonho (신원호) (申園昊)
Stage Name : Shin (신) (シン)
Nickname : Presh Gene, The Prince of Advertising, Baby Face, God of Dating
Position : Official Leader, Vocalist, and Visual
Height : 185 cm (6ft)
Weight : 66 kg (145lbs)
Birthplace : Seoul, South Korea
Birthday : October 23, 1991
Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
Blood Type : A
Nationality : Korean
Languages : Korean and Japanese
Instruments : Guitar
Hobbies : Collecting large sunglasses
Siblings : None
Education : Dong Ah Institute of Media and Arts
Instagram : @cg__shinwonho

Facts About Shin :

– Manny fans say he resembles Infinite’s L.
– Shin may seem cold and not talkative, but he really speaks a lot.
– Shin doesn’t like his own singing voice.
– The company named Shin, Shin instead of Wonho (which is his real name) so that it would be easier for international people to shout out his name.
– His favorite foods are Sushi and American food.
– In elementary school he learned Taekwondo, in middle school he used to play squash and in high school he learned boxing. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea)
– He became the leader in 2013 after Takuya decided to resign from the leader position.
– He acted in a commercial with G-Dragon in August 2012.
– Shin once got hypothermia while filming for the drama BIG.
– He acted in Korean dramas such as Bachelor’s Vegetable Store (2011), Run 60 (Japanese – 2012), Big (2012), Shuriken Sentai Ninninger (ep. 25 – 2015), Secret Message (2015), Happy Marriage!? (2016), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016).
– He also acted in films: Run 60 – Game Over (2012), ZEDD (2014).
– He appeared in different CFs: Bean Pole CF with Big Bang’s G-Dragon, Skin Food 15 스킨푸드, KT Wireless Internet, Dunkin Donuts, CF Auction with f(x)’s Sulli, Pantech Vega Iron, Sumi Chip CF 2014 with Miss A’s Suzy, Bean Pole Bicycle Repair Shop.
– Awards : in 2012 he won Best Male Model Advertising and Best Rookie Actor.
– Shin’s ideal type : Someone who is a little mischievous (not someone stubborn).

Terada Takuya Profile – The Charming Visual of The Group


Real Name : Terada Takuya (寺田拓哉)
Stage Name : Takuya (타쿠야)
Nickname : Gorgeous Gene, Terataku
Position : Vocalist and Face of the Group
Height : 188 cm (6ft 1in)
Weight : 68 kg (149lbs)
Birthplace : Moriya, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan
Birthday : March 18, 1992
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Blood Type : O
Nationality : Japanese
Languages : Japanese and Korean
Instruments : Guitar and Piano
Hobbies : Playing mahjong, Singing in the karaoke, Shopping, Playing bowling and Reading
Siblings : Two younger sisters (one of them is named Momoka)
Education : N/A
Instagram : @cg_takuya

Facts About Takuya :

– He was the first Cross Gene leader, but he decided to remove himself from that position after J.G left.
– His favorite food is Hayashi rice.
– Takuya loves sports and used to play basketball and baseball. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea)
– He appeared on Music Video of Hyorin feat. Jooyoung, “Erase”.
– Takuya is like a dad according to Seyong.
– Takuya is quite shy sometimes.
– Takuya is great at doing aegyo.
– Takuya likes Math and Science.
– Takuya can eat 6 bowls of rice.
– Takuya always dances to girl group songs when they appear on ASC.
– He acted in tv dramas : SIGN (Japanese – 2011), Run 60 (Japanese – 2012), The Lover (2015).
– He acted in some movies as well : Ai Ore! (Japanese – 2012), Run 60 – Game Over (Japanese – 2012), ZEDD (2014), Kataomoi Spiral (Japanese – 2016).
– He acted in two musicals : Black & White (2010) and Black Butler: Noah’s Ark Circus (2016).
– Takuya was a regular member on Abnormal Summit on episodes 1-52 (Absent 17, 22, 45), 100, as the representative from Japan.
– Takuya’s ideal type : Someone who is aware of her surroundings.

Kim SangMin Profile – The Talkative Rapper


Real Name : Kim Sangmin (김상민)
Stage Name : Sangmin (상민)
Nickname : Organic Gene
Position : Rapper, Vocalist, and Lead Dancer
Height : 178 cm (5ft 10in)
Weight : 67 kg (147lbs)
Birthplace : South Korea
Birthday : July 7, 1992
Zodiac Sign : Cancer
Blood Type : A
Nationality : Korean
Languages : Korean and Japanese
Instruments : None
Hobbies : N/A
Siblings : One sister
Education : Gyeongnam School of Information
Instagram : @cg_sangmin

Facts About Sangmin :

– He is a deep tone rapper.
– Sangmin is really talkative
– He practiced artistic gymnastics and track-and-field in middle school. (Cross Gene Interview for Wow! Korea).
– He had the lead role in the musical “Carpe Diem” (2011).
– He’s part of the dance crew “Men of the Future” (MOTF).
– Sangmin, Seyoung and Yongseok performed as a sub-unit called XHEARTS (crosshearts) and had mini concerts on 9/16, 9/17, 9/24 2017 in South Korea.
– Sangmin is most awkward around girls.
– Sangmin’s ideal type : Someone with a beautiful smile.