Full Profile of CNBLUE Members (Facts, Birthday, Ages, Religion, Height, and Weight)

Who are CN BLUE’s leader and maknae?

Who are CN BLUE's leader and maknae

Jung Yong Hwa is the leader of CN Blue. He’s the oldest member and vocalist. Kwon Kwang Jin is the former maknae of CN Blue. Not until he left the group shortly after their debut. After he left, Lee Jung Shin replaced him as a bassist and became the youngest. His age is similar to Minhyuk and they’re pretty close.

But in Korea, we still need a maknae, so Lee Jung Shin became the maknae of the group. Although he’s the maknae, he doesn’t look like one. He plays along with other team members and even has a strong presence. Yong Hwa is also friendly. That’s why they can get along well.

CN BLUE members’ height: from the tallest to the shortest

CN BLUE members' age from the oldest to the youngest

Lee Jung Shin is the tallest member of the group. His height is 188 cm, and he’s standing out among the others. He has the slimmest body, and with his bass, it appears more pronounced. He had long hair when he debuted, and it made him look taller.

Yong Hwa is the shortest member of the group. But they are all pretty tall. Yong Hwa, the shortest one has 180 cm in height. This makes them more lovable, and fans accept them easily. Despite their looks, they are tall for idols. Since they hold instruments, it makes them look more charismatic.

It makes their rank in term of height be like:

  • Lee Jung Shin (188 cm)
  • Kang Min Hyuk (184 cm)
  • Jung Yong Hwa (180 cm)

CN BLUE members’ age: from the oldest to the youngest

CN BLUE members' marital status

The CN Blue leader is the oldest among the members. He was born in 1989. Minhyuk and Jungshin were born in the same year but in different months. In other countries, it’s considered as same age but in Korea they still calculate months. So Minhyuk is a Hyung and Jungshin is the maknae.

Lee Jonghyun is in 2nd position. He was born in 1990. He is younger than Yong Hwa and older than the other two. But, their age gap is not that big. So, they can get along with each other pretty well. They chose Yong Hwa as the leader because he’s the oldest and he is supposed to be more mature. Lee Jung Shin as a maknae is supposed to be playful but he looks serious at first.

It makes their rank in term of age be like:

  • Jung Yong Hwa (31 years old)
  • Kang Min Hyuk (29 years old)
  • Lee Jung Shin (29 years old)

CN BLUE members’ marital status

CN BLUE members' height

None of them are married. They’re all single. It’s hard to identify their relationship because just like boy bands/idols, they’re all very secretive in those specific topics. They rarely come in related news which is known as a fact. Except for Jung Shin, they have sometimes gotten into a dating scandal or rumor. They often joke about having a girl or date in interviews or shows.
Talking about their ideal type, they all have their type. Yong Hwa loves someone who understands his career, has a good personality and image. JungShin likes an older woman because he thinks she can lead the relationship. Minhyuk is a member of the group who has no interest in dating for the time being. He once said that he might be the one who gets married late.

CN BLUE members’ popularity ranking


CN BLUE has a larger fan-base/popularity outside Korea, and all of the members also pursue solo activities to gain much more fame and popularity. Before CN BLUE made their official major debut, they already had an excellent reputation in Japan through Yonghwa who was cast in You’re Beautiful.

Minhyun once said that Yonghwa is the group’s leader who produces the vast majority of the band’s music and he’s really proud of him. Yonghwa’s acting career and his solo debut were, in fact, pretty successful, that’s why he was voted as the most popular member of the band.

Even though CN Blue picked Lee Jonghyun as the most good-looking member, he was ranked the last in a popularity poll with Yonghwa on top. Then Yonghwa responded, “This is because Jonghyun’s charms couldn’t be seen yet.”

Besides Yonghwa, the other members too are skillful. The members have already been living together for three years. They revealed that the respective first impressions of each other were, “Jung Yonghwa the young noble,” “Kang Minhyuk the good student,” “Lee Jonghyun the young Busan man who often got lost,” and “the really tall Lee Jungshin.” You can see their individual charms in the music video below!

There’re lots of idols in the Korean Music Industry. But they rarely treat the band like one. CN Blue is one of the very least bands that gets treated like an idol. They appear in music videos, music shows, they have their fanbase, and all the other idol stuff. They’re very talented at playing their respective instruments and are actively involved in dramas and movies as well.