Full Profile of Choi Il-hwa (Age, Birthday, Movies, TV Shows, Etc)


Let’s Get To Know About Actor Choi Il-hwa!

Choi Il-hwa (최일화) born in 1959 is a South Korea actor. He made his debut in 2002 and until now in the age of 59 he still acting in various project such as Korean TV series, theater, and movie.

Actor Choi Il-hwa Profile

Name : Choi Il Hwa (최일화)

Birth : May 19th, 1959

Blood Type : N/A

Zodiac : Taurus

Height: 168 cm

Fun Facts About Choi Il Hwa

  • He was born in Gochang, North Jeolla, South Korea
  • He is an actor and stage actor
  • His agency is Faith Entertainment (페이스엔터테인먼트)
  • He graduated from Dongsan High School
  • He admitted that he did a sexual harassment. He was removed from his drama project and from his position on the board of directors for the Korean Actors Association and academic adviser at Sejong University

Actor Choi Il-hwa TV Shows

1. Rustic Period

He made his debut in drama Rustic Period in 2002.

2. Fashion 70’s

He played as General Kim in drama Fashion 70’s. It’s his second drama. This drama aired in 2005 starring Lee Yo-won, Kim Min-jung, Joo Jin-mo, and Chun Jung-myung.

3. Golden Apple

This drama aired in 2005 starring Park Sol-mi, Kim Ji-hoon, Ji Hyun-woo, Go Eun-ah and Jung Chan.  The story about four siblings living in a village in the 1960s and a woman fighting to clear her dead father’s name because he is wrongly accused of her stepmother’s murder. Choi Il-hwa played Park Sol-mi dad.

4. Drama City : Memories and Drama City: The Legend of 3

Drama City is a collection of usually a single episode short dramas shown weekly. Each episode of the drama has a different story, cast and creators change every week.

Drama City : Memories is aired in 2006 starring Park Gri-na, Choi Il-hwa, and Kim Hye-ok. The Legend of 3 aired in the same year in November starring Choi Il-hwa, Jun Hye-bin, Jo Kyung-hoon.

5. Wolf

This drama is a romance melodrama that aired in 2006 starring Eric, Uhm Tae-woong, and Han Ji-min. Choi Il-hwa played as Baek Sang Rok.

6. Lovers

This romance drama by SBS aired in 2006 starring Kim Jung-eun, Lee Seo-jin, Kim Kyu-ri, and Jung Chan. Choi Il-hwa played as Kang Choong-shik or Mr. Kang is the father of Kang Sae Yeon played by Jung Chan.

7. H.I.T

Drama by MBC aired in 2007 is an action drama starring Ko Hyun-jung, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Jung-min, and Yoon Ji-min. Choi Il-hwa played as a member of The Homicide Investigation Team (H.I.T.) led by Cha Soo-kyung who played by Ko Hyun-jung.

8. The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince is a romance drama aired in 2007 on MBC. This is a romance drama based on the novel of the same name written by Lee Sun-mi about story of an unlikely romance between a tomboy woman, who dresses like a man in order to get work with a young food empire mogul. The drama starring Yoon Eun-hye, Gong Yoo, Lee Sun-kyun, and Chae Jung-an. Choi Il-hwa played as father of Han Kyul played by Gong Yoo.

9. Hometown over the Hill

The drama have 2 seasons. Choi Il-hwa played as Kim Young-gon who is the oldest son of the Kim Family and works in the post office in the season 1. This season 1 of the drama aired in 2007-2012 in KBS1.

10. In-Soon is Pretty

The drama aired in 2007 on KBS2. He played as Yoo Byung Gook who is Sang Woo’s father.

11. Belle

This drama is about 4 siblings who lived in 1970s, Their family was poor but they hoped for a better life. Aired in 2007in KBS1, Choi Il-hwa played as Oh Byung Man the father of Oh Jin Sook played by Park Gri-na.

12. City Hall

City Hall is a political romantic drama that aired in 2009 from SBS. Choi IL-hwa played as BB in this drama.

13. Son Of Man

This drama is one of the project of the KBS HDTV Features series which the story was adapted from the famous novel. Son of Man is aired in 2009, and Choi Il-hwa played as Sergeant Nam.

14. The Reputable Family

Choi Il-hwa played as Choi Dong-ryang in this drama that aired in KBS from January 2010 until February 2010.

15. Dong Yi

He played as an cameo in this drama starring Han Jyo-joo and Ji Jin-hee. Aired in 2010 in MBC.

16. Cinderella Sisters

The drama is about a modern day adaptation of the story of Cinderella. Starring Moon Geun Young, Seo Woo, Chun Jung Myung, and Taecyeon, this drama aired in 2010 in KBS2. In this drama, Choi Il-hwa played as Chairman Hong.

17.King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo

King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo or known as Bread, Love, and Dreams is a family romance drama aired in 2010 in KBS2 TV. Choi Il-hwa played as Park Choon-bae.

18. Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe-young

This Historical drama aired in 2010 in and contain 5 episodes. Choi Il-hwa played as Kimura Endo the father of Kimura Junpei played by Ahn Jae-mo.

19. I’m a Butterfly

Choi Il-hwa played as Choi Byung-woo in this thriller mystery drama that aired in 2010 in KBS, this drama is one of the Drama Special Project from KBS.

20.Dae Mul

Dae Mul is a romance drama aired in SBS form October 2010 until  December 2010. In this drama, Choi Il-hwa played as Kim Myung-hwan who is the father in law of Kang Tae-san played by Cha In-pyo.

21. I Believe in Love

This drama is about the story of a Vice principal and his wife with the trials and tribulations that they face in order to create a warm and happy family. Aired in 2011 in KBS. Choi Il-hwa played as Han Sang-bok who is Han Seung-woo’s father.

22. Dream High

Dream High told the story about six students at Kirin Art High School who work hard in order to achieve their dreams of becoming music stars in the Korean music industry. Starring Bae Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM, Ham Eun-jung T-ARA, and soloist IU, thus drama aired in 2011 in KBS. Choi Il-hwa played as Hyun Moo-jin who is the father of Jin Gook played by Taecyeon. He is the CEO of one if the best company.


23. City Hunter

City Hunter is a popular drama played by Lee Min-ho, Park Min-young, and Lee Joon-hyuk aired in 2011 in SBS. Choi Il-hwa played as Kim Jong-shik the President of Myung Moon University also as the father of  Young Joo played by Lee Joon-hyuk.

24. King Gwanggaeto the Great

This drama is about the detail of the life of King Gwanggaeto the Great, who restored the glory of Goguryeo by wresting power back from Baekje, which had invaded Goguryeo prior to Gwanggaeto’s birth and dominated East Asia under the rule of King Geunchogo. Aired in 2011 in KBS and contain of 92 episodes. In this drama, Choi Il-hwa played as Tadar.

25. Birdie Buddy

This is a sports romance drama starring Uee, Lee Da-hee, Lee Yong-woo, and Lee Byung-joon. Aired in 2011 in TvN. Choi Il-hwa played a character named Jay Park.