Full Profile Of Korean Actor, Cho Jae-hyun


The Talented South Korean Actor, Cho Jae-hyun

Cho Jae Hyun is a South Korean actor under the agency CS Actors. He has been in many movies and TV dramas since the early 1990s. He is a senior actors who is still active even now. Let’s learn more about Cho Jae-hyun!

Profile of Cho Jae-hyun and Facts


Cho Jae-hyun’s Profile

  • Name: Cho Jae-Hyun
  • Place, date of birth: Seoul, June 30, 1965
  • Height: 172 cm
  • Weight: 65 kg
  • Star sign: Cancer
  • Blood type: A
  • Education: Kyungsung University (Bachelor Degree in Theater and Film Major)/ Chung-Ang University (Master Degree in Performing and Visual Media Major)
  • Hobbies: Golf and boxing

Fun Facts about Cho Jae-hyun

  • Cho Jae-hyun is good at cooking.
  • Since he has starred as leading and supporting characters in almost all films directed by Kim, Cho Jae-hyun is also known as “director Kim Ki Duk’s persona.”
  • Cho Jae-hyun and his family lived in a poor neighborhood until his father became successful with his restaurant business in the Jongno area, Seoul.
  • Cho Jae-hyun said he was a rebellious boy who liked to wandering outside of a home.
  • He wanted to be a painter. He also tried to enter an art high school, but failed.
  • When Cho Jae-hyun entered another high school, he ran away from home to Busan. When he was in Busan, he even worked as a waiter, and studied on his own. But after he failed to pass a qualification exam equivalent to obtaining a high school diploma, he returned to Seoul to finish his high school year.
  • Cho Jae-hyun started dedicating himself to acting after his junior in school asked him the question, “What would you do after the graduation from the school?”
  • After graduation, Cho Jae-hyun was selected as a TV actor by KBS.
  • Not only an actor, Cho Jae-hyun is also a chairman. Since 2009, he is the chairman of the Gyeonggi Film Council and executive festival director of the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival. In 2010, he became the chairman of the Gyeonggi Arts Center.
  • Cho Jae-hyun also teaches as an associate professor at Sungshin Women’s University’s College of Convergence Culture and Arts since 2012, and has been an associate professor at Kyungsung University’s Department of Theater and Film since 2014.

List of Cho Jae-hyun’s Dramas

Year Title Role
1989 The Tree of Love N/A
1990 Love on a Jujube Tree N/A
The Age of Ambition Little Brother of Yu In Chon
1993 Drifting Myth  N/A
Woman’s Man Park Tae Hyeon
Joy Amidst Sadness N/A
Love and Friendship  Soon Goo
1994 MBC Best Theater “A Meeting with the Perfect Man”  N/A
The Way to You N/A
MBC Best Theater “Human Decency” N/A
1995 One Fence  N/A
You Said You Love Me  N/A
1996 Thief  N/A
Glorious Dawn  N/A
1997 The Mountain N/A
Passionate Love N/A
Railing on Fire  N/A
1998 Legendary Ambition Ma Dal-soo
Like the Wind, Like the Waves  N/A
MBC Best Theater “Jeondeungsa” N/A
1999 You’re One-of-a-Kind N/A
School 2 Cho Jae-hyun
Happy Together Jo Pil-doo
Queen Park Jang-soon
Did You Ever Love?  Shin Deok-bae
2000 Juliet’s Man N/A
Rookie Heo Jang-seok
School 3 Cho Jae-hyun
2001 Piano Han Eok-kwan
2003 Snowman Han Pil-seung
Damo (cameo)
2005 Hong Kong Express Kang Min-soo
Smile of Spring Day Im Dae-beom
2007 New Heart Choi Kang-gook
2011 Gyebaek King Uija
2012 Syndrome Cha Tae-jin
Sent from Heaven Geum Bo-hwa’s
ex-boyfriend (cameo)
2013 Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident Ha Myung-geun
2014 Jeong Do-jeon Jeong Do-jeon
Punch Lee Tae-joon
2015 Take Care of My Dad Cho Jae-hyun
Assembly (cameo)
2016 Master – God of Noodles Kim Gil-do
Solomon’s Perjury Han Kyung-moon
2017 Whisper  Lee Tae-Joon
2018 Cross Go Jung-hoon

List of Cho Jae-hyun’s Films

Year Title Role
1988 I Love You (short film)  N/A
1989 Prostitute 2 N/A
1990 Man Market  N/A
1991 Portrait of the Days of Youth N/A
1992 Sorrow Like a Withdrawn Dagger, Left My Heart Jae-ho
1995 The Eternal Empire Lee In-mong
1996 Karuna  Jung-kil
Crocodile Crocodile
1997 Wind Echoing in My Being Young man
Wild Animals Cheong-hae
1998 Girls’ Night Out Yong-jak
Spring in My Hometown  N/A
1999 The Face Kim Jae-mok
2000 Interview Byung-kwon
The Isle Mang-chi
2001 Prison World Cup Question
Address Unknown Dog Eyes
Bad Guy Han-ki
2003 Sword in the Moon Yoon Gyu-yup
2004 Mokpo the Harbor Lee Su-cheol
Father and Son: The Story of Mencius Maeng Man-su
Love, So Divine Cathedral construction worker (cameo)
2006 The Romance Hyeong-jun
Hanbando Choi Min-jae
2007 Puff the Rice (short film) Jae-won
Beyond the Years Dong-ho
2009 Marine Boy Kang
The Executioner Bae Jong-ho
2010 The Influence King Gojong
2011 The Kick Master Mun
2012 The Weight Mr. Jung/Han Hae-woon
2013 El Condor Pasa Father Park
Moebius Father
2014 The Fatal Encounter Gwang-baek
2015 A Korean in Paris Sang-ho
2016 Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River Seong Dae-ryeon

All About Cho Jae-hyun’s Family: Wife, Son, and Daughter


In 1989, when Cho Jae-hyun was 24 years old, he married Kim Ji-sook, his girlfriend from university. Her wife was an anchor for the university TV. Currently, they have one daughter and son.

His son, Cho Su-hun is a short track speed skater. At the 2008 Korean National Winter Sports Festival, Cho Su-hun won a gold medal for the 500-meter speed skate competition for male university students.


While his daughter, Cho Hye-jung is following Cho Jae-hyun’s footsteps in the entertainment industry as an actress. She has starred in many successful dramas, such as “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo”, “Cinderella and Four Knights”, and “Because It’s the First Time”.


Cho Jae-hyun and his daughter once appeared together on SBS’ TV show “Take Care of My Dad.” In the show, they revealed their daily life activities. Cho Hye-jung revealed that she is happy just to be able to be with her father.


So, what do you think about Cho Jae-hyun? Not only starring in dramas and movies, he also has many roles in his real life as an actor, a chairman, an associate professor, a husband, and a father. He is indeed a multi talented man, right? From now on, let’s watch his dramas or movies and keep supporting him!