Full Profile of Korean Actress Chae Si-ra


The Charming South Korean Actress Chae Shi-ra

After her debut in 1983, Chae Shi-ra has grown into a successful actress. In South Korea, she was referred to as a representative actress of the period. She is still active and has received many roles. Let’s know more about Chae Shi-ra, the charming actress!

Profile of Chae Shi-ra

  • Name: Chae Shi-ra
  • Place, date of birth: South Korea, June 25, 1968
  • Height: 168 cm
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Blood type: A
  • Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Education: Dongkuk University

Chae Shi-ra’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

Year Title Type Role
1983 A Diary of High School Students Drama  N/A
1987 Kkochimi Drama  N/A
1988 Best Theatre, A Fairy of Shampoo Drama N/A
1989 The Giant Drama Seo Gyeong-ju
1989 Joseon Dynasty 500 Years, Pamun Drama  Kang Won-sook
1990 Gaksibang Sarang Yeollyeonne Drama N/A
1990 Two Diaries TV Movie Mi-hui
1991 Eyes of Dawn Drama Yun Yeo-ok
1992 The Son and Daughter Drama Mi-hyeon
1993 Pilot Drama No Hye-ran
1994 The Moon of Seoul Drama Yeong-suk
1994 The Girl of My Son Drama Kim Chae-won
1995 APT Drama  Na Hong Doo
1995 Choe Seung-hui Drama Choe Seung-hui
1995 Hong Kil-dong Movie N/A
1995 Sunset on the Neon Lights Movie (main role)
1996 Dangerous Love Drama Jang Yun-ju
1997 Mimang Drama Jeon Tae-im
1998 The King and Queen Drama Queen dowager Insu
1998 The Legend of Ambition Drama Kim In-ae
2000 Viva Women Drama Da-yeong
2002 The Golden Age of the Maeng Family Drama Maeng Geum-ja
2004 Conditions for Love Drama Gang Geum-pa
2004 Emperor of the Sea Drama Madam Jami
2006 Invisible man, Choe Jang-su Drama O So-yeong
2009 Empress Cheonchu Drama Empress Cheonchu
2011 Insu, The Queen Mother Drama Queen Insoo
2012 Five Fingers Drama Chae Yeong-rang
2013 The Return of Superman TV Show Narrator (episode 1-27)
2015 Unkind Women Drama Kim Hyun-sook
2018 Parting Left Drama Seo Young-hee

Who Is Chae Shi-ra’s Husband?


Not only does she have a bright career, but Chae Shi-ra also has a little, happy family. Chae Shi-ra and her husband, Kim Tae-wook, currently have one son and one daughter.

Kim Tae-wook is the CEO of one of the most prestigious wedding companies in Korea. Top celebrities often search for him for their weddings. Chae Shi-ra and Kim Tae-wook married in 2000. Let’s look at their adorable wedding ceremony photos!


So, what do you think about Chae Shi-ra? Have you watched any of her dramas and movies? From now on, too, let’s keep supporting Chae Shi-ra!