Full Profile of BIGFLO K-Pop Members (Age, Birthday, Height and Facts)

‘YuSeong’ Profile and Facts (Inactive Member)


Birth Name : Jung Yu Seong (정유성)
Stage Name : Yu Seong (유성)
Nicknames : N/A
Position : Vocalist
Birthplace : South Korea
Birthday : October 8, 1992
Zodiac Sign : Libra
Blood Type : O
Hometown : Busan
Religion : N/A
Nationality : Korean
Height : 171 cm (5ft 7in)
Weight : 52 kg (114lbs)
Languages : Korean, Chinese, English
Instruments : N/A
Siblings : N/A
Education : N/A

Facts About The Man With Bursting Charms ‘Yuseong’

  • Yuseong used to have activities as a young-aged idol in China.
  • He is the shortest and the cutest member of the group.
  • Z-UK says he’s like a mother.
  • He loves cooking and makeup.
  • He’s been in the industry since he was 13.
  • He had three hamsters.
  • He lived near with Kichun in China but didn’t realize that until 10 years later when Kichun joined the group.
  • Friends with C-Clown ‘s SiWoo
  • He is the best cook of the group.
  • He loves animals and has 2 puppies.
  • His real height and weight : 171 cm & 55 kg (Arirang).
  • On February 7, 2017, their agency stated that he will be taking a hiatus in order to improve his health.

‘Z-Uk’ Profile and Facts (Former Member)


Birth Name : Jung Ji Wook (정지욱)
Stage Name : Z-UK (지욱)
Nicknames : N/A
Position : Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist
Birthplace : South Korea
Birthday : January 27, 1993
Zodiac Sign : Aquarius
Blood Type : A
Hometown : Busan
Religion : N/A
Nationality : Korean
Height : 174 cm (5ft 8in)
Weight : 63 kg (138lbs)
Languages : Korean
Instruments : N/A
Siblings : N/A
Education : N/A
Instagram : @realxxzxuk

Facts About The Wild ‘Z-UK’

  • Z-UK is a member of Killa Monkeez (KLMKZ) b-boy crew.
  • He’s worked as a dance instructor.
  • Jungkyun described him as strong on the outside and soft on the inside.
  • He writes lyrics for the group with Hightop.
  • He does all the choreography for the group.
  • He said he is the least visually attractive in the group.
  • He likes cooking (loves chicken), exposing secrets and telling filthy talk (Arirang).
  • His real height and weight : 173 cm & 66 kg (Arirang).

‘KiChun’ Profile and Facts (Former Member)


Birth Name : Hwang Ki Chun (황기천)
Stage Name : Kichun (기천), Tien (티엔) (Former)
Nicknames : N/A
Position : Vocalist
Birthplace : South Korea
Birthday : March 14, 1992
Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Blood Type : A
Hometown : (He was raised in China)
Religion : N/A
Nationality : N/A
Height : 179 cm
Weight : 63 kg
Languages : Mandarin, Korean, Japanese
Instruments : Violin
Siblings : N/A
Education : N/A
Instagram : N/A
Twitter : N/A

Facts About The Multitalented ‘Kichun’

  • Former member of Twi-light of Tien
  • He studied in Sanghai, China for several years.
  • He has rustic vocals and can sing trot.
  • His real height and weight : 177 cm & 62 kg (Arirang).

BIGFLO : Get To Know Them Better!


Delilah” is the first Music Video which was released in 2014 with 5 original members in it. Showing their manly charisma and sporting fun-colored hairstyles, the boys have fun with the word “Delilah” as they repeat it to the catchy tune and beat in the background.

Still in the same year, they returned with “Bad Mama Jama” Music Video. Still with the original members without any lineup changed, all the members look handsome and charismatic with darkly lined makeup to intensify their gaze even more.


In 2016, they came back with new “Obliviate” Music Video with their haunted yet powerful concept. The MV is magical and freaky at the same time as the members all turned into warlocks and mannequins. They suddenly became a six-member band with the addition of new member Kichun, a singer, dancer and actor who studied in China for several years, and is fluent in Chinese, Japanese and Korean.


In early 2017, “Stardom” Music Video was out and it tells viewers about the members’ ambitions to rise to the top of the industry. In the MV, BIGFLO members become street fighting characters in a video game, and go up against a monstrous, faceless enemy. On this era, BIGFLO has regrouped for this comeback by recruiting 3 new members, Lex, Sungmin, and Euijin, while 3 original members, HighTop, Ron, and Yuseong remain.

J.Uk and Kichun left the group, leaderJungkyun is off serving his mandatory military service, while Yuseong has decided to take a break from promotions, which means BIGFLO promoted as a group of 5 for “Stardom“.

BIGFLO Members Popularity Ranking

  1. Euijin, his popularity is no joke during his time in The Unit : Idol Rebooting Project! He’s been getting many new fans and slowly climbing up the ranking on the show until finally he reached #1 due to his awesome talent! He is worth-praised and get a lot of comparison with other talented dancing kings! Also his smile looks like a puppy it melts fans’ heart.
  2. HighTop, he was on Boarding House No. 24 drama, appeared on Real Man, face of the group, was an underground rapper and collaborated with Somin of BADKIZ in 2017. He did a lot of things and got many potentials to rise despite he is the youngest in the group.
  3. Ron, come on, he’s the visual! Who doesn’t like pretty boy nowadays? He used to be a model and was an idol in China when he was young! Moreover, he got that odd personality which is attractive.
  4. Lex, despite being the latest to join BIGFLO with Euijin and Sungmin, he’s also been getting praises for his talent in vocal. Eventhough it’s a pity that there’s not enough screen time for him.
  5. Sungmin, he is new anyway. Now he’s still under-appreciated but still deserve more love! There’s not many information about him, and it’s kinda hard to get his complete profile. I think it’s time for the agency to update the new ones! Don’t you think so?