Learn More About South Korean Boy Group Be.A: Profile, Debut Era, Stage Performances, Disbandment

bea ato profile

Get personal with K-pop boy group Be.A member ATO!

Ever since Be.A (Hangul: 비에이, shortened from BeArtist or Be an Artist; formerly known as K-Much), disbanded, many people are wondering about the whereabouts of each of the members. After all, this group used to be a darling for their fans’ hearts.

In this article, Channel-Korea will take you to the profile and latest news of one of the beloved Be.A members—ATO! Check it out~


Be.A’s ATO’s Full profile

bea ato profile

Stage Name: ATO (아토)
Birth Name: Park Sung-hyun (박성현)
Position: Sub-Vocalist
Birthday: June 28th, 1993
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 175 cm (5’8”)
Weight: 58 kg (127 lb)
Blood Type: –
Instagram: @real_ato


Be.A’s ATO’s Fun facts

bea ato profile
  • Changwon, Gyeongsan, South Korea is his hometown
  • He studied at Dong-Ah Institute of Media and Arts
  • He was one of the contestants in Mnet’s survival show MIX NINE and finished on rank 46
  • Dancing is his hobby
  • His ideal type is someone who is kind and can tech him something
  • He starred in the Crayon Pop MV “Bar Bar Bar” drama version
  • He has one sibling (an older brother)
  • He trained for about eight months in Chrome Entertainment before his debut
  • His favorite food is sausages
  • According to other members, he was a dirty person who rarely showered and slept directly without cleaning his make-up first
  • He named singer Psy as his role model because he wanted to do familiar and popular music like him
  • When asked about the artist he wants to work with, he replied that he was Dean as a male vocalist, he also praised Dean and said Dean seemed to have a fantastic voice
  • He would like to work together with the female vocalist like IU
  • Freestyle dance and speaking Japanese are his special talents


About Be.A’s ATO’s personality

ATO is a very bright person. He has this confident aura and is always enthusiastic about showing his talent, especially when it came to freestyle dance. According to other members, the men who came from Gyeongsang-do province are usually very masculine. But, ATO is rather cute than masculine.

At the age of 19, ATO came to Seoul on his own from his hometown, Changwon, in order to pursue his dream as a singer. It shows that he is a hard worker and an independent person. The other members also said that he is a hard worker when it came to his studies. He worked very hard as a music composition student, even when he was already an idol at that time.

bea ato profile

He is also very good with animals! As he loves cats and dogs very much and takes good care of them.

bea ato profile

When it came to his friends, he likes doing silly things and didn’t mind when his friends pulled off a prank on him. He seems like a very fun friend!

be.a ato profile

And although he was one of the most talented dancers in the group, he doesn’t hesitate to act and dance silly! A real fun friend, that’s what ATO is.


Be.A’s ATO in Mix Nine

bea ato profile

In 2017, a reality survival show created by JTBC and YG Entertainment named MIX NINE (믹스나인) was airing on JTBC and became a new event where K-pop young talents showed off their skills. The show was produced by the same producer of Produce 101Show Me The Money, and Unpretty Rapstar, PD Han Dong-chul.

In the show, 400 participants from a total of 70 agencies were present. Among the total of 72 male contestants, ATO, who participated under the name Park Sung-hyun, passed the audition, along with his fellow Be.A member, Milly.

Sadly, although he was known for his splendid dancing skills, he only finished the show on rank 46. Even though he didn’t win and get to debut with the show’s project group, he still showed his impressive masculine yet gentle dance skills in the show.

Check out ATO/Park Sung-hyun’s group performance, along with Park Seung-jun (KNK), Song Han-kyum (Seven O’Clock), and others below!

And the individual cam version!


Be.A’s ATO’s visual

bea ato profile

ATO is known for his gentle and soft features, which also support his cute and kind flower boy persona. Korean media outlets such as Osen and Chosun even once called him ‘a warm appearance’.

bea ato profile

Meanwhile, media outlet TV DAILY once called his appearance on TV, ‘a handsome explosion.’ This was not a hyperbole name when he has been catching the fans’ attention ever since the group released his personal jacket image cut for Magical Realism.

bea ato profile

On May 17th, 2017, Chrome Entertainment released a personal cut of ATO through the official Instagram. In the released black and white photo, ATO is wearing a striped shirt and looking at the camera with his hand in his pocket. Official Korean media outlet Hankyung, wrote that his ‘western’ appearance really catches the eye of the public.

bea ato profile

Indeed, even though he is 100% Korean, his sharp features often confused fans who thought that he was a foreigner.

Well, those who can’t resist those ATO smiles, please remain silent.

*a full silence*


Be.A’s ATO’s Latest news

bea ato profile

On August 30th, 2020, ATO shared updates with his fans on his personal Instagram. In one of ATO’s post, he shared and promoted a song by Park Jae-un that he currently has been listening to.

“Please listen to our sleeping moon country a lot,” he wrote in the caption.

Want to know more about ATO’s daily and recent activities? Follow his Instagram page to stay updated!

So, those are all the things that you need to know regarding Be.A’s cute member ATO. What do you think? Do you miss him as we do? Share your thoughts in the comment section below so we can weep together! KKK~