Full Profile of AOA Members (Facts, Age, Birthdays, Height, Weight, and Debut)

AOA Hyejeong Profile


Real Name: Shin Hyejeong

Stage Name: Hyejeong

Angel Name: Hyejeong.Linus

Nickname: Beauty Angel, Dong Dong

Date of Birth: Seoul, 10 August 1993

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 170 cm

Weight: ± 48 kg

Blood Type: A

Siblings: None

Position:  Vocalist, Visual, Dancer

Skills: Dancing, cheerleading

Sub-unit: AOA Cream

Instagram: @dongdong810

Fun Facts about AOA Hyejeong:

  • Hyejeong has been with FNC Entertainment since 2010.
  • Hyejeong won a cheerleader competition when she was a high schooler and got accepted to Sungkyunkwan University.
  • Hyejeong’s father is the CEO of the logistic company, which is well known in South Korea.
  • Hyejeong has participated in supermodel competitions.
  • Hyejeong previously wore glasses.
  • Hyejeong is known for having a 4D personality.
  • Hyejeong is a good friend of MBLAQ’s Mir, BTOB Peniel, and RAINBOW Seungah.
  • Hyejeong’s favorite colors are red, sky blue, and pink.

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AOA Mina Profile


Real Name: Kwon Mina

Stage Name: Mina

Angel Name: Minaring

Nickname: Maeng-ah

Date of Birth: Busan, 21 September 1993

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 160 cm

Weight: ± 43 kg

Blood Type: AB

Siblings: 1

Position: Rapper, Vocalist, Dancer, Bassist

Skills: Bass, composing

Sub-unit: AOA Black

Instagram: @kvwowv

Fun Facts about AOA Mina:

  • Mina joined n audition for FNC Entertainment in 2009 and instantly moved with her parents to Seoul when she passed.
  • Mina is a former ulzzang (an attractive person in the internet community).
  • Mina does not like to exercise as she prefers to walk while swinging her hands.
  • Mina hates to be disturbed when she is eating.
  • Mina did not join the promotion for AOA’s comeback ‘Like a Cat’ because her father passed away due to cancer.
  • Mina likes to listen to music and watch the video before she sleeps.
  • Mina’s role models are singers Uhm Junghwa and Lee Junghyun.
  • Mina is a good friend of Ladies Code’s Sojung.
  • Mina’s favorite food is yukhoe and thick pasta.
  • Mina really liked to write essays when she was young, and she wants to write a fiction novel one day.
  • Mina’s favorite colors are white, red, and black.

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AOA Yuna Profile


Real Name: Seo Yuna

Stage Name: Yuna

Angel Name: Yunaria

Nickname: Lion, Jigglypuff, Yunaseo, Fox, Chikorita

Date of Birth: Busan, 30 December 1992

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 163 cm

Weight: ±45 kg

Blood Type: O

Siblings: 1

Position: Lead Vocalist, Dancer, Keyboardist

Skills: Singing, piano, guitar

Sub-unit: AOA Black, AOA Cream

Instagram: @yn_s_1230

Fun Facts about AOA Yuna:

  • Yuna has played piano since she was seven years old.
  • Yuna dreamed of being a singer when she was a teenager.
  • When she was eighteen, Yuna lived with her uncle and learned to sing and dance.
  • Yuna has a younger sister named Seo Yuri, who has debuted Berry Good with Seoul’s stage name’.
  • Yuna’s role model is Maria Digby.
  • Yuna’s personality is described as calm and cheerful but when she meets strangers, she becomes shy.
  • Yuna has two dogs named Jjong and Cream.
  • Yuna’s favorite food is raw fish, meat, and ramen.
  • According to AOA members, Yuna has the best body in the group.
  • Yuna is the only AOA member who joins two subunits.
  • Yuna’s favorite colors are black and red.
  • When she is stressed, Yuna will listen to music loudly while walking.
  • Yuna debuted as an actress in the KBS drama ‘Prince’s Prince.’

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