Full Profile of AOA Cream Members: Hye-jeong, Chanmi, and Yuna

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Knowing More About AOA Cream

Not many people know that AOA has a cutesy subunit named ‘AOA Cream’. The members of AOA Cream consist of three members of AOA, namely Shin Hye Jeong, Kim Chan Mi, and Seo Yuna. AOA Cream started their career in 2016 with their debut single ‘I’m Jelly Baby’, with a genre that is mostly concentrated on electro-pop and dance-pop. Thus, in this article, we will provide all information regarding the profile of the three AOA Cream members. So, stay tuned!

AOA Cream Official Accounts

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Before we get to know the personal profiles of each AOA Cream member, it is better to know about their official accounts, which you can find on several social media platforms.

Official Website: AOACREAM

Twitter: @fnc_ent

Instagram: @aoa.8

AOA Cream Shin Hye-jeong Profile


Real Name: Shin Hye Jeong

Stage Name: Hyejeong

Nickname: Beauty Angel, Dong Dong

Date of Birth: Seoul, 10 August 1993

Age: 26 (Korean age) / 25 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 170 cm

Weight: ± 48 kg

Blood Type: A

Siblings: None

Position:  Vocalist, Visual, Dancer

Skills: Dancing, cheerleading

Instagram: @dongdong810

Fun Facts about AOA Cream Shin Hyejeong:

  • Hyejeong is both the second eldest and youngest in AOA Cream.
  • According to AOA members, Hyejeong is the sexiest member of AOA.

AOA Cream Kim Chanmi Profile


Real Name: Kim Chan Mi

Stage Name: Chanmi

Nickname: Jigglypuff, Super Computer, Michan

Date of Birth: Gumi, 19 June 1996

Age: 23 (Korean age) / 22 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 166 cm

Weight: ± 47 kg

Blood Type: AB

Siblings: 2

Position: Vocal, Rap, Dancer

Skills: Dancing

Instagram: @chanmi_96a

Fun Facts about AOA Cream Kim Chanmi:

  • Chanmi is the youngest member of AOA and AOA Cream.
  • Despite being the youngest member of the group, Chanmi is the bravest amongst all of the AOA members.

AOA Cream Seo Yu-na Profile


Real Name: Seo Yu Na

Stage Name: Yuna

Nickname: Lion, Jigglypuff, Yunaseo, Fox, Chikorita

Date of Birth: Busan, 30 December 1992

Age: 27 (Korean age) / 26 (International age)

Nationality: South Korean

Height: 163 cm

Weight: ±45 kg

Blood Type: O

Siblings: 1

Position: Main Vocalist, Dancer

Skills: Singing, piano, guitar

Instagram: @yn_s_1230

Fun Facts about AOA Cream Seo Yuna:

  • Yuna is the oldest member of AOA Cream.
  • According to AOA members, Yuna has the best body in the group.
  • Yuna is the only AOA member who joins two subunits.

AOA Cream Members Popularity Ranking

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Speaking of popularity ranking in AOA Cream, Hyejeong is certainly considered the most famous member in comparison with Chanmi and Yuna who equally share the second position. The reason for Hyejeong being the first is that she has more filmography experience (music video, film, drama) than Chanmi and Yuna, which has helped her to become known to non-fans and the public. Hyejeong also has more versatile facial features, which people can easily remember even only at the first sight. On the other hand, Chanmi and Yuna’s popularity rankings are not bad either because most people know that they are AOA members. However, if we really have to compare, Hyejeong wins by a landslide in terms of AOA Cream’s popularity ranking.