Full Profile of AOA Black Members


AOA Black is a subgroup of AOA that was formed by FNC Entertainment in 2013. It was initially composed of five AOA members: Choa, Jimin, Yuna, Mina, and Youkyung. But unfortunately, as reported, Choa left the group and sub-unit on June 30, 2017. Meanwhile Youkyung, according to a statement from the group’s agency FNC Entertainment, let her contract expire and she is no longer with the company. While she is no longer contracted to FNC, Youkyung will still be involved with the company by participating in any future AOA Black promotions as a guest member.

AOA BLACK, which didn’t follow the group’s main sexy concept, made their first comeback appearance on the October 10 broadcast of KM’s Music Triangle and performed the band version of “Get Out” for the first time. The sub-group is notable for their debut single album “Moya”, which was released on July 26, 2013.

Name : AOA Black
Debut Date : July 30, 2012
Main Group : AOA
Main Label : FNC Entertainment
Official Websites : Korea
Social Media : FacebookYoutubeTwitter
International Forum : Piece of Heaven

Kwon Mina (Mina) Profile


Real Name : Kwon Min Ah (권민아)
Stage Name : Mina (민아)
Angel Name : Minaring
Nicknames : Her CEO used to call her ‘shopping mall‘ because Mina was a shopping model before
Position in group : Lead Rapper and Bass
Birthplace : Busan, South Korea
Birthday: September 21, 1993
Star Sign : Virgo
Zodiac Sign : Rooster
Blood Type : AB
Height : 160 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Languages : Korean
Instruments : Bass and Harp
Hobbies : Playing the bass
Siblings : One older sister
Education : Hyehwa Girls’ High School
Fans : N/A

Fun Facts :


– “Angel Minaring plays the harp all the time”.
– She used to be an ulzzang and worked as a part-time fitting model.
– Another sub unit: AOA Cream (Hyejeong, Yuna and Chanmi).
– She is originally from Busan, then her family moved to Seoul.
– She auditioned for FNC Entertainment in 2009.
– Her family was very supportive of her following her dreams, so they moved from Busan to Seoul in order to increase the possibility of her becoming a singer.
– When she saw Lee Jungyun perform “Wa” on stage, she immediately had a dream of becoming a singer.
– The type of CF she would like to star in is a fried chicken commercial.
– Her favorite artist is the Japanese band Mr. Children.
– Her favorite school subjects are math and music.
– She learned bass for 2 years. At first it was very difficult due to her short fingers but now she’s having fun playing bass. CNBLUE Lee Jung Shin and FTISLAND Lee Jaejin gave her a lot of advice.
– Her role model : American rapper Eve and Uhm Jung Hwa.
– Hip-hop is the kind of music that she would like to try out.
– She took on the role of Yoon Jin Young at KBS’s “Adolescent Medley” along with labelmate Kwak Dongyeon.
– She loves eating, her favorite food are chicken or pizza.
– Mina is in charge of the laundry in the dorm.
– Mina appeared in the dramas “Modern Farmer” (2014), “Hospital Ship” (2017).
– FT Island’s Jonghun once said that he is a big fan of Mina.
– Mina’s ideal type: Snoopy or Charmander. No double eyelids, looks friendly, likes her, doesn’t hide his feelings.

Seo Yuna (Yuna) Profile


Real Name : Seo Yu Na (서유나)
Stage Name : Yuna (유나)
Angel Name : Yunaria
Nicknames : Sexy Angel & Her CEO used to call her ‘keyboard playing child‘ because Yuna played the keyboard and sang at her audition
Position in group : Lead Vocalist and Keyboard
Birthplace : Busan, South Korea
Birthday : December 30, 1992
Star Sign : Capricorn
Zodiac Sign : Monkey
Blood Type : O
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 45 kg
Languages : Korean
Instruments : Piano / Keyboard
Hobbies : Loves to play with the glasses filled with water
Siblings : One younger sister
Education : N/A
Fans : N/A

Fun Facts :


– “Angel Yunaria loves to play the glasses filled with water”.
– Another sub unit: AOA Cream (Hyejeong, Yuna and Chanmi).
– She developed her dream of becoming a singer naturally on her own, without any outside inspiration or influence
– Her younger sister Yuri made her debut in 2014 with the girl group Berry Good, under the stage name “Seoyul“.
– She has played piano since she was 7 years old.
– Although she is from Busan, she got the permission from her parents to move to Seoul at the age of eighteen, all on her own, and live with her uncle to practice singing and pursue her dreams of becoming a singer by attending auditions in the city.
– She was serious enough about her dream to transfer schools and attend university in Seoul.
– The type of CF she would like to star in is a home appliance commercial.
– Her favorite type of music are the ballads.
– Yuna has a lot of interest in jazz piano.
– She loves bubble tea.
-Words that she wants to hear the most on her birthday are “Happy birthday, Yuna-ya, I love you”, while the words that she don’t want to hear on her birthday are “Why were you born? Keke?”.
– Her role models: Alicia Keys and Lee Hyori.
– She would like to try a soft pop song that would touch the people.
– She played the lead in the Japanese musical “Summer Snow”.
– She acted in a few web-dramas and dramas: “Hot and Sweet” (2016), “My Old Friend” (2016), “Single Wife” (2017).
– Yuna’s ideal type: “I hope he’ll be a person who’s quiet yet still takes good care of me, and only softens up in front of me. I think I would fall for how he takes care of me though he acts like he doesn’t care. Jung Woo Sungsunbaenim, from the [jTBC] drama Padam Padam… The Sound of His and Her Heartbeats. I was attracted to the way he just threw things in others’ ways.

Shin Jimin (Jimin) Profile


Real Name : Shin Jimin (신지민)
Stage Name : Jimin (지민)
Angel Name : Jiminel
Nicknames : N/A
Position in group : Leader, Main Rapper, and Guitar
Birthplace :Seoul, South Korea
Birthday : January 8, 1991
Star Sign : Capricorn
Zodiac Sign : Sheep
Blood Type : AB
Height : 160 cm
Weight : 43 kg
Languages : Korean (Fluent), Mandarin Chinese (Fluent)
Instruments : Guitar, Harmonica, Piano and Rute
Hobbies : Eating & Sleeping
Siblings : One older sister
Education : Practical Music School, Chinese Language School
Fans : N/A

Fun Facts :


– “Rute player, and the leader of 7 angels, Jiminel.”
– Has lived in China for 2 years.
– The type of CF she would like to star in is a clothing commercial, especially one about sportswear.
– She has been interested in music since she was a young girl.
– She knows how to play the guitar, the harmonica, and the piano.
– Thinking that it would be short, she signed up for a Chinese language course, only having to end up staying there for two years (from her second year of middle school to her first year of high school).
– While attending the Chinese Language School, she also attended the Practical Music School next door.
– Although she had a desire to play music for a long time, she kept the secret of her attending Practical Music School hidden from her parents.
– She suffered from Carpal Tunnel syndrome and underwent surgery in the past.
– She does rap while sleeping and even her sleeptalking / sleeprapping pronunciation is correct : Level 3 – Advance
– Her yellow guitar (which she named Banana) is apparently Juniel’s sister’s guitar(which she named Panini) sister.
– She likes rainy weather the most.
– She has been a fan of previous 2PM member Jay Park ever since high school.
– In 2011, her mom gave her a guitar (now named Mimi) as a birthday gift.
– Ever since she was young, she came in contact with various forms of art and music, all the way from the harmonica, to the classical guitar, to pansori (traditional Korean singing).
– Her father is a major fan of the band named Deulgukhwa.
– She wrote the rap for their single “MOYA”.
– Her favorite musicians are Lee Hyori, the Brazilian band CSS, and the British band The Ting Tings.
– She was once addicted to drinking coke on her trainee days : “I was once so addicted to drinking coke. I literally carried it with me everyday and drank it. I had enjoyed it until I was a trainee, but now our managers stop me from drinking it because it’s not that good for my health.”
– After ChoA’s departure, Seolhyun and Jimin left the dorm. Jimin lives alone.
– Jimin’s ideal type: “My ideal type is a man who is cool, sexy yet kind, like Ha Jung Woo sunbaenim! I love the image he puts on in his pieces.