Full Profile of Korean Actor: Ahn Jae-mo

Ahn Jae-Mo’s Movie – My Wife is a Gangster (2001)

my wife is a gangster

After his success with The Birdcage Inn and Doctor K, Ahn Jae-Mo continued to participate in a comedy film entitled My Wife is a Gangster. The movie was written by Kang Hyo-Jin, Kim Moon-Sung and directed by Seo Se-Weon. Seo Weon entrusted Ahn Jae-Mo to play Bada. The movie has a duration of 110 minutes.

Eun-Jin, played by Shin Eun-Kyung, is known as a beautiful and strong girl in a gang. At daybreak, her sister suffers severe pain and makes a last wish for Eun-Jin to get married before she dies, but unfortunately Eun-Jin is comfortable with her life as a ganster and only knows how to fight.

Eun-Jin then instructs her members to find the suitable man for her to marry in a short time. And in the end they found a man named Kang Soo-Il played by Park Sang-Myeon. And in the end Eun-Jin and Soo-Il get married on condition. The problems facing married marriages are very complicated, especially when her sisters ask for Eun-Jin and Soo-Il soon have a baby.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s Movies – The Legend of Seven Cutter (2006)

seven cutter

In the movie The Legend of Seven Cutter, Ahn Jae-Mo plays the lead role, a man by the name of Jung Han-Soo. Seven Cutter is the most legendary fighter in all secondary schools in Korea. Jung Han-Soo is their leader, and he is a great fighter who can not be defeated, even though many people try to kill him, and once left a seven-centimeter wound behind.

But Han-Soo was a very innocent boy when he first went to school in Seong Ji High School, before there was a big boy who challenged Han-Soo to fight. At that time, Han-Soo accidentally won a match and it made him more confident .

Han-Soo meets up with Han Min-Joo, a very tough man dubbed a great boxer. After meeting and getting to know each other, Min-Joo starts to love Han-Soo, but she is heartbroken because Han-Soo prefers pretty and elegant girls rather than snotty girls like her. Then, in the end, they get into trouble because a lot of bad guys are trying to kidnap Min-Joo

Ahn Jae-Mo’s TV Shows –  Dragon’s Tears (1996)

dragon tears

TV Show with this historical genre entrust Ahn Jae-Mo to act as Prince Choongnyeong / King Sejong. TV Show that aired by KBS1 has 159 episodes aired from November 24, 1996 to May 31, 1998 which aired every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00

Ahn Jae-Mo TV Shows – King and Queen (1998)

king and queen

A TV Show in the historical genre entrusted Ahn Jae-Mo to play Yeonsangun. This TV Show that aired by KBS1 has 186 episodes and aired from June 06, 1998 to March 25, 2005  every Saturday and Sunday at 21:50.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s TV Shows – Magic Castle (1999)

Magic Castle is one of the TV Show starring Ahn Jae-Mo with very few episodes. There are  about 14 episodes that aired on KBS2 from November 15, 1999 until December 28, 1999. Ahn Jae-Mo played the role of Kim Sun Woo.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s TV Shows – Freedom Fighter, Lee Hoe Young (2010)


With only 5 episodes aired from August 29, 2010 until September 12, 2010, Ahn Jae-Mo played Kimura Junpei. The TV Show is in the historical genre and was aired by KBS1 every Saturday and Sunday at 21:40.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s TV Shows – When Women Powder Twice (2011)

When Women Powder Twice

Ahn Jae Mo plays Han Young-Woo in 65 episodes that aired on JTBC. The genre of this TV Show is Romance and it aired every Monday to Friday at 8:20 from December 05, 2011 until March 07, 2012.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s TV Shows – Jeong Do Jeon (2014)

jeong jo deon

KBS1 once again aired a historical drama, but it’s not only historical, Jeong Do Jeon is also a political action thriller with 50 episodes running from January 4, 2014 to June 24, 2014 every Saturday and Sunday at 21:40 . Ahn Jae-Mo plays Lee Bang Won, later King Tae Jong.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s TV Shows – Enemies from the Past (2017)


Ahn Jae-Mo plays Min Eun Suk on this TV Show, which aired on MBC entitled Enemies from The Past. It first aired on November 27, 2017 and still continues today with 120 episodes. This melodrama runs every Monday to Friday at 7:15 pm.