Full Profile of Korean Actor: Ahn Jae-mo


Ahn Jae Mo’s General Profile

Ahn Jae-Mo is a South Korean actor and singer born in 1979. He has starred in many movies and dramas from 1996 until now, and has participated in the Korean entertainment world for 21 years. He is one a senior actor worshiped by other actors / actresses. In addition to appearing in many dramas and movies, Ahn Jae-Mo also often plays a role in Music Videos.

Ahn Jae-Mo is blessed with two children, one man and one woman from his marriage to Lee Da-Yeon. Already having spent 21 years in the entertainment world, there are definitely a lot of dramas and movies that he has lent his name to, let us discuss the profile of senior actor Ahn Jae-Mo in full.

Actor Ahn Jae-Mo’s Profile

ahn jaemo

Name : Ahn Jae-Mo

Profession : Actor, Singer, and Ex-Car Racer

Date of Birth : September 20, 1979

Age : 38 years old

Zodiac : Virgo

Height : 177 cm

Weight : 64 kg

Blood Type : AB

Twitter : @ajm920

Ahn Jae-Mo Married to Lee Da-Yeon

In January 2010, Ahn Jae-Mo officially married his chosen woman named Lee Da-Yeon. They had been in a long relationship, and decided to get married. They looked harmonious, and perfect in the wedding dress when Ahn Jae-Mo’s agency released their pre-wedding photos.

ahn jaemo

Ahn Jae-Mo looks very formal and handsome in a tuxedo and Lee Da-Yeon looks very beautiful with a long white dress.  Duo Wed, who planned and designed Ahn Jae-Mo’s wedding said that Ahn Jae-Mo chose a dress for Lee Da-Yeon, “to buff his wife’s urban beauty, Ahn Jae-mo picked dresses for his wife himself. He was really meticulous. “

ahn jaemo

His marriage to Lee Da-Yeon has lasted seven years so far, and they are blessed with two children, a girl named Ahn Seo-Young and a son Ahn So-Bin.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s Movies and TV Shows

Ahn Jae-Mo Movie – The Birdcage Inn (1998)


Birdcage Inn is the first movie starring Ahn Jae-Mo. Here, Ahn Jae-Mo plays Hyun-Woo. The film written and directed by Kim Ki-Duk succeeded at bringing Ahn Jae-Mo into the public eye. The movie has a duration of 100 minutes, and is about a girl named Jina who became a call girl at the Birdcage Inn hotel. Birdcage Inn is a hotel run by a poor family. The family relies on Jina as a prostitute to fund their lives.

Jina has a talent for being an artist, and she often takes time to enjoy the ocean view. But God knows why she became a prostitute and not an artist. Hyemi is a girl who really hates Jina and she always behaves harshly towards Jina.

Ahn Jae-Mo’s Movie – Doctor K (1999)

doctor k

Doctor K was the seond film starring Ahn Jae-Mo in 1999. The film was written and directed by Kwak Kyung-Taek and successfully garnered some attention for Ahn Jae-Mo even though his role is not very big. The story is about Dr. Kang, played by Cha In-Pyo, who wants to save three very young patients in a surgery that should not go well. Dr. Lee, played by Yoo In-Chon, became curious and did not believe in the results so she sent a video tape to America for analysis.

Kim Ha-Neul who plays Oh Sae-Yun, was suffering from a brain tumor and hospitalization at the time, Sae-Yun is interested in Dr. Kang for taking hostages. From that moment on, Sae-Yun always follows Dr.Kang until she finally finds out his biggest secret. Dr. Kang asks Sae-Yun to keep his secret, she says she will keep if he dates her.