Full Profile of A Love to Kill Actor Lee Ki-woo: Religion, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Marriage, and Drama List

Military Service

In November 2009, Lee Ki-woo faced his enlistment day for mandatory military service. The popular actor headed off to Nonsan City, South Chungcheong Province, for his initial five-week training. Lee Ki-woo was sent off after attending a press conference to say a goodbye to his fans at a small gathering. After the training, he joined the army and was on active duty for the duration of the two-year service. Lee Ki-woo also wrote a message to his fans and shared his feelings about the military on his mini-homepage, as reported by www.dramabeans.com.


I’m sad enough to be an ajusshi, but now I’ve become an army ajusshi, haha.” (Most men, namely non-celebrities, fulfill their military service earlier, often after high school or during their college years. Entertainers tend to push off their service as long as possible to capitalize on their fame before going, although there are some who go earlier and get a late start on their careers, such as Kang Ji-hwan. So, it’s less common to see an older man, i.e., an ajusshi, doing his army service.)

“Yesterday, I cut my hair short, and now I’m off to the army. The polite thing to do would have been to meet everyone individually to say my goodbyes, but I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to do that. I won’t forget those who have always cared for me, and I promise to come see you again in two years”


After waiting for 2 years, Lee Ki-woo was finally discharged from the army in September 2011. Lee Ki-woo greeted his fans and the reporters who waited outside. Lee Ki-woo served at the Korean Armed Forces Seoul Hospital. He entered the special forces and joined a celebrity group that was filled with male entertainers right before his discharge, such as Yoon Jin-young, Chun Jung-myung, and Kang-ta. Super Junior’s Heechul was another male celebrity who enlisted on the same day as Lee Ki-woo, and he commented that Super Junior’s Heechul had a very active and positive personality, so he’ll become a popular figure in the army. Besides that, Lee Ki-woo advised that when joining a military, you have to do everything they ask and must avoid what they prohibit.

Love Life

Lee Ki-woo was reported to be dating his co-worker from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The lucky woman is actress Lee Chung-ah.

Who Is Lee Ki-woo’s Girlfriend?


Lee Chung-ah is a South Korean actress who was born in Seoul, South Korea, on October 29th, 1984. She is 3 years younger than Lee Ki-woo. Lee Chung-ah made her debut as an actress in 2002, and she is best known for her role in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop in 2011. Lee Chung-ah also played a leading role in the movie Temptation of Wolves in 2004 and My Tutor Friend in 2007. She made her debut in the entertainment industry with supporting roles in movies and many television dramas.

Who Is Lee Ki-woo’s Ex-Girlfriend?

There are a lot of rumors about Lee Ki-woo’s ex-girlfriend, but he never shared such information. So, if there was any special relationship that Lee Ki-woo had in the past, surely he kept it as a good secret, and there is no one who can reveal that they had a relationship with the actor in the past or used to be his girlfriend.

Opinions from Fans About His Relationship

Lee Ki-woo’s fans are very happy about the relationship between the actor and actress. They think that Lee Chung-ah is a special girl who won Lee Ki-woo’s heart, and she’s also a beautiful girl that can make her boyfriend happy. Lee Ki-woo’s fans also wish that someday they will marry and have a child together.

How Did They Start Dating?

Lee Ki-woo met Lee Chung-ah on the set of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, and he described how he started dating Lee Chung-ah when he made an appearance on the tvN show Taxi, aired in October 2015.


Lee Ki-woo revealed how the two lovers managed to start dating in the first place and how they first met while filming Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. They didn’t fell in love when they first met, but they started officially dating in 2013. The two remained good friends after filming was over, and they joined a celebrity ski team in 2013. Lee Ki-woo added more information about how their friendship became a love relationship. Lee Chung-ah and Lee Ki-woo were living in the same neighborhood, and the actress was always the first to ask him to go out since they were living in the same neighborhood. He misinterpreted this because he already had feelings for her, but at that time, Lee Chung-ah was just being friendly to him and didn’t mean anything special with the offers. Finally, when Lee Ki-woo asked her to go out, things started going well. When Lee Ki-woo was asked about marriage plans, he mentioned that he respects his girlfriend and her passion for the entertainment industry. There are a lot of burdens both of them carry with their individual acting careers, and Lee Chung-ah should be focusing on her acting career right now since she is talented, hard-working, and a beautiful woman. He wants to help will make sure that she will do well in her acting career.

What’s Going on in Lee Ki-woo’s Relationship?

In November 2015, Lee Chung-ah had to say goodbye to her boyfriend when he enlisted in the military. For 2 years, recruits are not able to see their family, relatives, or even their girlfriends, so there are often farewells with teary goodbyes before they join the military.


Fortunately, the 2 years of enlistment did not happen to Lee Ki-woo and was only for the filming of the reality show Real Men. The reality show is about a military program which invites many celebrities both female and male to join the military base and have an experience as a soldier. The couple was saying goodbye to each other only for the filming of Real Men that includes saying a farewell and goodbye to loved ones.

Lee Ki-woo won’t be saying goodbye to Lee Chung-ah in real life since the actor himself already completed his actual military service. Back when he joined the military, the actor didn’t know Lee Chung-ah.

Lee Ki-woo always tries his best to make his girlfriend happy whenever he can. Both of them are in the acting industry, and they also have a good relationship and chemistry with each other. They are a hard-worker couple, so sometimes they have a hard time meeting each other since they are busy with their own schedules and occupation.

In January 2014, Lee Ki-woo appeared as a guest on MBC’s Radio Star, and he revealed his feelings for his co-star Lee Yeon-hee from the drama they co-starred in, Miss Korea. Lee Ki-woo was asked who is prettier between his own girlfriend Lee Chung-ah and his co-star Lee Yeon-hee. The actor’s comment has been widely circulated in online communities when he responded that while playing his role, Lee Yeon-hee looks prettier. Even though Lee Ki-woo’s response was a little bit confusing, he showed his honest side and hoped that his girlfriend won’t get mad about things like this.


In November 2016, Lee Ki-woo appeared as a guest star on Olive TV’s Strange Recipe Drama the Chef Born in the Year of the Cat and he talked about the time he traveled to Vietnam. The distance made the relationship between him and his girlfriend hard to reach. Lee Ki-woo also tries to make Lee Chung-ah jealous whenever he’s acting since he is away from her, but it doesn’t work out well because Lee Chung-ah always makes herself busy doing her business. But, it doesn’t stop their affection for each other. Lee Ki-woo said that at the hotel, he was able to keep in touch often through SNS and Lee Chung-ah knows that filming overseas is more difficult than filming in Korea, so she had to encourage her boyfriend to did his best.