Full Profile of A Love to Kill Actor Lee Ki-woo: Religion, Height, Wife, Girlfriend, Marriage, and Drama List

  • 2016 – Babel 250 (aired on tvN as a Cast member)


Lee Ki-woo was a cast member on the variety show Babel 250. The show’s title is based on the story of the Tower of Babel and the 250 different languages currently in use in the world. The show features a cast of four men and three women from different countries, such as South Korea, Brazil, France, Thailand, Italy, Russia, China, and Venezuela, who live together as an experiment while speaking in a shared language in order to create a universal one. The show was first aired on July 2016 on tvN, and the concept of the show is a global language project showing what happens if six foreigners live together with one native and must create a ‘common language’, not just Korean or English.

Lee Ki-woo shared his experience on this show and felt that communicating had become much easier, and they could tell what other people wanted from their eyes and expressions. Besides that, he also learned a lot of things and began to understand many languages although their nationality was not that important since they initially communicated using their own language, and some language interpreters also assisted the cast through things like hand-phones so they could acquaint themselves with each other. The cast members also had to elect a leader every day, eat their meals together, and attempt to work together in community life so that they could gain a mutual understanding of each other. The cast members seemed to struggle in the first three episodes while they were getting to know each other, but then, they showed some improvement in the fourth episode by forming their new language.

  • 2015 – Real Men Season 2 (aired on MBC)

Lee Ki-woo joined Real Men Season 2 in October 2015. The actor revealed his reason for joining the cast of Real Men, and it shocked the public. He told the producers that he joined the show because he was going through a difficult period in life.


Lee Ki-woo said frankly that for about 2 years his self-confidence has been going down. His company went bankrupt, and he wasn’t paid his appearance fee. His father’s health was also declining. And, so, his girlfriend Lee Chung-ah suggested he should join the cast of Real Men. Lee Ki-woo thought that he needed this opportunity, and he volunteered for the show.

  • 2014 – Friends in Macau (aired on Y-Star)


Lee Ki-woo appeared in the cast of Friends in Macau in May 2014 with his best friends Hyunwoo and Seo Ha-joon. They were filming a new traveling show that would feature real celebrity friends going on a journey around the world. Lee Ki-woo and his mate were the first group to be featured on the show, and they headed to Macau for the program. As guest stars of the show, each of them showed their real side to the audience that the public may not be familiar with.

Watch the episode of Friends in Macau here!

  • 2013 – Playing Oppa (aired on Y-Star as a Host)

Lee Ki-woo appeared as a host on the variety show Playing Oppa, and he was accompanied by Kim Ji-hoon as another host on this show. Playing Oppa is a show that takes you on special dates and to popular places. You will also learn how to be smartly dressed since the program picks one woman and men whom they want to be with.


  • 2011 – Food Essay (aired on O’live as a Host)

Lee Ki-woo appeared on Food Essay in November 2011 when he was starring in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. He was selected as the new host for the variety show, and he introduced various ramen recipes developed by him from instant ramen to traditional Japanese ramen. O’live’s Food Essay is a television program that invited celebrities to have a chance to talk and introduce their secret food recipes.

In the first episode, Lee Ki-woo revealed his real personality and was compared to his role on the set of the drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. The cooking show introduced Japanese traditional ramen, called Xio Ramen, and a bowl of rice with Char Sui as the topping. As an addition of the first episode, the viewers also learned that Lee Ki-woo received a streaky pork during his military service as a prize.

Music Videos

  • 2018 – “My Apology Letter”
  • 2012 – “Just Let It Go” (Escape EP)
  • “Bad Guy” (Escape EP)
  • “Sorry I’m Sorry” (Escape EP)
  • 2009 – “Staying Away” by KCM
  • 2006 – “Living One Year in Winter” by Brian Joo
  • 2002 – “100 Days” by Naul