Full Profile of “Love in The Moonlight” Actor Lee Jun-hyeok: Wife, Marriage, and TV Shows


One of The Best Supporting Actors, Lee Jun-hyeok!

Having the same name with another younger actor who was born in 1984, this Lee Jun-hyeok is the one who was born in 1972 and entered the acting world first. The actor made his on screen debut in 1991 and got married to an actress named Jung Ji Ahn. He is known for his supporting roles in numerous popular television series such as Hyde Jekyll, Me, Man to Man and Love in the Moonlight for which he won Best Supporting Actor at the 30th KBS Drama Awards. Keep on reading to get to know more about this familiar supporting actor!

Full Profile of Actor Lee Jun-hyeok (1972)


Name : Lee Joon Hyuk / Lee Jun Hyuk (이준혁)
Chinese Name : 李準赫
Occupation : Actor, Musical and Theatrical Actor
Agency : Chang Company (창 컴퍼니)
Nationality : South Korean
Date of Birth : March 19, 1972
Place of Birth : Jung District, Seoul, South Korea
Chinese Zodiac Sign : Rat
Western Zodiac Sign : Pisces
Blood Type : A
Height : 176 cm
Weight : 78 kg
Religion : N/A
Family : Spouse (Jung Ji Ahn), Son (Lee Ji Hoon), Daughter (Lee Eun Seo), 3rd child
Education : N/A
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/ljunhyeok/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/junhyeok.lee.393
Official Fancafe : http://100.daum.net/encyclopedia/view/33XXXX721862

Facts & Trivia About Actor Lee Jun-hyeok : News, Marriage Life, Wife, etc

  • When he was a young man, he wanted to become a movie director rather than an actor, so he started to enter the theater.
  • He is an actor and a lecturer. He lectures acting students at various schools. He has a class titled ‘Movement’ in the Acting Department of the Korea National University of Arts and the Animation Department in another school.
  • He learned to mime, which is different from ‘pantomime’. He described mime as the most beautiful art in the world, expressing all emotions and situations with only the movement of the body.
  • He was called ‘South Korea’s Andy Serkis’ by Song Joong Ki. (Andy is a world-famous actor who plays Gollum in Lord of the Rings). He also taught the habit and attitude, breathing, and posture of the wolf to Song Joong Ki.
  • He likes the character ‘Ponyo’.
  • He has a wife who had naturally given up her life as an actress, and had 3 children.
  • He described that his marriage is still hot, like the Serengeti. “One of our children crawls, one plays, and one flies”. However, he said, “I am happy because of my children. I go home and feel happy in only about 10 minutes”.
  • His second kid likes to bite him when he comes home and opens the door.
  • In a past reality show where Lee Jun-hyeok and his wife starred on, he looked annoyed and shouted because of his wife’s bad driving.

Movies & Dramas of Actor Lee Jun-hyeok : Love in The Moonlight, Man to Man, etc


Movie List of Actor Lee Jun-hyeok

Year Title Role Notes
1991 Mother, Your Son
2000 A Masterpiece in My Life
2002 Chow Yun-fat Boy Meets Brownie Girl
2008 Sunny Parting soldier 3
Scandal Makers Photographer
2010 Harmony Doctor in emergency room
Twilight Gangsters Industry company owner
Secret Love Unfamiliar man
My Dear Desperado Final interviewer
Troubleshooter DNA team agent
The Yellow Sea Dog seller 2
2011 I Am Alone Short film
Late Blossom Photographer
Animal Town Oh Seong Cheol
Sunny Owner of private detective agency
Dance Town
2012 Love Fiction Professor Jeong
The Weight Man in motorcycle helmet
A Werewolf Boy Policeman
Masquerade Hyeon Gam
Ghost Sweepers Killer
Mai Ratima Sang Pil
House With a Good View Handsome customer
Grecoroman Short film
2013 South Bound Fight teacher 1
From Seoul to Varanasi
The Gifted Hands Yang Soo
Born to Sing Job opportunity man
Montage Chief detective Shin
Mr. Go Leiting / Zeroz
Hide and Seek Sang-man
Jit (Act) Cameo
Top Star Sang Chul
Hwayi: A Monster Boy Police officer
The Five Detective Park
Friend: The Great Legacy Jjam Bo
2014 Tabloid Truth Nam Soo
Guardian Jin Soo
The Fatal Encounter
Tazza: The Hidden Card Benjie
Slow Video Team leader Bae
My Dictator Gi Cheol
Men and Women
2015 Shoot Me in the Heart Street musician
Salut d’Amour Ok Bok Sung
Enemies In-Law Delivery man colleague 2 Cameo
The Chronicles of Evil Lee Myeong Cheon
The Classified File Mae Seok Hwan
Alice in Earnestland Hyung Suk
Wonderful Nightmare Section chief Choi
Fatal Intuition Myeong Gyu
The Advocate: A Missing Body Gil Dong
2016 Don’t Forget Me Shin Hyun Ho
A Melody to Remember Superior Jo
Phantom Detective Real estate agency owner
Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River Receiver
A Break Alone Yeong Chan
2017 Miss Butcher Choi Joong Gi
Lucid Dream Joo Noh Geun Cameo
Midnight Runners Professor Ha Special appearance
The Mimic Middle aged man
Oh! My God Returns Loan shark
Notebook from My Mother
Bean Sprouts Deputy Kim
2018 Golden Slumber Plastic surgeon Cameo
Be with You Instructor Choi
Your Name Is Rose
The Man Inside Me