Full Profile of 4Minute Members (Facts, Age, Birthday, Height, Weight and Position)

Full Profile of Gayoon

    Heo Ga-yoon 4Minutehttp://koogle.tv
  • Real Name: Heo Gayoon
  • Stage Name: Gayoon
  • Nicknames: Dodosick Gayoon, Neunggeuli Gayoon, and Heo Force
  • Position: Main vocalist
  • Date of Birth: Seoul, May 18th, 1990
  • Age: 30 Years old
  • Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • Religion: –
  • Blood Type: O
  • Zodiac: Taurus
  • Hobbies: Writing, singing, and watching movies
  • Languages: Korean and Japanese
  • Instagram:  gayoon_heo

Fascinating facts of Heo Gayoon

  1. She graduated from Dongguk University in film and theater major
  2. She can speak Japanese (Basic)
  3. She is a member of 4Minute’s subunit that is called 2YOON
  4. She is a member of the one-time subunit Mystic WHITE with Kara’s Jiyoung, SECRET’s Sunhwa, After School’s Lizzy, and Sistar’s Bora
  5. She acted in the drama “Light and Shadow” (2012) and had some cameo appearances in “Me Too, Flower!” (2011), “My Friend Is Still Alive” (2013), “Let’s Eat 2” (2015)
  6. She acted in the movies “Daddy You, Daughter Me” (2016), “Drug King” (2017)
  7. After 4Minute’s disbandment, she signed a contract with BS Company to pursue her acting
  8. As of early 2020, she’s signed under new agency Yeolum Entertainment
  9. She’s currently an actress under the name Heo Gayoon
  10. She really likes to write. During her spare time, she loves to write lyrics and other things
  11. She told the media that she doesn’t express her feelings well. Maybe that’s why she loves to write
  12. When the other members are trying to pull a joke on her, she doesn’t easily fall for any of the pranks the members try to pull on her
  13. She has a nice voice, and she became the main vocalist of the group
  14. She sometimes feels emptiness late at night
  15. She has small hands
  16. She can’t really wear rings
  17. She loves clothes, that’s why during her free time, she likes to go to the shopping mall
  18. Gayoon’s ideal type is someone who approaches her first, and she like  an outgoing person

Full Profile of Sohyun

  • Real Name: Kwon So Hyun
  • Stage Name: Sohyun
  • Nicknames: Cute Sohyun, Kkweon Sso, and Imp
  • Position: Lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, and maknae
  • Date of Birth: Seoul, August 30th, 1994
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Height: 162 cm (5’3″)
  • Weight: 45 kg (99 lbs)
  • Religion: –
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac: Virgo
  • Hobbies: Dancing and studying
  • Languages: Korean and Japanese
  • Twitter: @4M_kkwonsso
  • Instagram: @kkwonsso_94
  • Fan Cafe: prettythgus

Fascinating facts of Sohyun

  1. She graduated from Kumho Junior High School and Pungmoon gurls High school
  2. She graduated from Dongguk University in Theatre and Film major
  3. She can speak Japanese (Basic)
  4. She only has one older brother
  5. She is a former member of the Korean girl group Orange. During that time, she was in 5th grade and 12 years old. Later, the group disbanded after their debut because of cyberbullying and anti-cafés
  6. Is also part of the Hitmaker project girl group Chamsonyeo with G.NA,  AFTER SCHOOL’s Lizzy, and KARA’s Youngji
  7. She is the lead dancer of 4Minute
  8. She found out she got into 4minute while at school
  9. She’s been able to play the piano ever since she was little
  10. After 4minute disbanded, Sohyun previously signed with 935 Entertainment back in November 2016 but left in October 2017. She’s now signed with TheCNT
  11. She’s currently an actress under the name Kwon Sohyun
  12. She said that she wants her first kiss to be in an elevator
  13. She is very close to BEAST’s Dong Woon. Although Downg Woon really like BROWN EYED GIRLS’s Narsha, he prefer 4minute’s Sohyun 
  14. She is also friends with F(x)’s Krystal and The maknae of KARA
  15. She is the most active member on Twitter
  16. She love shopping
  17. Sohyun’s ideal type is someone she must like. No matter how much they like her, there’s no point if she’s not attracted to them

Full Profile of Jiyoon

Jeon Ji-yoon 4Minute
  • Real Name: Jeon Jiyoon
  • Stage Name: Jiyoon
  • Nicknames: Charisma, Jiyoon, Teol Teol Jiyoon, Junglass, Jiyonit
  • Position: Main rapper and lead vocalist
  • Date of Birth: Seoul, October 15th, 1990
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Height: 165 cm (5’4″)
  • Weight: 47 kg (103.4 lbs)
  • Religion: –
  • Blood Type: B
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Hobbies: Singing, dancing, cooking, and writing lyrics
  • Languages: Korean and Japanese
  • Twitter: @4M_Jiyoonitt
  • Instagram: @jenyerjiyoon
  • Facebook: Jenyer
  • Weibo: Jenyer
  • vLive: JEON JI YOON
  • TikTok: @jenyer_jiyoon
  • Youtube: JENYER Official

Fascinating facts of Jiyoon

  1. She graduated from Kyung Hee University in Post Modern Music major
  2. She can speak Japanese (Basic) and English (Basic)
  3. She has one older brother
  4. She was the lead vocalist of 4Minute and also the rapper of the group
  5. Jay Park has praised her rapping skills
  6. She was the mood-maker of 4Minute
  7. She is a member of 4Minute’s subunit 2YOON
  8. During her trainee days, the trainer said that out of all the members, Jiyoon had changed the most
  9. She participated on “Immortal Songs 2”, where she won together with DJ Koo with the song “I (Nan)”
  10. After 4Minute’s disbandment, she signed a contract with JS E&M
  11. Now, she is a solo artist under the stage name Jenyer
  12. Her favorite color is white
  13. She became one of Katy Perry’s fans, and she loves all of Katy Perry’s songs
  14. She recognized that her cooking skills are bad, that’s why she needs to learn more about cooking
  15.  Jiyoon really dislikes getting her hair wet by the rain.
  16. She has a phobia, and she is afraid of heights.
  17. She loves a roasted chicken.
  18. Jiyoon’s ideal type is  MBLAQ‘s Seungho.

Who is 4minute Leader, Maknae and Visual

4minute Leader, Maknae and Visual

Every Idol Group must have a leader figure who influences the group. A leader can be the oldest or the most talented or someone with a leadership spirit that makes other members feel reluctant. No exception in 4minute, someone who is trusted as a leader is the oldest one, Jihyun!. Although she only trained for six months, the company still trusted her to be the one to lead 4Minute.

Another position in a group is a maknae. Maknae is the name for the youngest member in an idol group. Most of the group’s maknaes are good at Aegyo or act cute so that fans find them adorable. The group’s maknae of 4minute is Sohyun, who was born on August 30, 1994. She is charming and adorable.

Apart from the maknae position, every idol group certainly has a member who acts as a visual that carries the group’s image. Many think that the visual of 4minute is HyunA, who has already ‘clicked’ with the public, but officially when 4minute’s visual debut was Ji Hyun. Many think that Jihyun’s figure fits perfectly as a 4minute visual. They think Jihyun has a beautiful and gentle aura, which is closely related to a visual image

4minute Member Position and Role

4minute Member Position and Role

Each member of a group always has their own role and position. Some of the member positions in idol groups are the main vocalist, main rapper, main dancer, center, leader, and visual. These roles and positions will become the face of their group and determine the group’s success, with good cooperation, of course. Included in 4minute, what comes to your mind when you hear or see 4minute? Most will immediately think of HyunA because she really stands out from the other members. But do you know what position HyunA is in 4minute as? Who is the visual group? Who is the main vocalist? Who is the main dancer? Who is the leader? So, let’s search and find the answer!

  • The first, is HyunA who hold the position of main dancer, lead rapper and vocalist in the group
  • The second is Jihyun, who filled the position of  leader, lead dancer, vocalist, and visual
  • Furthermore, the third member is Gayoon, who has a beautiful voice, position as main vocal of the group
  • Then, the next member is Sohyun. The youngest member who hold the position of lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, and maknae in the group
  • Lastly, Jiyoon is a main rapper and lead vocalist of the group

4minute Member Age Order from Oldest to Youngest

4minute Member Age Order from Oldest to Youngest

Usually, in an idol group, the members have various ages that make them understand each other. No exception in 4minute, each member has a different age difference. But there is something unique; the three oldest 4minute members have the same birth year, only a few months apart. While the other two members have a difference of 2 years of each other. Even so, they were all gorgeous and looked young. Do you think who the oldest and youngest member of 4minute is? Let check it out!

  • For the eldest, here comes Jihyun, who was born in January 1990.
  • With a difference of four months, the second eldest is Gayoon, born in May 1990.
  • The third eldest is Jiyeon, born in October 1990, with a difference of five months from Gayoon.
  • Next, the second youngest is Hyuna, who was born in June 1992.
  • And lastly, the youngest or the maknae is Sohyun, born in August 1994, with a difference of 2 years with HyunA and 4 years with the 1990 line.

4Minute Members’ Popularity Ranking

4Minute Members' Popularity Ranking

Every netizen has her/his own favorite member, and how about 4NIA? Who is their favorite 4Minute member? It depends on their taste, actually. 4Minute members were a five-member girl group from Cube Entertainment. All members are very talented as K-Pop singers, dancers, and rappers. It’s tough to decide which one is the best out of all the members. But, we tried to make a list of 4Minute members who catch the most attention.

  1. HyunA
  2. Jihyun
  3. Jiyoon
  4. Gayoon
  5. Sohyun

What do you think about this list? Kindly share your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Even though it’s now-disbanded, 4minute is one of the very popular groups of its time. Consisting of very talented members who managed to make his songs memorable until now in the hearts of 4nia. Let’s continue to support them in their careers now!

4Minute official accounts

Every idol group certainly has an official social media account used to upload the latest news updates from members, starting from updating selfie photos, videos, live videos, and communicating with their fans. The group 4minute is no exception. They also have official social media accounts, as follows:

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