Full Profile of 15& Members (Yerin and Jimin)


JYP Entertainment’s Duo, 15& Profile

JYP Entertainment is one of the largest entertainment companies in South Korea alongside SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. There are so many talented and amazing actors, actresses, singers, and idol groups under JYP Entertainment, and one of them is 15&. 15& is a duo that debuted on October 2012. This duo consists of Park Jimin and Baek Yerin. These girls have melodious voices that compliment each other very well. If you ever tried to listen to their songs, you might want to know more about the singers, so here we give you 15& members’ full profile.

15&’s Jimin’s Profile and Facts


Real name: Park Jimin (박지민)
Stage name: Jimin
Birth place: Daejeon Metropolitan City
Birthday: July 5th 1997
Family: parents
Education: Hanlim Multi Art School, Department of Practical Music
Religion: Christian
Height / weight: 160cm / 49kg
Blood type: B
Position: main vocal, rapper
SNS: Twitter @jiminpark07, Instagram @jiminxjamie
Hobby: taking photos
Favorit singers: Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Lena Park

Additional Facts

  • Jimin won first place on K-pop Star season one in 2011 and decided to sign a contract with JYP Entertainment.
  • Jimin lived in Thailand for 7 years and while she was there she was known as Jamie.
  • Jimin donated 50 million won to Hanbit Performing Arts Company for blind musicians.
  • Jimin is fluent in English. She even prefers to speak in English rather than Korean.
  • Jimin joined Arirang TV’s After School Club in 2014 as one of the hosts there.
  • Jimin did a duet with Eric Nam in 2015 for a charity project.
  • She learned Thai Boxing and Taekwondo when she was young.

15&’s Yerin’s Profile and Facts


Real name: Baek Yerin (백예린)
Stage name: Yerin
Birth place: Daejeon Metropolitant City
Birthday: June 26th 1997
Family: parents, one older brother
Education: Hanlim Multi Art School, Department of Practical Music
Religion: Christian
Height / weight: 165cm / 45kg
Blood type: B
Position: lead vocal
SNS: Instagram @yerin_the_genuine
Favorite singers: Amy Winehouse, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston
Hobby: watching movies, listening to music

Additional Facts

  • Yerin won second place at JYP Entertainment Audition in 2008, she only lost to 2PM’s Wooyoung at that time.
  • Yerin speaks English fluently.
  • Yerin appeared on SBS’s Star King in 2007 and got the title “Contemporary R&B genius” after performing I Have Nothing by Whitney Houston.
  • Yerin was trained in South Korea and America before debuting with 15&.

15& Members Popularity Ranking


Yerin and Jimin are not only doing activities as a duo, but also as solo singers. Both of them have released their own songs. If we are talking about their popularity ranking, there are divided opinions regarding this matter. Every time Yerin releases a song, it would chart really well; she even became one of the ‘digital monsters’ in South Korea’s music industry. So it’s safe to say that Yerin is well known among the general public. As for Jimin, since she is active as an MC at a broadcast that requires her to speak English fluently and she is watched by many international K-pop fans, she is more popular among international K-pop fans.

How was it? Both of them are very unique, right? They have their own charm and people admit that their vocal skills are among the top in the South Korean music industry. If you don’t believe it yet, why don’t you try to listen to their songs? It’s worth a try~ ^^