Full Profile Korean Actress: Kim Ye-ryeong


An Actress Who Has Aged Gracefully, Kim Ye-ryong!

Actress Kim Ye-ryong, is an actress who made her debut as a theater actor in 1986. In historical dramas, she mainly plays the role of the mother of the hero, whereas in modern dramas she typically plays the role of a brave aunt. She is best known for her roles in popular dramas such as “Moon Embracing the Sun” (2012), “Monstar” (2013), and “Radio Romance” (2018).

Her ex-husband is a film director named Park Young Hoon (divorced in 2015), meanwhile her daughter is an actress named Park Shi-on, who has already gotten married to a baseball pitcher, Yoon Suk Min. Keep on reading to get to know actress Kim Ye-ryong!

Full Profile of Actress Kim Ye-ryong


Name : Kim Ye Ryung / Kim Ye-ryong (김예령)
Birth Name : Kim Yun Mi / Kim Yoon Mi (김윤미)
Profession : Actress
Debut : 1993
Nationality : South Korean
Birthdate : March 4, 1966 (March 17, 1969 on family register)
Chinese Star Sign : Horse
Western Star Sign : Pisces
Height : 163 cm
Weight : 46kg
Blood Type : B
Religion : Protestant
Education : Dankook University – International Trade (February 1988 – August 1994)
Spouse : Husband, Film director Park Yeong Hun (divorced in 2015)
Daughter : Actress Kim Shi-on (her real name is Kim Soo-hyun)

Facts and Trivia About Actress Kim Ye-ryong

  • In 1986, she made her debut as a theater actor. And she entered the entertainment industry in 1992 as a film lover.
  • The film she was in, “Sung Chul” (성철), which depicts the biography of Sung Chul’s monk, discontinued due to the protests of the nuns (Kim Ye-ryong is a devout Protestant believer).
  • She has very bright skin with distinctive eyes.
  • She got married to film director Park Young Hoon on October 3, 2000. But the 15-year marriage eventually ended in a divorce in 2015 because of financial and family history issues. “When I married, October 3 was the best day, but after marriage it turned into the worst day“, (http://www.sedaily.com/NewsView/1OOOQ5IZWN).
  • Her only child is a daughter named Kim Soo-hyun (she was active as an actress called ‘Kim Shi-on’ for awhile, then went back to her real name as actress ‘Kim Soo-hyun’), who has gotten married to a baseball pitch player named Yoon Suk Min. They’re close just like friends, and her daughter even seems to always praise her mother’s beauty on social media.

Actress Kim Ye-ryong’s Daughter, Actress Kim Soo-hyun / Kim Shi-on


It was reported that ‘KIA Tigers’ baseball pitch player, Yoon Suk Min, was married to Kim Ye-ryong’s daughter, Kim Soo-hyun. Yoon Seok Min and Kim Soo-hyun’s relationship news was first announced in September 2016. The couple officially held their wedding ceremony in late 2017. The wedding party was held in a hotel wedding hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, on the 9th.

The ceremony was attended by a number of entertainers and sports stars including Shin Hye Sun, Sim Jin Hwa, Jo Eun Sook, Ilhwa Hwang, Jae Kyun Hwang, Yang Hyun Jong, Ryu Hyun Jin, Kim Joo Chan and Bong Joong Keun. The couple officially registered their marriage in August 2016, and scheduled to hold their wedding ceremony in November of the same year, however it got postponed a year so that she could give birth to their son first.