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Kim Mu-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah’s Sweet Relationship Journey

Kim Mu-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah’s relationship might not have become gossip, if Kim only hadn’t accidentally tweeted his love letter to Yoon Seung-ah when he intended send it through a private message. But because he was under soju conditions, he didn’t realize he had tweeted it instead.

In the messages, he stated, “I’ve been drinking, and the night is getting late. I keep thinking about you, wanting to hear your voice, and pondering about your face. Wanting to call, but afraid that you might be sleeping, I’m sending you a message instead once again.“ He then continued, “Meeting someone like you, I feel incomplete, awkward, and insecure. Kim Moo Yeol, who was half, is being made into a whole by you. Sleep well. I’m rambling on today. I miss you. I should have just written that one phrase instead.”  How cute!

Although he quickly deleted the tweets, netizens spread them like wildfire, and their agencies confirmed the relationship in February 2012. A representative of actress Yoon Seung Ah acknowledged that the two are indeed involved in a romantic relationship, and stated, “They met last November. It’s true that they are dating as they feel comfortable being around each other. They are getting to know each other.” He then continued by saying, “Although they don’t meet often because of their busy schedules, they keep in touch and call each other often.

After 4 years of sweet dating life, the couple decided to tie the knot in April 2015.

The couple decided not to take a honeymoon after the wedding due to their busy schedules, but they did take a trip to London together for their wedding-themed photo shoot for the March issue of ‘Elle’. Check out their beautiful photos below!

Recently, this sweet couple also flew over to the states for a recent photoshoot, where they posed in various styles from casual to classy. According to the staff members, the celebrity couple was filled with love and sweetness on the sets, causing many to grow envious of their adorable relationship. More of Yoon Seung Ah and Kim Moo Yeol’s couple photos and an interview can be found in the April 2018 issue of ‘Singles’.

How adorable! Wishing them happiness and long lasting romantic life! We hope that we can meet Kim Mu-yeol and Yoon Seung-ah juniors soon!