Full Profile of Korean Actress Kim Bo-ra: Age, Height, and Drama List

List of the Top 4 Kim Bo-ra Dramas

1. For Horowitz (2007)


The film is Kim Bo-ra’s first film. In this movie, Kim Bo-ra plays Min-Hee. The film was written by Kwon Hyung-Jin, Kim Min-Sook, Lee Jung-Won and directed by Kwon Hyung-Jin. For Horowitz was released on May 25, 2006 with a duration of 108 minutes.

This film tells the story of Ji-Soo, played by Uhm Jung-Hwa, who has never achieved her dream of becoming a world renown pianist. As soon as she starts to put up flyers for her piano studio, a young boy named Gyung-Min, played by Sin Ee-Jae, known around the neighborhood as a menance, tears down all of her flyers.

When Ji-Su starts to get a steady group of students coming to her studio, Gyung-Min comes into the studio and terrorizes the other children until they stop coming. Ji-Soo finally having enough of Gyung-Min’s antics, takes him home only to discover that he lives with him as Gyung-Min. When Ji-Soo reprimands the grandmother for not supervising her grandchild, the grandmother challenges her to see if she can do better and Ji-Soo accepts.

Ji-Soo soon discovers that Gyung-Min has perfect pitch hearing and the raw talent to become a great pianist.

2. Children of Heaven (2012)


Children of Heaven was the first film where Kim Bo-ra played the lead role. In addition to Kim Bo-ra, who plays Sung-Ah, the film also stars Park Ji-Bin as Jung-Hoon and You Da-In as Yoo-Jin. The film was released on May 24, 2012 with a duration of 100 minutes.

This film tells the story of Yoo-Jin being a temporary teacher for 3 months at a school for troubled students. Her students include Jung-Hoon, who was kicked out of the soccer team due to a violent incident, and Sung-Ah, who lives with her mother from Yanbian, China. Yoo-Jin gets these troubled students to take part in a musical for a talent show hosted by the district office.

3. Night Song (2016)


The film was written and directed by Lee Hyun-Jung which was released on June 23, 2016 with a duration of 94 minutes. The film stars Kim Bo-ra, Lee Sun-Ho, Lee Yong-Nyeo, Kwon Jae-Hyeon, and Kang Sang-E.

Night song tells the story of Seung-Woo, played by Lee Sun-Ho, who is a movie director. He goes to Samrye in Wanju, North Jeolla, South Korea to plan his next film. There, he meets Hee-In, played by Kim Bo-ra who was born and raised in Samrye. He begins his Samrye journey with Hee-In. There’s a secret involving Samrye and Hee-In.

4. Time Renegades (2017)


Kim Bo-ra plays the supporting role of Choi Hyun-Joo. The film was written by Go Jung-Woon, Kwak Jae-Young, and Lee Sang-Hyun and directed by Kwak Jae-Young and was released on April 13, 2016 with a duration of 107 minutes.

This film tells the story of 1983: Ji-Hwan, played by Cho Jung-Seok is a music teacher and is soon to wed his girlfriend, Yoon-Jung, played by Lim Soo-Jung. Yoon-Jung gets involved in a case, and Ji-Hwan attempts to protect her.

2015: Detective Gun-Woo, played by Lee Jin-Wook and Ji-Hwan’s happen to their daily lives through their dreams. Gun-Woo learns about a case that took place in the past from Ji-Hwan. Gun-Woo also meets So-Eun, played by Lim Soo-Jung and, together, they go after the case that took place in the past.

Who is Kim Bo-ra’s Best Friend?


Kim Bo-ra’s name among actresses may not be well-known, but Kim Bo-ra is close friends with young actress Kim Saeron and AKMU’s Kim Soohyun. The three of them even spent the holidays together.

The three of them grow increasingly closer, and always support each other. Let’s continue to support the friendship of the three of them!