Full Profile of Bursters’ Former Member Jeon Sangyun: Fun Facts, Visual, and Latest News

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Get To Know Bursters Sangyun

There may still be some of you who are not familiar with the South Korean metal band Bursters (formerly known as Burstered). So, let’s briefly talk about this group! Bursters is a band consisting of 5 members. At first, the band had a line-up consisting of Daegun, Hwanhee, Gyejin, Junyong, and the youngest member named Jeong Sangyun.

On this occasion, Channel-Korea will introduce you to one of Bursters’ former members, Sangyun, as well as talk about his profile and other information about him. So, keep on scrolling through this article!

Bursters’ Sangyun’s Full Profile

bursters profile sangyun

Name: Jeong Sangyun (정상윤)

Stage Name: Sangyun (상윤)

Birthday: August 24, 1995

Birthplace: South Korea

Height: –

Weight: –

Blood Type: –

Zodiac: Virgo

Chinese Zodiac: Pig

Nationality: Korean

Occupation: Musician, Drummer

Group: Bursters (left)

Position in Group: Drummer, Maknae (youngest member)

Years Active: 2015 – 2018

Bursters’ Sangyun’s Fun Facts

bursters profile sangyun
  • Sangyun was a participant on Superstar K Season 6 with his group which aired on Mnet & tvN from August 22 to November 21, 2014.
  • Sangyun and the group reached the top 6 and were eliminated in the 5th episode.
  • Sangyun’s nickname is Yeol.
  • Sangyun was an artist under the music label Evermore Music, and he left the agency after deciding to leave the band.
  • After three years with the group, in 2018, Sangyun decided to leave the band because he wanted to focus on his studies.
  • Another reason he left was to complete his military service.
  • Despite leaving the band, he’s still friends with all his former fellow members and still gives support to them.
  • After leaving the group, Sangyun decided to go in a different musical direction, and he wanted to make a new band.

Bursters’ Discography

bursters sangyun profile

Because Sangyun had a long career with the band, almost all of his discography is related to Bursters. Here are the lists of his songs and albums:

Extended Plays (EP)

Title Released Position (Chart) Artist
Independent February 17, 2015 11th in Korea Bursters (Burstered)


Single Album

Title Released Position (Chart) Artist
Lost Child September 25, 2015 Bursters (Burstered)



Title Year Position (Chart) Album Artist
“Whenever You Call Me (나를 부르면)” 2015 Independent Bursters (Burstered)
“Gwangalli (광안리에서)” Lost Child


Studio Album

Title Tracklist Chart Artist Released
Live In Hope “Follow Me” 81st Bursters (Burstered) April 16, 2017
“The War Is Over”
“Dreamer II”
“Wherever You Are”
“Bygone Era”
“Dark Forest”
Live In Hope “Belief” 81st Bursters (Burstered) April 16, 2017
“Here I Am (2017 Remix)”
“Disappear (2017 Remix)”
“Falling Into the Sky (2017 Remix)”
“Lost Child (2017 Remix)”

Bursters’ Sangyun’s Visual

bursters sangyun profile

As a Korean idol, having a good visual is a plus alongside their talents. Sometimes, the visuals don’t always look perfect, but what makes fans like them even more is the charm that radiates through their visuals. This also happened to the maknae of the group named Bursters, Jeong Sangyun.

In the era of the band’s debut, there were no media focusing on Sangyun’s visuals. Therefore, below are some photos showing his visuals!

In the photo above, we can see that Sangyun was playing the drums while smiling broadly. At that time, his hair was colored platinum blonde with long bangs that partially covered his eyes. He looks really cute and pretty cool!

bursters sangyun profile

Furthermore, the photo above is when Bursters (Burstered) appeared on an Mnet program and sang their song “Whenever You Call Me.” Sangyun still looked thin with muscles, and he didn’t wear his shirt.

bursters sangyun profile

The last photo is when he took a selfie during the debut era. Her hair was still thickly curled with black eyeliner around his eyes. Sangyun still looked like a teenager even though his makeup looked more mature.

Bursters’ Sangyun’s Latest News

bursters sangyun profile

After deciding to leave the band in 2018 to focus on his education, Sangyun also served his mandatory military service for two years. After finishing his military service, Sangyun decided to take a different path from Bursters, and he’s now a member of three other bands that are based in Seoul, namely Myori, Madmans Esprit, and ms. isohp romatem.

That’s all the information about the former drummer of Bursters, Jeong Sangyun. After reading this article, don’t forget to give your support by writing a comment in the comment section!