Han Hye-jin’s Full Profile: Wedding, Movies, Jumong, etc

Han Hye-jin and Ki Sung-yong’s Wedding


Han Hye-Jin married Ki Sung-Yong in July 2013, and is now blessed with a daughter on September 13, 2015. They married two months after starting dating. Ki Sung-Yong is a soccer player, and both are Christians.

On the day of their wedding, both Han Hye-Jin and Ki Sung-Yong agreed that it was the “happiest day in our lives.” Ki Sung-Yong commented, “There are many incidents that happened before my marriage, but I think today is the happiest day in my life. I will work hard to make my wife happy and will also work towards becoming a good influence as a married couple.”

Bride Han Hye-Jin also commented, “I do not think I’m the most nervous today.” Meanwhile, Ki Sung-Yong also expressed his regret for his tight schedule. He said, “I feel bad for my wife that I have to leave tomorrow Due to scheduling conflicts, I have to leave immediately for training in England When my wife comes to England, I will make sure she will live a happy life.”


In fact, before getting married Hye-Jin and Sung-Yong broke up before deciding to get married. He once told her that they should break up. Yet her response was not one of anger or frustration; she simply told him “I’m sorry, I’ll accept everything.” Ki Sung-Yong described how he felt a sense of his relationship. Han Hye-Jin went into a bit more detail, explaining how to get started on their relationship in earnest. But something else was beginning to form as well, and that was concerning. They started to worry about the difference, their jobs, and their parents. Han Hye-Jin also talked about how, even in this early point, Ki Seung-Yong really wanted to marry her, yet he had a growing sense of fear every time he thought about it.

hyejin sungkyung

One day, befitting of her brutally honest nature, she is just willing “Are you apprehensive?” And the response she got was “I’m apprehensive.” In that fleeting moment, she describes it as being “Drenched in cold water and being forced to face reality,” she began to think “What is I doing to him?”. The age difference, their parent’s view, and the opinion of others had begun to weigh him down. She then left him a long message telling him that “I understand; on the contrary, I’m much more apologetic. I do not think about it any time.”

In the end July 2013, both decided to commit and decided to get married. On February 22, 2015, Han Hye Jin’s agency, Namoo Actors, confirmed the pregnancy with an official statement, saying, “It is true that Han Hye Jin is pregnant. However, because the pregnancy is still in its early stages, it is difficult to say exactly how many weeks it has been.”

Han Hye-Jin in Jumong Drama


Han Hye-Jin’s popularity increased when she played Soseono in the drama Jumong. Hye-Jin and Song Il-gook play roles in Jumong. This drama has indeed become the most popular drama on MBC. The drama was written by Choi Wan-Kyu and Jung Hyung-Soo, and directed by Lee Joo-Hwan. The drama has a total of 80 episodes, and always gets an increased rating every episode, even the rating on episode 80 reached 51.9%.


“It is a serial that I have to try hard in. I’ve never tried martial arts before, so when the series project offers come, I’m pretty embarrassed, but it’s okay, the more you try, the more you know, that’s what I am.” Han Hye-Jin’s role is Soseono, a tough woman with martial arts skills and competent strategy, but a sensitive character, and it is a big challenge in Han Hye-Jin’s career.

Physical challenges are definitely heavy, and make almost all the actors gulp. After the filming was complete, Han Hye-Jin found another challenge, the difficulty of forgetting the character Soseono that was inherently strong. Han Hye-Jin said it took a long time to forget the emotional character of Soseono.


“The most memorable thing for me, it took so long, long after shooting to forget Princess Soseono’s character. As you know, while playing characters in long periods, maybe some of the attitudes and traits of that character will remain within you in the period, but this is not very good for me, because the character of Soseono is very emotional and often crying, and such behavior sometimes still lags behind me,” Hye-Jin said.


Before playing in Jumong, Han Hye-Jin was known through the popular daily drama, Be Strong Geum Soon. Furthermore, Jumong’s project became a major explosion in his career. Through Be Strong Geum Soon and Jumong, Han Hye-Jin’s name was mentioned in a number of awards, including the MBC Drama Awards – Excellence Award (Be Strong Geum-Soon, Jumong), Popularity Award nominees (Be Strong Geum-Soon) nominated MBC Drama Awards-Best Couple Award (Be Strong Geum-Soon, Jumong), MBC Drama Awards nomination – Popularity Award (Jumong).


Hye-Jin also had other difficulties, besides playing as Soseono,“Because I have to wear heavy and heavy clothes, it was very uncomfortable every time I had to go to the toilet, it took a long time just to get to the toilet.”

“Another difficulty, when shooting took place outdoors, but still, I felt a very pleasant in the process while shooting a television series with many people and making an interesting story, because the script was so interesting. I deeply perceived the story, rather than thinking about the difficulties that must be lived,” she said.