Full Profile of Block B Members (Real Name, Birthday, Height, Religion, and Facts)

Block B Member Park Kyung, Profile and Facts

park kyung block b

Real Name: Park Kyung

Stage Name: Kyung

Nicknames: Cucumber

Position: Lead rapper and vocalist

Date of Birth: Seoul South Korea, July 8, 1992

Age: 25 years old (2017)

Height: 176 cm (5’9”)

Weight: 56 kg (123 lbs)

Religion: Christian

Blood Type: B

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Hobby: Web surfing, internet, or browsing and composing

Languages: Korean and English

Twitter: @kyungpark1992

Instagram: @qkrrud78

Fascinating Facts about Block B’s Park Kyung 

  • Park Kyung was born in Seoul, South Korea and has a younger brother and older sister
  • His was educated in Kamo High School
  • In Block B, Park Kyung’s specialties are rap and composing
  • Another side of Park Kyung is that he loves web surfing
  • Kyung studied abroad in the US for one year and in New Zealand for two years. Because of that, he is able to speak Korean and English.
  • He, along with Zico, U-Kwon, Hanhae, and Mino, were the original line up for Block B.
  • Pak Kyung, along with Zico, have produced all of Block B’s albums.
  • Why does Park Kyung has a nickname “ cucumber”? Because of his long face, he has been called “Cucumber“ or “Carrot“.
  • Park Kyung and Zico seems like best friends because they have known each other since elementary school
  • Park Kyung is a member of Mensa International, and has an IQ of about 156.
  • Park Kyung and Zico have similar ideal type of girls, because they are think that girls with piercings are pretty. And, Kyung’s ideal type is an innocent person
  • His name “Kyung” means “bible” in Korean.

Block B Member Jaehyo, Profile and Facts


Real Name: Ahn Jae Hyo

Stage Name: Jaehyo

Nicknames: N/A

Position: Lead vocalist and face of the group

Date of Birth: Busan South Korea, December 23, 1990

Age: 27 years old (2017)

Height: 182 cm (6’0”)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Religion: N/A

Blood Type: A

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Hobby: Sport, Basketball, and baseball

Languages: Korean, and English

Twitter: @blockbhyo

Instagram: @bbjhyo

Fascinating Facts about Block B’s Jaehyo

  • Jaehyo of Block B graduated from Seoul Art College as a Music Application major
  • His specialties singing and business affairs
  • Before joining Block B, he was an ex-trainee of Cube Entertainment
  • In the past there were rumors that he almost debuted with B2ST, but he says that those rumors are a little exaggerated.
  • Because his looks, Jaehyo is very confident. He used to be a fitness model. But sometimes he stutters when talking.
  • Jaehyo’s hobbies are basketball, baseball, and collecting electronic equipment.
  • He likes to hang out at Shincheon Station. He usually goes there at 1 AM. And he is very close to MBLAQ’s Lee Joon.
  • According to the other members of Block B, he showers the fastest.
  • Jaehyo is good looking, but he loves dressing up like Pikachu, and he has tattoo on his arm
  • Jaehyo really enjoys fishing, and in February 2017 he became the first Korean pop idol to appear as the cover model of Korean fishing magazine ‘Fishing News’.
  • How about girls groups? Which girl group does he like? He really likes Apink

Block B Member B-Bomb, Profile and Facts

b-bomb block b

Real Name: Lee Min Hyuk

Stage Name: B-Bomb

Nicknames: N/A

Position: Main dancer and vocalist

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 14, 1990

Age: 27 years old (2017)

Height: 178 cm (5’10”)

Weight: 60 kg (132 lbs)

Religion: N/A

Blood Type: A

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Hobby: Collecting old photos, playing the piano, and taking clippings of fashion magazines

Languages: Korean and English

Twitter: @BlockB2011

Instagram: @bbomb2011

Fascinating Facts about Block B’s B-Bomb

  • B-Bomb grew up in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated from Induk University, and he was a Broadcasting Major
  • B-Bomb’s specialty is dancing, especially popping and hip-hop
  • Compared to other members stage names, his stage name, B-Bomb, means to be rare and unique
  • B-Bomb also participated in the TV show Battle of Shinwa
  • He has a unique hobby, which is collecting fashion photographs from magazines
  • What does he do if he cannot sleep? He usually drinks warm milk.
  • An interesting things about B-Bomb is he has a unique habit of going to sleep in one position and waking up in the same exact position.
  • Another Block B Member said that he is very afraid of heights.
  • According to the other members, when taking a bath, he takes the longest to shower and he often checks himself out in the mirror
  • B-Bomb is a member of Block B’s Sub Unit, which is Bastarz

Former Block B Member Hanhae’s Profile

Hanhae block b

Name : Jung Han – Hae

Date of Birth : Busan South Korea, April 7, 1990

Age : 27 Years Old (2017)

Genres : Hiphop

Facts about Former Block B Member Hanhae

  • At that time, he was a trainee for Block B together with Zico, Mino, Park Kyung and Yoo Kwon
  • Unfortunately, he didn’t continue the training, and found another career path (rapper)
  • In 2013, he released a single collaboration with Lee Ji-Young “The Uncomfortable Truth”

Former Block B Member Mino’s Profile

Mino block b

Name : Song Min Ho

Date of Birth : Mino, Tangoon March 30, 1993

Age : 24 Years Old (2017)

Genres : Hip Hop and K-Pop

Facts about Former Block B Member Mino

Mino is an ex-member of Block B. His real name is Song Min Ho. He born in Mino Tagoon on March 30, 1993. He specializes in K-Pop and Hip Hop. Currently, he is rapper and composer under YG Entertainment. He has a younger sister named Dan ah, who is a member of New F.O. In the past, he was a part of the underground rapping scene, under the name “Mino” or “Hugeboy Mino”, collaborating with other underground rappers-turned-idols, namely Block B’s Zico, Kyung, P.O., Phantom‘s Hanhae, SPEED‘s Taewoon and M.I.B‘s SIMS. But, unfortunately, Mino didn’t join Block B for their debut, and he started to form his own personal career as singer.

Block B Members’ Popularity Ranking

block b 1

In every K-pop group, they can rank their members popularity based on their looks, voice, or dance capabilities. K-Pop fans knows who their favorite member of Block B is. But, it’s very hard to decide which member the best and which member the worst because, every person has their own interests. The seven members of Block B are very multitalented, not only as K-Pop singers, some of them are good dancers, rappers, and the hottest models in Korea. Some votes of Block B fans showed:

Zico = 65 votes

Taeil = 53 votes

U-Kwon = 53 votes

P.O = 47 votes

Kyung = 43 votes

Jaehyo = 39 votes

B-Bomb = 39 votes

block b members

In some group interviews, when people ask about the popularity of the members of Block B, U-Kwon also will say that Zico’s popularity is too high for other members. The other reason could be because Zico often participates in Korean reality shows. That’s could be why he is gaining more popularity. But, all the members have their own popularity, and all of the members are always in Block B Fans’ hearts.