Full Profile of Block B Members (Real Name, Birthday, Height, Religion, and Facts)

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General Information About Block B

Block B is South Korean boy band under Stardom Entertainment, they debuted on April 13, 2011. Block B consist of 7 members: Zico, P.O, Lee Taeil, B-Bomb, Ahn Jaehyo, U-Kwon and Park Kyung. Their single debut was released on April 13, 2011 entitled “Freeze!”. But, the music was banned by the Commission of Youth Protection due to its video content being too vulgar. They felt it was too sexy to air on Korean television. As a result, this song only aired after 10pm, and the song could not be sold to people under the age of 19.

In the beginning, the group was working under Stardom Entertainment but, in 2013, they left the agency and signed with new agency (Seven Seasons). On August 29, 2013 they had negotiations with their new agency, and the group was planning on releasing a new album in October. After months, in 2015 they conducted a formal debut in Japan, European Tour, Sub-unit, and solo activities. In Japan, Block B made its official debut on January 21, 2015 and released the single the Japanese version of “Very Good”. This song was success and hit number seven on the Billboard Japan Hot 100.  Therefore, Block B is successful at attracting fans not only from Korea, but also around the world.

Official Account of Block B Members

block b

Block B Fandom Name: BBC (Block B Club)

Block B Official Fan Color: Black and Yellow Stripes

Block B Official Accounts:

Twitter: @blockb_official

Facebook: BlockBOfficial

Instagram: @blockb_official_

Fan cafe: BB-Club

Block B Member Zico, Profile and Facts

zico block b

Real Name: Woo Ji Hoo

Stage Name: Zico

Nicknames: Jamaican Beggar

Position: Leader, Main Rapper, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Date of Birth: Mapo Seoul South Korea, September 14, 1992

Age: 25 Years Old (2017)

Height:182 cm (6’0”)

Weight: 65 Kg (143 lbs)

Religion: Catholic

Blood Type: O

Zodiac: Virgo

Hobby: Shopping, reading, watching American comedies

Languages: Korean

Twitter: @zico92

Instagram: @woozico0914

Fascinating Facts about Block B’s Zico 

  • Block B’s Zico with kyung have produced all of Block B’s albums
  • His older brother is Taewoon from Co–Ed School
  • Together with Kyung, U-Kwon, Hanhae and Mino make up the original line for Block B
  • Zico is his nickname in Japan, the story behind it is that they combined the 1st syllable of his 1st name (Ji) and added “Co” at the end, thus creating at full as Zico.
  • Although he is the leader, he is the 2nd youngest among the group’s member
  • What do you know about his nickname? On MTV‘s “Match Up“, he was known as the Jamaican Beggar because of his dreadlocks.
  • There are rumors Zico was going to debut with SHINee, but he has neither confirmed nor denied it.
  • Before joining Block B, he studied art in Japan for 3 years. Beside Japan, he has lived Canada and China
  • Though he is younger than most of the other members, and can be mischievous at times, Zico has showed fans time and time again his humility and willingness to take responsibility as a leader.
  • After the Thailand controversy, he shaved his head as a symbol of his remorse
  • He was a Vocal Performance major at Seoul Music High School.
  • Zico music specialties: Freestyle rap, composing, weaving melodic lines.
  • He auditioned for S.M. Entertainment as a teenager.
  • He joined Stardom Entertainment in 2009.
  • In 2014, Zico released his official solo debut single entitled “Tough Cookie” featuring the rapper Don Mills
  • Relating to his dating life, he was in a relationship with Seolhyun from AOA, but in September 2016 it was announced that the couple had broken up due to personal reasons
  • Another member of Block B, U-Kwon, thinks Zico has the most fangirls of Block B.
  • Zico is pretty good at observing people and noticing changes. He tries to figure out a person’s temperament, rather than focusing on outward and superficial habits.
  • Zico is part of the crew Buckwilds and he’s also a member of a crew called Fanxy Child.

Block B Member U-Kwon, Profile and Facts

ukown block b

Real Name: Kim Yu Kwon

Stage Name: U-Kwon

Nicknames: N/A

Position: Lead dancer and vocalist

Date of Birth: Suwon South Korea, April 9, 1992

Age: 25 Years Old (2017)

Height: 176 cm (5’9”)

Weight: 63 kg (139 lbs)

Religion: Christian

Blood Type: A


Hobby: Watching the movies, listening to music and reading

Languages: Korean and English

Twitter: None

Instagram: @uk_530/

Fascinating Facts about Block B’s U-Kwon 

  • U-kwon’s specialties are dancing and playing electric guitar, that’s why he has been appointed as the lead dancer in Block B
  • He is the “umma” (mother) of the group, why? Because among the members, he was very concerned about and he cleans up the messed the other members leave behind.
  • His favorite times are 12PM and 6PM because both times are “meal time”. He loves to eat and also he loves cooking, he is the best rice cook out of all the Block B members.
  • He starred in “Lipstick Prince” a Korean show that premiered on December 1, 2016 (alongside other Kpop idols)
  • U- Kwong, along with Zico, Kyung, Hanhae, and Mino, were the original line up for Block B.
  • According to the members, he is extremely innocent.
  • U-Kwon is in a relationship with Jeon Sun Hye, a model.
  • U-Kwong is a member Sub-unit of Block B: Bastarz
  • In Block B, U-Kwong known as Block B’s Smiling Representative
  • U-Kwon was the first member to “Ab flash” after his debut
  • There are interesting things between U-kwon and Taeil, why? Because he and Taeil are considered the awkward pair of Block B
  • He once accidentally keyboard smashed, and made the word “Beup”. Ever since then he’s been using that word to tweet randomly, and even gave it a definition.
  • He use to be tubbier, but lost the weight, and got into Block B

Block B Member Tae Lee Il, Profile and Facts

Taeil block b

Real Name: Lee Tae Il

Stage Name: Taeil

Nicknames: N/A

Position: Main or Lead vocalist

Date of Birth: Seoul South Korea, September 24 1990

Age: 27 years old (2017)

Height: 167 cm (5’6”)

Weight: 57 kg (126 lbs)

Religion: N/A

Blood Type: A B

Zodiac sign: Libra

Hobby: Collecting hats and raising fish

Languages: Korean, and English

Twitter: @BB_taeil

Instagram: @2taeil2

Fascinating Facts about Block B’s Tae Lee Il 

  • Among the members of Block B, Tae Lee Il is the oldest of the group
  • Tae lee Il thinks that his eyes are too small, that’s why he use sunglasses and hats often.
  • Compared to the all the members of Block B, Tar Lee Il trained for the shortest amount of time, but he has had 6 years of vocal training
  • Tae Lee Il has a super cute fish named “super equus”
  • In Block B, Tae Lee Il’s  specialty is singing
  • Tae Lee Il has the hardest time when faced with the choreography
  • According to B-Bomb, Taeil’s actually quite the scaredy-cat so, if you stay hidden and jump out to surprise him, he’ll get scared.

Block B Member P.O., Profile and Facts


Real Name: Pyo Ji Hoon

Stage Name: P.O

Nicknames: –

Position: Rapper, vocalist, and maknae

Date of Birth: Seoul South Korea, February 2, 1993

Age: 24 Years old (2017)

Height: 181 cm (5’11”)

Weight: 64 kg (141 lbs)

Religion: Christian

Blood Type: B

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Hobby: Acting and rapping

Languages: Korean, and English

Twitter: none

Instagram: none

Weibo: pyovely_PO_BlockB

P.O Block B Fascinating Facts

  • P.O of Block B’s education: attending Hanrim Entertainment Arts High School
  • In Block B, P.O’s specialties are composing and rapping
  • He was actually eliminated during the group’s first official audition. He tried out again a year later, after losing 10Kg, and training intensively to improve his vocals and dancing skills.
  • His last name is Pyo, so when he was trying to come up with a stage name he came up with either “Pyo”, “Piyo” or “P.O”
  • Being an superstar, requires not only a good voice but also requires a good look, that’s why most kpop idols are able become actors or actresses. P.O likes acting. Because of that, in some interviews, he mentioned that his hobby is acting.
  • His favorite actor is Yoo Seung Bum, and he likes to memorize and act out all the scenes Seung Bum senior does.
  • Other Block B members have said that he is shy around girls.
  • P.O started his career on “Lipstick Prince”, a Korean show that premiered on December 1, 2016 (alongside with other Kpop idols).
  • According to the other members, P.O plays the most pranks
  • P.O. is the sub-unit member, which is Bastarz
  • He sleeps with a stuffed pillow named “Toto” as shown in MTV’s “Match Up“
  • When Mino left the “Block Buster“ project, P.O took it the hardest. Maybe because the two of them are very close.
  • P.O has stated that he feels like he has “stolen“ Mino‘s place in Block B, and feels that Mino would have fit his position better.
  • P.O. is famous because he is good looking, and Dal-Shabet said that he is the most handsome Block B member, and also 4minute members declared him the cutest Block B member.