Full Profile of Former BADKIZ Member Lohee: Fun Facts, Personality, Latest News

BADKIZ’s Lohee’s Visual

badkiz lohee

Badkiz’s Lohee often appears in public with a wide and charming smile. Like the photo above, Badkiz’s Lohee, whose real name is Kang Dahyun, just appeared on a music program that was broadcast on television and immediately greeted the reporters who came on the scene by posing for their photos to be taken immediately. Lohee, who appeared in her everyday outfit, looked beautiful with a black dress with floral accents, smiling at the reporters who took her photos.

badkiz lohee

Badkiz’s Lohee also got the opportunity to change her hairstyle concept for their latest comeback with the group. Previously, Badkiz’s Lohee had long hair with bangs that were light brown, but for the next comeback, she was prepared with a new red hairstyle and made her sexy image even more visible because of her new look.

badkiz lohee

Badkiz’s Lohee is a member who was born in 1993 and is a member who has an active and cheerful personality. When performing on stage, her face often displays several different expressions when singing live. With that, fans are often amazed by the aura of Badkiz’s Lohee who always appears energetic on stage when performing. Badkiz’s Lohee also fits perfectly with the concept of being cute but sexy, in keeping with the concept that the girl group under ZOO Entertainment had at the time.

YouTube Channel

badkiz lohee

As the main vocalist who debuted as a member of Badkiz, Lohee is well trained to become a singer with good vocal techniques. On her YouTube channel, there are many videos uploaded to show Lohee’s singing ability which many people know, especially her fans. Social media like this is also a bridge for Lohee to continue to interact with her fans.

On November 11th, 2020, Lohee uploaded her newest cover song to her YouTube channel by singing a song from Kiana Ledé titled “EX”. With her calming voice, Lohee sings with all her heart in every part of the lyrics of the song. Lohee’s voice is very calming to hear and she also has a good pronunciation to sing songs in English. The cover song video that has been uploaded has managed to get 19 likes and comments such as, “💜💜 Healing with Lohee after work 💜💜.“ “I received a lot of healing power 😌 as well as the voice of an angel😭,” and many more.

On October 19th, 2020, Lohee uploaded another cover song on her YouTube channel by singing a song from Ariana Grande titled “Needy”. The song that was recently released by the western diva was sung by former idol group member, Lohee. Her voice also sounds good when she sings this song and, of course, the music with the pop genre is very suitable with Lohee’s voice. This cover song video managed to get 23 likes and comments, such as, “Healing before going to bed … Thank you … 😍.” “I love the song ~ Thank you for your hard work.” “Hiding a good song ~ Preparing to go to work while listening to Lohee’s song in the morning ~ Good Day ~ ♡ “

On August 27th, 2020, Lohee uploaded a cover song video with one of Lee Hi’s newest singles titled “HOLO”. The song, which has captured the hearts of many with the ballad genre and heartfelt lyrics, was also successfully sung by Lohee. The video managed to get 26 likes and comments, such as, “I’ve been waiting for a long time to upload …. ㅠㅠ voice is so good !! 😍😍.” “As expected, you are the best 👍,” and many more.

Badkiz’s Lohee’s Latest News

On July 10th, 2020, Lohee released her 2nd digital single album titled Neverland. The song was produced with DoHwa and she has also released a few sneak peeks like a teaser on her Instagram account. The single was uploaded in an audio version to her YouTube channel and has managed to get 56 likes from her fans until now.

As for some of the comments written by fans, there is evidence of support for Lohee, such as, “It’s a song that’s likely to flow on the beach in a midsummer night !!! Her voice is also attractive … It’s amazing 👏👏.” “When I was tired, listen to a healing song from Lohee.” “The song is cool ~~~ ♡♡♡ “

After leaving Badkiz, Lohee attempted to restart her career as a solo artist and remain active in singing. If we look at some of the feed posts on her Instagram account, Lohee also often holds fan meetings to just meet fans and interact with them. Apart from that, Lohee also often performs by herself such as busking or at a café for live music.

In this session, we will look in more detail at what activities Lohee does on a daily basis that she does and shares on her Instagram. Let’s scroll down below, readers!

Lohee’s Instagram account also has lots of photos and videos shared for fans who want to know what Lohee’s daily activities or work are about. Let’s scroll down to see a few snippets of the last posts on Lohee’s Instagram account!

badkiz lohee

On November 14th, 2020, Lohee uploaded a video with a caption, “Best part. This time, I became a vocal in a crew called Factory of all artist (F.O.A) made by artists who like each other😄 We are working on various musical activities and albums, so stay tuned! This video was uploaded as the first cover video on F.O.A YouTube, which was taken with the same crew member vocalist Donggyu. Subscribe and please like 😊 Link is on my profile!”

badkiz lohee

On November 12th, 2020, Lohee uploaded a selca showing her beautiful face with the caption, “YOUTUBE UPLOAD 👌💕 Click on the profile link!” The post has managed to get 115 likes from fans.

badkiz lohee

On November 10th, 2020, Lohee uploaded a photo of her on the edge of a lake in a city. The idol who was born in 1993 is wearing casual clothes as can be seen in the photo with a small dark green backpack, oversized jeans, black sweater, and brown boots that make her look even cooler. In the photo, there is no accompanying caption, it has the location tag at Gapo Coastal Park.

Well, that was all for the information about Badkiz’s Lohee. One of the members who has good vocal skills has also returned as a solo artist in the entertainment industry and released her new song this year after leaving Badkiz. Let’s continue to give a lot of support and love to Lohee so she can remain being a happy person and have a shining career!