Full Profile of Former BADKIZ Member Duna: Fun Facts, Career Journey, Latest News

Badkiz’s Duna’s Career Journey

badkiz duna profile

At the beginning of Badkiz’s Duna career, before she joined and debuted as one of the Badkiz members, Duna had already debuted as a member of a girl group called ZZBest (Hangul: 지지 베스트) which consisted of five members including Badkiz’s Duna. ZZBest officially debuted on January 15th, 2015, and previously the members had also undergone a training period of two years under Face Entertainment.

The English abbreviation for the girl group name is Zeal Zest BEST, which is a combination of Z + Z + BEst, each of the representative alphabets with enthusiasm + passion + the highest meaning. Meanwhile, in the Korean Jeolla-do dialect, they are also letters created to highlight the youthful image of the best girl group.

In other words, they are the letters that mean girls with the highest passion. ZZBest’s debut song titled “Lalala” was sung several times on the stage at several events or certain music events. But unfortunately, ZZBest didn’t get a lot of promotion time to be present in music programs broadcast on television.

Even, a few months after the first single was released, news about the group was not heard at all, and the official fan café and Facebook fan page that existed before the debut disappeared. In addition, three of the members of the team silently quit and moved to other groups.

After debuting with ZZBest and being declared out of the group, Badkiz’s Duna tried another fortune by debuting as a member of another girl group called Hotties (Hangul: 핫 티즈) under Soleino Entertainment, which debuted on October 5th, 2015, consisting of five members. In this group, Badkiz’s Duna got the new stage name Hyena. Unlike the previous girl group concept, Badkiz’s Duna, who at that time debuted as a Hotties member named Hyena, carried a more sexy concept.

badkiz duna profile

Hotties released the songs titled “BAMBAMBAM” and “Why Don’t Know” that were included in their first mini-album. They are songs that give a glimpse of the characteristic vocals and sexy and sophisticated images of Hotties. The five members of Hotties also have beautiful and slim body shapes just like their girl group name which has become the overall concept.

Hotties got the opportunity to perform at several events such as festivals, but unfortunately, this girl group did not get a good opportunity to appear on television and participate in other programs to introduce wider concepts and promotions to the public. As time went by, the members were reportedly involved with several new projects individually and Hotties did not make another comeback after debut. Many assume that Hotties are silently disbanded because their company has not provided further news regarding their promotions.

After that, Badkiz’s Duna was reported to have joined ZOO Entertainment after stopping her promotions as a member of Hotties. After Badkiz promoted by releasing “Ear Attack 2,” the group announced that one of the members had decided to leave the group, which is LuA. Then, there was a new member who was ready to take her position, and that was Duna.

badkiz duna profile

At the time of the release of “Ear Attack 2,” Badkiz conducted an interview with News1. Badkiz’s Duna also received questions during the interview because she was a new member who joined the group. When asked, “How did you become a member of Badkiz?” Badkiz’s Duna replied, “Originally, I was majoring in Korean dance. But since I was 20 years old, I had a dream and lived as a trainee with Monica and K.Me. Then, I did various activities separately for a while and I came back to Badkiz and found my place. Actually, I think the current concept fits better than the cute ones and the sexy ones. I like it to be fun and exciting.”

When they talked about the “Ear Attack 2” concept that took a fierce direction as well, Badkiz said, “The team name means ‘Bad Kids’, but we try to stick to the concept we originally thought. As a girl group, I have thought that I want to do something sexy or innocent, but we think the color of the team comes first.”

On July 3rd, 2017, Badkiz returned with their latest comeback to greet fans with the release of their 6th single, titled “Give It To Me.” The intense and alluring eyes of Badkiz with their choreography, who successfully transformed their image into an unrivaled sexy group, completed the stage with a sense of inspiration.

The rope that they used in the performance on stage maximized the intensity of their choreography while using strings with a strong addictive melody with a splendid appearance, perfect legs, and caught every man’s heart.

badkiz duna profile

However, on this comeback, Badkiz again made a further announcement that two of their members, Duna and U-Si, were reportedly not going to be Badkiz members anymore and the group promoted with other members due to health reasons and personal problems that could not be disclosed in more detail to the public.

On August 31st, 2018, Badkiz’s Duna, who previously left her previous group, finally continued her career back in the entertainment industry by joining the group WeGirls under Afternoon Entertainment and releasing their debut single titled “On Air.”

On September 14th, 2018, WeGirls who had just debuted at the time had an interview with StarNews. They talked about many things including promotions as a girl group today. “We value communication with our fans the most,” they also agreed that they are actively using SNS for this communication.

The use of SNS in communicating with fans is now becoming an indispensable tool. When stars post articles, photos, or videos on social media, fans see them and show various responses in comments. The SNS platform is also an era that continues to evolve over time. The fact that BTS is counting on the use of SNS as a very excellent strategy for growing into a global idol is something that can be understood well even if you are not interested in K-pop.

WeGirls is a girl group that has communicated with domestic and overseas fans through social media accounts by individual members from before their official debut and even before the team was formed. The agency, Aftermoon Entertainment, also devised a strategy to use SNS early in order to make WeGirls a girl group specialized in SNS and new media.

badkiz duna profile

As explained by the management company, WeGirls under the concept of ‘New Media Girl Group’ all the members started singing, dancing, mobile personal broadcasting, and YouTube creator activities. All of the members were confident that they had at least 50,000 followers on SNS. There may be differences between members, but most members are fluent in foreign languages, so there was no difficulty in meeting overseas fans. Among the members, Eli and Yehana saw this effect very much.

“I lived in the UK and the US until junior high school, so I don’t have a big problem with conversations in English. I can rap in English by taking charge of rap within the team. I naturally communicate with fans who speak English easily. It’s like having a conversation with friends.”

“I did missionary activities frequently in Malaysia, so I learned Malaysian and local fans are not as fluent in English as I thought. I use it a lot in Southeast Asia and they like to see our activity on SNS as well to share a lot of stories.”

Of course, the members’ careers were also diverse. Nina won a dance competition award, so she joined as a trainee, and Yehana was a guest vocalist at the House Rules for two years. The reason was that her original major was acting, and in fact, she also appeared in various dramas, such as the SBS drama My Heart Shine, as a group and a minor role.

Hye-ni mainly took charge of mobile quiz shows and talk shows with her extraordinary ability to conduct, and Hael also focused on personal activities through SNS. Eun-ah worked as a dance teacher for a long time. Han Jeong-ah actually has a history of being a member of previous girl group activities and Eli has a history of releasing a solo album.

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The members’ fan communication did not choose time and place. Just before the broadcast, the members said that they turned on the social media and smiled brightly saying, “Now let’s go into the schedule,” and even turn on the live anywhere. WeGirls member Hael also said, “When I upload a picture, I get about 5,000 to 6,000 comments, and I answer all these comments.” The reason is, “If you turn on the live, the fans first tell you not to broadcast.”

“While listening to several episodes, I was a little worried. This is because in the space of SNS, there are obviously frowning and unexpected things happening. Social media is also a place that may ignite controversy over incorrectly posted articles, photos, or videos,” she said.

The members said, “Even if the fans behave badly, they are witty. And our mentality has been trained hard enough to be able to overcome (various situations) well. At the same time, I remember that I used to cry when I saw words that I couldn’t put in my mouth.”

badkiz duna profile

WeGirls released their debut single album ON AIR on August 31st, 2018. “On Air” is a dance number containing futuristic sound based on EDM pop. The innocent and lively charm was exquisitely followed by a powerful choreography in the middle. It contains the singer’s debut process and the momentary excitement reflected in the public’s eyes. The lyrics that start with “If I came out on TV” are the points where you can see what WeGirls’ dream was.

Yehana talked about the meaning of this song, “It contains the slogan that the dream of debut will come true. The lyrics also contain a message saying that we all dreamed of being singers, and that this dream has become a reality to all fans around the world,” she explained.

This album attracted attention as each member of the group House Rules, also known as a pioneer in the domestic EDM and house genre, and composer Superfly directly produced it. House Rules showed house genre music in major clubs such as Hongdae, Apgujeong, and Cheongdam-dong, such as House and Do it which gained a lot of popularity in House and EDM scenes.

The members also talked about their work with each other who started producing by saying, “The CEOs of each other are really the first to have music. The music that the CEOs made is refreshing, but unique, and has a unique charm. I think these parts are well incorporated into our music. It is also strict when working, haha.”

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Badkiz’s Duna, who now has a new stage name Han Jung-a, also shared her dreams and desires for WeGirls during the interview, by saying, “I think I have grown up well so far. Although there was a period of hiatus, our music has grown as we steadily communicated. After the first album, which expresses the image of a dreamy girl, in the second album, we want to show a confident and wonderful stage with hip music. We hope that we will have a lot of opportunities to show off WeGirls’ passion for music and a little bit of growth and communicate more with the public.”

WeGirls released their second album on September 6th, 2019, with the album title Ride. For their comeback, they also have the same song as the title of their 2nd album. In this comeback, WeGirls got many opportunities to promote such as attending interviews, attending a music program that was broadcast on television and other things.

WeGirls, who released the album with the concept of a four-season trip, showed communication movements such as revising the choreography through the opinions of fans before the full-scale music broadcast.

“The album Ride also considers communication with fans as important, but introduces VR (Virtual Reality) content to give our own distinction. So, if you watch our music video with VR equipment, you will feel like you are traveling somewhere with us,” Yehana, as one of WeGirls members said.

On September 19th, 2019, Afternoon Entertainment released their official statement regarding WeGirls’ choreography for “Ride.” “We Girls revised the choreography of the title track to reflect the opinions of fans. We look forward to your continued interest in the future.” Afterwards, when the fans actively suggested modifying the choreography, WeGirls decided to converge it in accordance with the team rules that actively reflect the fan vote.

Badkiz’s Lua’s Latest News

badkiz duna profile

Based on information from WeGirls’ official Instagram, on July 13th, 2020, two of their members, Ellia and Nina left the group after their contracts had expired. The remaining WeGirls members are Han Jung-A and Yehana. You can see on the official account from WeGirls, the girl group is currently reforming by adding several new members for the next line-up.

As can be seen from the WeGirls official Instagram account, there are trainees who have uploaded their selcas but their faces and names are still anonymous. Until now, there has been no further news about who will be the latest addition to the new WeGirls line-up.

On the other hand, there are currently no further activities regarding Han Jung-a after WeGirls made a comeback in September 2019 with Ride. However, Han Jung-a remains active in communicating with her fans by uploading photos or videos that are shared on her Instagram account.

Let’s take a more detailed look at Han Jung-a’s activities shared on her Instagram!

badkiz duna profile

On November 8th, 2020, Han Jung-a uploaded several pictures to her Instagram and showed some moments when she was hanging out outside. With casual but warm clothes, Han Jung-a wore a thick white sweater and trousers and sneakers. Han Jung-a also brings a beautiful black bag and wears a mask when leaving the house to maintain health during the pandemic. The cloudy background that shows the afternoon adds a thick autumn nuance.

badkiz duna profile

On November 3rd, 2020, Han Jung-a added some cute dog photos to Instagram. With the caption that reads, “A hairy and fat group with a cute shadow 👤 # Semo # Let’s lose weight # 5kg closer # Malfo # dog,” it managed to get 111 likes from her fans because they saw her very cute dog and the candid pictures.

badkiz duna profile

On October 27th, 2020, Han Jung-a was seen enjoying dinner at a restaurant. The idol, who has debuted in three different girl groups, posted a photo of herself eating and some of the delicious menus she ordered at the restaurant. The uploaded photo, which reads, “The combination 🍔 × 🍜 = 💜 recently stuck with the recommendation of mom,” managed to get 216 likes from fans who followed Instagram.

Well, that was all the information about Badkiz‘s Duna. After leaving the group, Duna did not abandon her passion to continue her career and try her luck again in the entertainment industry by signing with a new agency to begin her journey as a member of the girl group WeGirls. Let’s continue to give a lot of support and extend our prayers to Han Jung-a or previously known as Badkiz’s Duna so she can remain a happy person and have a shining career!