Full Profile of Former BADKIZ Member Duna: Fun Facts, Career Journey, Latest News

badkiz duna profile

Find Out More About Badkiz Lead Dancer and Vocalist Han Jung-a

The girl group under ZOO Entertainment that debuted on March 24th, 2014, is Badkiz (Hangul: 배드키즈). They have had many member changes who debuted and also left during their comebacks in the entertainment industry. Badkiz are well known for their debut song titled “Ear Attack.” With the concept of Badkiz, who have the cute and sexy concept, which is certainly unique and different from the other girl group, they managed to get appreciation and attention from their fans in South Korea.

In this article, we are going to discuss in detail one of the former members of Badkiz—Duna. One of the members, whose real name is Han Jung-a (Hangul: 한정아), has a cute image, but she can also pull out her sexy personality as well when performing on stage with the group. Well, without waiting any longer, let’s take a deeper look at Badkiz’s Duna’s full profile, activities and promotions, as well as the latest news at the moment.

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Badkiz’s Duna’s Full Profile

badkiz duna profile

Real Name: Han Jung-a (Hangul: 한정아)

Stage Name: Duna (Hangul: 두나)

Place and Date of Birth: South Korea, February 20th, 1994

Star Sign: Aquarius

Weight: 48 kg (106 lbs)

Height: 167 cm (5’6″)

Position: Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Active Period: 2016–2017

Official Site: Instagram (@jeon9_a)

Badkiz’s Duna’s Fun Facts

badkiz duna profile
  1. Badkiz’s Duna is a former member of ZZBest; she debuted on January 15th, 2015, by the stage name Dana
  2. Badkiz’s Duna then debuted as a member of Hotties on October 5th, 2015, by the stage name Hyena
  3. Badkiz’s Duna debuted as a member of Badkiz in 2016 and left the group in 2017
  4. Badkiz’s Duna has majored in dance
  5. Badkiz’s Duna’s point of attraction is her lips
  6. Badkiz’s Duna has two dogs named Semo and Dwaeji
  7. Badkiz’s Duna’s specialties are bowling and dancing
  8. Badkiz’s Duna’s hobbies are boxing, climbing, and playing board games
  9. Badkiz’s Duna’s biggest dream is to collect buildings
  10. Badkiz’s Duna also has a side job as a model
  11. Badkiz’s Duna most recently debuted as a member of WeGirls

Badkiz’s Duna’s Focus Fan-cam

On September 16th, 2017, Badkiz attended one of the events called the Big Board Festival and they performed some of the songs they had released. At the focus of this fan-cam, we can see the performances of Badkiz, especially Duna who is present on the stage with her sexy appearance. Her plumptious body and long legs look stunning and very attractive. Besides that, the outfit Duna wears is also very beautiful with a red crop top blouse and white shorts that make her appearance on the stage more attractive. Some additional accessories such as necklaces and belts around the waist also make Badkiz’s Duna look pretty.

On May 16th, 2017, Badkiz’s Duna came with a different appearance. The vocalist of Badkiz appeared with short tied hair and also wore an all-black outfit that had been prepared by the stylist for the performance at that time. Badkiz’s Duna looks sexy and fierce at the same time, especially performing the choreography of “Come Closer” by showing some seductive hip movements. With just natural make-up, Badkiz’s Duna still looks gorgeous in this look.

Many may already know that Badkiz is also famous for their debut song, “Ear Attack.” On one occasion, Badkiz got a schedule to attend a public busking session and their appearance also caught the attention of many people at that time. As can be seen in the focus threat above, Badkiz’s Duna looks very different from her previous appearances. Many don’t know that Badkiz’s Duna also appeared with a different hairstyle. Previously, Badkiz’s Duna was known for her long, dark hair and a sexy and mature aura. However, if you look at the focus of this threat, Badkiz’s Duna, who is performing “Ear Attack,” along with the other members, is with short purplish-silver hair.

BADKIZ’s Duna’s Visual

badkiz duna profile

Badkiz’s Duna is seen as one of the members of the girl group that is the most cheerful when off-cam. However, when on-cam or in the middle of a performance, Badkiz’s Duna looks sexy and is able to exude an aura that captivates every fan when dancing and singing. In this photo, we can see the visuals of Badkiz’s Duna who looks cheerful and happy as they are part of a music program broadcast on TV. With this casual outfit, Badkiz’s Duna looks beautiful and fresh with a black bucket hat, white t-shirt and hot pants. Not only that, the member who was born in 1994 also looks very cute with a backpack and a banner that says ‘Badkiz’s Duna’ to just greet the reporters who are waiting for them there.

badkiz duna profile

Badkiz’s Duna isn’t the only member who has had the opportunity to change her hairstyle or appearance concept. She has also worn several hairstyles in their comebacks and she still looks beautiful with these different concepts. In the photo above, we can see a visual of Badkiz’s Duna who looks beautiful with an all-black outfit and a red jacket with some cute emblems attached to the jacket. Different from the appearance of Badkiz’s Duna with long hair, in this photo, we can see her appearance with short brown hair tied back and her hairstylist also accents her curly bangs.

badkiz duna profile

As readers in the focus threat section have seen, Badkiz’s Duna also had a hairstyle with short hair. In this photo, we can get a clearer and closer look at Badkiz’s Duna’s visual with her short blonde hair. The beauty of an idol girl group can’t lie, Badkiz’s Duna with her short hair still looks pretty and cute too. In this era, fans can easily notice Badkiz’s Duna as the only member who has short hair. From the photo above, it can be assumed that this photo was taken when Badkiz’s members just arrived on one of the music program schedules.