Full Profile and Album List of Park Ji-yoon

Park Ji-yoon’s Move to Go Indie

In 2009, Park Ji-yoon returned as part of Sony Music Korea with Flower, First Again. This album showed her more mature side as she parted with the scandalous and sexy persona from her previous hits. She has more creative input in the writing and production of the album. This album and her eighth album, Tree of Life, are also filled with collaborations with top-tier artists such as Kim Yong-rin from Dear Cloud, Jung Jun-il from Mate, and Kwon Soon-kwan from No Reply.


After the release of her eighth album, citing the hardships of producing an album herself and interest in working with Yoon Jong-shin, Park Ji-yoon signed with Mystic89. With Mystic89, Park Ji-yoon is able to work with top-class collaborators such as Primary and Yoon Jong-shin himself, but in a way that still suits her creative interest. Through this company she was able to release three singles, Mr. Lee, Yoohoo and Beep.

Recently Park Ji-yoon has returned to her indie roots, and she decided to part ways with Mystic89 in 2016. She begun to produce her own albums again, through her own indie label, Park Ji-yoon Creative. In 2017, she came out with her most recent studio album, ParkJiyoon9.

Coming of Age Ceremony

Coming of Age Ceremony is one of Park Ji-yoon’s most famous and memorable hits. It’s become the song to cover, by idols who are hitting the legal age. They usually perform the song to commemorate during 성인날 (Seonginnal), or the day that signifies becoming the age for being an adult, in South Korea. Its not uncommon to hear the song performed at music show special stages and special fanmeetings.

Let’s take a look at some notable covers of Coming of Age Ceremony:

Twice’s cover of Coming of Age was performed as part of their variety show, Twice’s Private Life, with members Nayeon, Mina, Momo and Sana.

Hayoung of Apink, Joy of Red Velvet and Chanmi of AOA teamed up to perform Coming of Age Ceremony in MBC’s Year End Festival, as a sign of their tight friendship and celebration for finally becoming adults.