Full Collection of Block B’s Albums and Songs

2014 – H.E.R

block b her

Block B’s album ‘H.E.R’ released on July 24th, 2014 and the special edition of the album released on September 3rd, 2014. The special edition album and the regular album both contain 6 songs with the title-track H.E.R. The album was released as the 4th mini-album and 3 of the songs were from the Jackpot.

H.E.R album
No Track List
1 Unordinary Girl
2 H.E.R
3 Hold Me Now (Taeil Solo)
4 Jackpot
5 Very Good (Rough version)
6 Jackpot (Instrumental)


2016 – Blooming Period

block b blooming period

After a long hiatus since their last appearance in 2014. Block B released their 5th mini-album in Korea on April 11th, 2016. The album contains 6 songs including the title-track Toy.

Blooming Period album
No Track List
1 A Few Years Later
2 Toy
3 It Was Love (Taeil Solo)
4 Walkin’ in the Rain
5 Bingle Bingle (B-Bomb and U-Kwon duet)
6 A Few Years Later (Instrumental)


2017 – Montage

block b montage

Block B released ‘Montage’ album as their 6th mini-album on November 7th, 2017. The album contains 5 songs including the title track Shall We Dance. The main song of the album has really unique concept.

Montage album
No Track List
1 My Zone (Korean version)
2 Shall We Dance
3 One Way
4 Like This
5 Give & Take (B-Bomb Solo)


Block B’s Best Songs

block b single

Ever since their debut, Block B always gained public interest because of their unique songs, performance and concept.

Please check below the list of their best songs since their debut.

2011 – Freeze!

2011 – Wanna B

2011 – Tell Them

2012 – NalinA

2012 – I’ll Close My Eyes

2012 – Nillili Mambo

2013 – Be The Light

2013 – Very Good

2014 – JACKPOT

2014 – HER

2016- A Few Years Later

2016 – Toy

2017 – Yesterday

2017 – Shall We Dance

2018 – Don’t Leave