Do You Know FT Island’s Vocalist, Lee Hong-gi? Here Is His Full Profile From His Age to His TV Shows!

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All About FT Island, Lee Hong-gi

Lee Hong-gi is a South Korean singer-songwriter. He debuted as a child actor in 2004 and later debut as vocalist of the band FT Island which was formed by FNC Entertainment. Lee Hong-gi is not only known for his unique vocals but also as an entertainer in the Korean entertainment industries. He is active in both Japan and Korea as soloist vocalist until now. Let’s get to know more about Lee Hong-gi.


Lee Hong-gi’s Full Profile and Facts

Lee Honggi profile


Real Name = Lee Hong-gi

Birthday = March 2, 1990

Origin = Gwangju, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Education = Kyunghee University – Theater and Film

Occupation = Singer-songwriter, Vocalist

Years active = 2002 – Present

Labels = FNC Entertainment | AI Entertainment (Japan)



  1. He opened his own fashion brand “Skullhong” in June 2014. He designs accessories, jewelry and various nail products.
  2. He almost became the lead actor for KBS2 Master of Study because the pre-production was postponed until 2010 and his schedule didn’t match up. FNC Entertainment as his agency refused the offer.
  3. He took part in many FT Island songs as songwriter.
  4. He and Subin DALSHABET collaborated on the “Joker” rock version.
  5. He is a member of Super Junior Heechul’s gang Chocoball alongside Simon D, HIGHLIGHT Yong Jun-hyung and many other more.
  6. He became a radio DJ for KBS Cool FM Lee Honggi Kiss The Radio – Hongkira since October 17, 2016 until April 2018.
  7. He became a main cast member for several musical theater plays since 2009. He played on 2009 A Midsummer Night’s Dream as Lysander, 2014 Vampire as Dracula and 2016 Those Days as Mooyoung.
  8. As an author, he released two books titled Lee Hong-gi’s Nail Art and Hongstargram.