FT Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee: Updates on Their Married Life

FT. Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee’s Child

While waiting for his child to be born, Minhwan documented the process of welcoming his baby to this world by making a special Instagram account for his baby, with the username @jaeyul2._.2. Back in the time before Yulhee gave birth, Minhwan uploaded some photos of the ultrasonography during Yulhee’s pregnancy.


“The house of Jjang-ie (the nickname for their baby) ._.👼🏻” – @jaeyul2._.2


“He is 5cm tall🎶💕” – @jaeyul2._.2


“Mouth *_*” – @jaeyul2._.2


“My nose and nostrils really look like my dads ㅋㅋ👨‍👦” – @jaeyul2._.2


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짱이 입체초음파 모음🎒

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“Jjang-ie’s ultrasonography photo collection 🎒” – @jaeyul2._.2

After uploading numerous photos of the baby’s ultrasonography, it was time for Yulhee to give birth to their very first child.

Minhwan, as an amazing father-to-be stayed beside Yulhee the whole day before Jjang-ie was born and even uploaded a photo of his beautiful wife while waiting for the time to come for the baby to be ready to be born.


A lot of fans and netizens who saw Yulhee’s pre-birth photos sent their support and love to the young lady who was experiencing childbirth for the first time. Many comments left on the photo said that Yulhee is really beautiful as a wife and a mother-to-be.

On May 18th, 2018, Minhwan and Yulhee’s baby was born and they named him Choi Jae-yul. The baby boy was born healthy and looked very cute. Minhwan expressed his happiness posting a photo on Instagram and adding the caption, “👼🏻2018.5.18, 10:35 AM, 2.98 kg 💓 Our son ^^ He resembles his father. Our Jjang-ie!! He is healthy and will grow up well!”

Yulhee was also in the same condition as the baby. She was doing well after giving birth and she was healthy. The next day, Minhwan uploaded a video of Yulhee holding her baby lovingly while the baby was also looking back at his mother.


On May 28th, 2018, FT. Island’s Minhwan shared his happiness by uploading a photo of his newborn baby on his Instagram account. This photo successfully made anyone looking at this family’s photos become instantly happy.


The little family of FT. Island was showered with a lot of support and love as Minhwan uploaded another family photo after Yulhee gave birth and also with their baby.


Yulhee also uploaded a selca of her and her baby, expressing how grateful she is to have given birth to the cutest baby while adding the caption, “An angel that has been sent down from the sky💛”


Minhwan also expressed how grateful he is to have become a father of a baby boy and uploaded a selca of him and the baby on Instagram.


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FT. Island’s Minhwan and Yulhee’s Instagram Feeds

Here are the latest updates of Minhwan’s baby boy account on Instagram:


“Everybody, everybody, Merry Christmas 🎅🏻👼🏻 My family came to have a Christmas meal ~! # Baby # Merry Christmas # Happy # Life # First # Christmas # # # Mother # # Gift # Santa’s Clothes #” – @jaeyul2._.2


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“Kkeuang!!!🦖” – @jaeyul2._.2


“Jjang-ie Kiss ._. #Manly Men #Is it a kiss? #The spit #The violence of the two men #I love you” – @jaeyul2._.2

Meanwhile, these are the latest Instagram updates of Jae-yul’s father, FT. Island’s Minhwan:

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많이 기대해주세요!!!TV쇼!!!

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“Please look forward to it! TV Show!” – @minhwan12

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오랜만에 풀메이크업쓰! 가자 에프티!

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“Long time no see with full make-up! Let’s go, FT!” – @minhwan12

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오 귀엽다!!! 이거 이름 뭐라하지?

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“Oh so cute! What’s your name?” – @minhwan12