The Story of Choi Jong-hoon: Former Leader of F.T. Island Who Got Arrested

Scandal and Quitting the Entertainment Industry

ft island profile choi jong hoon

F.T. Island’s Choi Jong-hoon was suspected of being involved in the illegal sex video case of Jung Joon-young. Not enough, he was also caught driving drunk and bribing the police so that his case wouldn’t leak into the ears of the media.

On March 13th, 2019, a statement was posted on DC’s F.T. ISLAND Gallery demanding that Choi Jong-hoon be expelled from the band. The party that posted it included various crimes currently linked to Choi Jong-hoon, namely drunk driving, police bribery, illegal video recording, and the distribution of sex videos.

The post also criticized FNC Entertainment for only addressing the issue of allegations of sexual escort services in the previous statement, and did not include any mention of illegal videos. In addition, fans said that not only did Choi Jong-hoon not give a sincere apology and promise for self-reflection, he also had not spoken openly about this matter to the public or fans.

“As a leader, he has embarrassed F.T. Island’s image and is expected to negatively affect their activities. We strongly demand on March 13th, 2019, that Choi Jong-hoon be removed, not on hiatus, from the group,” read the post.

However, not all fans agreed with this statement, and the online community was not representative of the fandom as a whole.

Earlier on the same day, FNC Entertainment stated that Choi Jong-hoon had confirmed his drunken driving incident in 2016. The agency also stated that he did not bribe the police for the incident so that it would not leak to the media.

However, the messages between Choi Jong-hoon, Jung Joon-young, Seungri, and many more reported by SBS 8 O’Clock News that night indicated a discussion about payments being made to keep this matter unnoticed. Choi Jong-hoon was also suspected of being a member of a chat group where illegal sexual videos of women were shared.

ft island profile choi jong hoon

F.T. Island’s Choi Jong-hoon was in the spotlight regarding his involvement in the sex video scandal that also dragged down Jung Joon-young and Seungri. This case was revealed after their chat via the KakaoTalk chat group was revealed to the public.

On March 13th, 2019, a statement was posted on DC’s F.T. ISLAND Gallery demanding that Choi Jong-hoon be expelled from the band. The party that posted it included various crimes currently linked to Choi Jong-hoon, namely drunk driving, police bribery, illegal video recording, and the distribution of sex videos.

As if to answer the request, FNC Entertainment announced that Choi Jong-hoon had left F.T. Island. This announcement was made by the agency which also oversees CN Blue and AOA that was posted on March 14th, 2019. The following is FNC Entertainment’s statement:

It was decided today that Choi Jong-hoon, who has drawn criticism for his involvement in a series of recent incidents, will leave F.T. Island.

The agency wants to make it clear that there is no intention of hiding or covering up the truth regarding this matter. Previously, based on our trusting relationship, we confirmed with him what he remembers about past incidents before issuing a statement. We sincerely apologize for causing confusion by releasing an inaccurate statement through this process.

There are additional suspicions about illegal acts even though he says he doesn’t remember them, so he will obediently undergo a police investigation sometime this week. Choi Jong-hoon has decided to leave the group for good and will retire from the entertainment industry.

The agency is aware of the severity of the problem and feels responsible for this. And we will fully cooperate with the police investigation process so that the truth can be clearly identified.

Choi Jong-hoon expressed his apologies to those who were harmed by his inappropriate and embarrassing words and actions in the past. He also deeply regrets the disappointment he gave to many of his fans and team members. The agency expresses our deep apologies for not paying attention to proper character management and teaching of our artists and for causing trouble for many people due to unfortunate circumstances.

Choi Jong-hoon will now stop activities as a celebrity and live while reflecting on himself. The agency also cannot avoid taking responsibility regarding Choi Jong-hoon’s words and actions that society cannot forgive, so we will guide him to the end to live as a member of society with the right perceptions.

(The agency) once again promised to be more thorough and strict in the management and education of all our artists. We are sorry.

Getting Arrested By The Police

ft island profile choi jong hoon

Former member of F.T. ISLAND, Choi Jong-hoon, has admitted to spreading, even recording sexual activities secretly. On April 11th, 2019, the Seoul Metropolitan Police revealed at a press conference that Choi Jong-hoon’s case would be transferred to the prosecution. He is accused of distributing one personal sexual video and five illegal videos from other sources. Jong Hoon was also deemed to have violated the Law on Sexual Crimes.

A total of five people whose cases were transferred to the prosecutor’s office, including Mr. Kim, a former MD (promoter) of Club Arena who is a member of a chat room group, for the case of spreading pornographic content. The investigation into Seungri, who is also part of the chatroom, is still ongoing.

He became a suspect on charges of illegal sharing of footage, but it was not confirmed whether he shot the video live or not. Seungri was also involved in several other charges including allegations of providing prostitution services and bribery. The police plan to transfer the case to the prosecutor’s office after all investigations are completed.

Beside that, the Instagram account of F.T. Island’s Choi Jong-hoon disappeared shortly after the Supreme Court of South Korea rejected their appeal filed ahead of the end of October 2020. This Supreme Court ruling left Jung Joon-young to serve five years in prison and Choi Jong-hoon to two years and six months in the case they committed.

The ruling is the same as the one that had been ruled by the Seoul High Court in May 2020 on a group sexual harassment case that had been in court since November 2019. This case is the result of the development of the 2018 Burning Sun investigation.

Choi Jong-hoon’s Instagram account (@ftgtjhc) also received similar treatment, which can no longer be found on Instagram. “Sorry, this page isn’t available,” Instagram shows when trying to access the accounts of the two musicians.

The loss of the Instagram accounts of the two musicians’ accounts is in accordance with Instagram policies and regulations, where they do not provide space for perpetrators of sexual harassment. On their official website, they also ask the general public to help them report to them if they find accounts of perpetrators of sexual harassment.

In the report, they must also attach evidence of legal case reporting, proof of verdict, and the account in question. “When we have verified the status of the account owner as a sexual harasser, we will immediately delete their account,” wrote Instagram.

ft island profile choi jong hoon

Choi Jong-hoon appeared as a witness at Seungri’s latest Burning Sun trial on April 29th, 2021. Former F.T. Island personnel was reportedly crying when giving a surprising confession as a witness. Choi Jong-hoon, who was a member of Burning Sun’s famous molka (hidden camera) chat room, testified as a witness to an assault case related to Seungri’s gang.

Previously, Seungri was accused of having ties to a mafia gang after CCTV footage was presented as evidence during one of his trials. According to the footage, the alleged gang member appeared at a club at Seungri’s call following an argument that took place in Seungri’s VIP room The former BIGBANG member has not only been accused of having ties to the gang, but also instigated attacks which were made worse by taking advantage of the gang members.

Choi Jong-hoon was brought to the fore during the trial on April 29th, 2021, to testify as a witness to the incident. Choi Jong-hoon was present at the scene of the fight and had previously been questioned by the police. He cried as he recalled the police interrogation process as they kept asking about unrelated cases, which led him to give assumptions that turned into facts in the official police records.

During his initial interrogation, Choi Jong-hoon referred to the people involved in the quarrel as ‘gangsters’, but during the April 29th trial, he surprisingly refuted his previous statements by claiming that they were all his own assumptions.

“While it is true that they both called someone, Seungri and Yoo In-suk never used the term ‘gangster.’ When they shared that they would call someone, I thought it was ‘gangster’ myself. During the initial interrogation, the police also used the term ‘gangster’, that’s why I used that term,” he said.

Choi Jong-hoon also shared that during the first interrogation, the police had informed him that gang members were present at the scene of the fight, which Choi Jong-hoon said he did not remember.

“The police told me there were gang members at the scene, but I wasn’t aware of their presence. I’ll remember if the gangsters showed up, but I don’t remember them being there because it was just a drinking party,” he said.

What Choi Jong-hoon claimed to be personal assumptions turned into factual evidence in the official police records. Because of this, it was reported that during his closing witness statement, Choi Jong-hoon conveyed his deepest regret and apologies to Seungri.

“The interrogation took more than 12 hours and I just wanted this to be resolved as quickly as possible. I wanted to avoid it. I realized that I shouldn’t make that (gangster) assumption after it was over and I really regret it,” Choi Jong-hoon said.

“I did not thoroughly check the records at the time because I wanted the interrogation to finish quickly. I’m sorry that this happened to the defendant (Seungri),” he continued.

Meanwhile, Choi Jong-hoon is currently serving a two-year prison sentence for his involvement in a gang rape involving five other people, including Jung Joon-young.

Well, that was all the information about the former member of F.T. Island, Choi Jong-hoon. He had a very important position as the leader of the band that debuted in 2007 and their existence as musicians is quite impressive and they have become one of the famous bands in South Korea and internationally.

It turns out that for a few moments, Choi Jong-hoon was unlucky and stuck in a difficult situation with the controversy he had and had to accept punishment for the mistakes he had done in the past. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more interesting articles from Channel-Korea!