Fromis_9’s Team Leader, Lee Sae-rom: Profile, Facts, Pre-Debut, Drama List, and Vlog!

Lee Sae-rom Made Her Debut with Fromis_9

lee saerom fromis_9

Saerom debuted with Fromis_9 on January 24, 2018. Fromis_9 is a girl group created by a survival show called Idol School. The group consists of nine members: Saerom, Hayoung, Gyuri, Jiwon, Jisun, Seoyeon, Chaeyoung, Nagyung, and Jiheon. The group name is an abbreviation from the show, From Idol School, and 9 stands for the members of the group.

After the end of Idol School, Saerom was selected as the team leader of the debut group since she was the oldest member. Unlike most other idol groups, they use the term captain instead of leader. Since her debut, she has been taking care of the members and diligently performing her role as a leader. Saerom has solid dancing abilities, great visuals, and all varieties of charm such as professionalism and cuteness.

Fromis_9 debuted with their first extended play (EP) To. Heart. Check out their debut stage here:

Fromis_9’s Lee Sae-rom’s Focus Fancams

lee saerom fromis_9

Take a close look at Lee Sae-rom’s performances on music shows~

As the lead dancer, Saerom has excellent dancing skills. Her dance line is stunning, and her facial expression and presence are both outstanding. Specifically, the dance line of Saerom stands out for its sexy concept.

Check out some fan comments:

  • How come she has both the body and the pretty face? It’s not fair Saerom. Choose 1 🙁
  • Saerom looks so good in this outfit
  • Captain/BOSS! You slayed!
  • Her dance, charisma, and expression on this song are truly total. Especially in the ending pose she is very cool 😍 good job Captain Romsae 👍

Fans are so amazed by Saerom’s visuals and her dancing skills. One comment said that “Her visual is underrated. I mean, she’s literally a goddess! She looks extremely beautiful 😭😭😭” Also, fans said, “missed seeing little saeromie on stage so much….. she really shines this comeback and she ATE that choreography up as always.” Fromis_9 recently had a comeback with their new single “Feel Good (Secret Code).”

Give a look at Saerom’s fancams and fall in love with her charms!

Lee Sae-rom’s Vlog

lee saerom fromis_9

Saerom has posted regularly on her vlog via Fromis_9’s official YouTube channel. The segment of her vlog is called “ROMMANTIC DAY” After her hiatus in ASMR video shooting, she thought about some personal content. As a result, she announced on January 3rd, 2020, that she was making a “Rommantic Day.” In addition, she shared a TMI that she edited the first round of her YouTube vlog. Also, a staff member who produces Fromis_9’s content seems to have helped her with both physical and material aspects.

Recently, on her birthday on January 7, 2020, she released the full version of the first episode of “ROMMANTIC DAY.” Check out “ROMMANTIC DAY” below:


That’s all about Lee Sae-rom! What do you think of her visual, dance skills, and singing? Don’t forget to give some support to the group and watch some of their MVs. Please kindly leave your comments and share~