fromis_9’s Jiheon VS Oh My Girl’s Binne; Which One Do You Think Looks Cuter With Short Hair?

fromis_9’s Jiheon VS Oh My Girl’s Binnie  Short Hair

Many females of K-pop idols have long-straight hair, beautiful, colored, shining, and smooth. However, some of them have short hair, which makes them look fresh and cute.

As cute as they are appeared with short hair with bangs or colored, such as Oh My Girl’s Binnie and Fromis-9’s Jiheon, who has known as most suitable female groups idols with short hair. In this article, Channel Korea will tell you about Oh My Girl’s Binnie and Fromis-9’s Jiheon Short Hair With Bangs and Short-Colored Hair.

Short Hair With Bangs

A short-haired girl nickname was suitable well for Oh My Girl’s Binnie and Fromis_9’s Jiheon. They are just like limited cute female idols with short hair among the most female idols who have long hair in common.

The fresh appeared and cute visual with an adorable personality like a baby, match them so much. With their adorable child-like looks and expressive faces, Oh My Girl‘s Binnie and Fromis_9’s Jiheon were making fans fall in love. Their adorable child-like looks have gained everyone’s attention. Meanwhile, both of them look so young with that short hairstyle.

Oh My Girl’s Binnie

She looks like an ordinary and adorable high school student girl with a beanie. A young and fresh look is the best visual of Oh My Girl’s Binnie. Her face and smile like a baby look so much cuter and match well with her short-hair.

Nor look cute, but sexy Binnie shows off with ponytail hairstyle. Her short hair with bangs seems such as a perfect combo with ponytail and slightly colored.

She even looks good and adorable with the bowler. Her pure inner personality shinning and blend well with cute visual in this style.

So adorable just with one side ponytail style. Binnie bright and healthy skin, cute visual, and short hair very suitable for her personality. Binnie, such as a girl whose born perfect looks with anything in a short hairstyle.

The simple look short hairstyle with pin make her so amazing adorable baby girl. She just looks like a chubby cutie baby with that style.

Known well as an adorable idol visual with a short hairstyle, Binnie also looks so mature with sharp cutting and volume blow short hairstyle. She looks feminine and sweet with this style, just like a mysterious sweet girl who is hiding well, her cute appearance.

The girl even knows how not to looks just cute but beautiful and swag vibes. With black cap and large size jacket, Binnie success making other people looking for her multiple times. She just looks so amazing.

fromis_9’s Jiheon

Jiheon’s nickname is “born well with short-hair.” It means she just looks perfect with everything short-hair style. Even in her natural straight black hair, whether in colored short- hairstyle. Both of them looking amazing with her visual.

Jiheon has a small chubby face and bright visual. That why she looks so good and adorable with smooth short-hair. One side ponytail style matched so well with her hairstyle and a bright smile. She just looks so adorable in that style.

Short-hair with bangs meet Beanie! Looks so much cuter in Jiheon fashion style. She looks just a pure and adorable baby girl who can make you endure looking to her for a long time. Even her bright personality looks so cute with her vision and style.

Short-Colored Hair

As well as short hair with bangs, short-colored hair also matched well with Binnie and Jiheon visuals. It looks more fashionable, fresh, healthy, mature, and adorable at the same time.

Oh My Girl’s Binnie

Short hair and colored! No word more but perfect to describe how Binnie looks with that combo. Calm and mature look match well with her visual in blonde hair color. She is like a girl that you cannot touch with careless. Even her gaze can make you freeze at that time.

Mature and fresh, but also her cute side with an adorable visual blend so much well with dark red hair color style of Binnie. She looks like a goddess with this beautiful visual.

fromis_9’s Jiheon

Fromis_9’s Jiheon short-hair style even looks so good in light brown color. The girl looks like a growing baby girl to become a pretty girl with this hairstyle. Her mature side is showing off very much with this hair color. The hair just not colored but added volume that makes it even so good and blends well with Jiheon visual. Can you feel it?

Her adorable visual not blocked the mature side of her personality in a short-hair style. Just with a little colored touch and straight hair with medium volume could make Jiheon’s visual looks like a fairy lady in the wonderland. She looks so amazing.