Everything About fromis_9: Profile, Age, Height, Discography, etc.



After releasing their first EP, which got the peak chart position at #4 on the Gaon Album Chart, on May 10, 2018, Jang Gyu-ri confirmed that she participated as a contestant in Produce 48.


fromis_9 then remained as an eight-member group and released their second EP, titled “To. Day”, without Jang Gyu-ri on June 5, 2018.


Starting from September 21, 2018 till now, their agency has changed to Off the Record Entertainment. For your information, Off the Record Entertainment is a new agency that exclusively established the South Korean-Japanese project girl-band IZ*ONE, and managed fromis_9. After the return of Jang Gyu-ri, fromis_9 released a special single album titled “From.9” on October 10, 2018, under Off the Record Entertainment and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment for Digital/Physical and Genie Music for Digital.


Here is the detail of their discography:

Album Titles Release Date Track List
From.9 October 10, 2018
  1. Love Bomb
  2. Dancing Queen
  3. Colored (물들어)
  4. [CD ONLY] DKDK (두근두근) (From.9 ver.)
  5. [CD ONLY] 22nd Century Girl (22세기 소녀) (From.9 ver.)
To. Day June 5, 2018
  1. Want to Get Closer (다가가고 싶어)
  2. Follow You, To You (너를 따라, 너에게)
  3. DKDK (두근두근)
  4. 22nd Century Girl (22세기 소녀)
  5. Clover
  6. First Love
To. Heart January 24, 2018
  1. The Way to Me (나에게로 오는 길)
  2. To Heart
  3. Miracle (환상속의 그대)
  4. Pinocchio (피노키오)
  5. Be With You
  6. Glass Shoes (유리구두) (MAMA ver.)


Reality Shows


On May 2018, Jang Gyu-ri was revealed as a contestant for Produce 48, a survival program that produces a project girl-band by voting for members out of 96 contestants from South Korea and Japan.


Here are the detail of reality shows that fromis_9 participated in:

Titles Years Network Channel Participants / Played as
Produce 48 (프로듀스 48) 2018 Mnet Ep. 1 (June 15) – 11 (August 24): Jang Gyu-ri
Weekly Idol (주간 아이돌) 2018 MBC Every1 Ep. 350 – April 11 :
Lee Sae-rom Ep. 358 – June 6 : fromis_9 without Jang Gyu-riEp. 377 – October 17 : fromis_9
THE 100 Seasons 2 2017 Naver V Live fromis_9
MIND MAP 2017 Naver V Live fromis_9
fromis_9 TV Behind (프롬이 카페 비하인드) 2017 Naver V Live fromis_9
Fromis’s Room (프로미스의 방) 2017 Mnet, Facebook Live fromis_9
Idol School (아이돌 학교) 2017 Mnet Contestants



On October 15, 2018, fromis_9 made their debut in acting in a web series titled “Welcome to the Heal Inn”, but it was filmed during Jang Gyu-ri’s absence.


But on February 8, 2018, fromis_9 announced Jang Gyu-ri would be added as a new traveler in a second season of “We See Winter” for the Winter Season. fromis_9 released the teaser for “We See Winter” short web series on Naver V Live.


Here are the detail of the dramas that fromis_9 acted in:

Titles Network Channel Years Total Episodes Played as
Welcome to the Heal Inn Season 2: We See Winter (그래서 괜찮은, 회복회 WE SEE WINTER) Naver V Live 2019 2 fromis_9
Welcome to the Heal Inn (그래도 괜찮은 , 회복회) Naver V Live 2018 6 (Including Prologue and Epilogue) fromis_9 without Jang Gyu-ri

Awards and Nominations


As their hard work during “Idol School” and after their debut paid off. On May 6, 2018, fromis_9 received their first award on the Asia Model Awards 2018, for “New Star Award” in the female category.


It is an honor to be at the awards ceremony shortly after we debuted. We are so nervous and happy to receive an award at the awards ceremony. Firstly, we want to thank our staff who have worked hard for us. Our parents who take care of us, thank you. We will be a proud daughter. To our fans thank you so much. We could be here right now because of the support you give to us from the bottom of stage. We will become fromis_9 that does not lose our original intention in the future,” said Saerom as the captain of fromis_9 for award speech on the Asia Model Awards 2018, as translated [email protected]_9 via Twitter.


Here are the details of their awards and nominations :

Awards Category Years Result
8th Gaon Chart Music Awards New Artist of the Year Award 2019 Nominated
28th Seoul Music Awards Hallyu Special Award 2019 Nominated
28th Seoul Music Awards Popularity Award 2019 Nominated
28th Seoul Music Awards New Artist Award 2019 Nominated
33rd Golden Disc Awards Popularity Award 2019 Nominated
33rd Golden Disc Awards Rookie of the Year Award 2019 Nominated
20th Mnet Asian Music Awards Artist of the Year Award 2018 Nominated
20th Mnet Asian Music Awards Best New Female Artist Award 2018 Nominated
10th Melon Music Awards Best New Artist Award 2018 Nominated
15th Korean Popular Music Awards Rookie of the Year Award 2018 Nominated
1st MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards Genie Music Popularity Award 2018 Nominated
1st MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards Best New Female Artist Award 2018 Nominated
1st MBC Plus X Genie Music Awards Artist of the Year Award 2018 Nominated
3rd Asia Artist Awards Rising Award 2018 Won
3rd Asia Artist Awards Most Popular Artists (Singer) – Top 50 Award 2018 Nominated
13th Asia Model Awards New Star Singer Award 2018 Won

Concerts and Tours


On June 19, 2018, fromis_9 held a mini concert named “THE 100 MINI CONCERT” on V Live at 07.00 P.M. KST. You can watch the video here. Here are the photo of after “fromis_9 x THE 100 Mini Concert” ended.




They do have their own personal Instagram accounst, but they mostly posted about their daily life through their group Instagram account (@officialfromis_9) to connect and establish a closer relationship with their fans. They even shared their singing a song cover to their fans, like Jiwon’s post.

They shared their cute dorky act with their fans, like Seoyeon’s post.

Latest News


On January 31, 2019, fromis_9 was spotted filming SBS’s “Baek Jongwoon’s Alley Restaurant”, then they announced it through their Twitter account and wanted fans to look forward the episode that they will appear in.

On February 1, 2019, fromis_9 was appointed as Honorary Ambassador for 2019 Korea Youth Association.


February 12, 2019, was a good day for Chaeyoung, because that was day she was one of young idols that graduated from high school and received a diploma. Chaeyoung successfully walked off with her diploma along with fellow idols, such as IZ*ONE’s Kim Chae-won, TWICE’s Chaeyoung, TWICE’s Tzuyu, Produce48’s Ko Yu-jin, Produce48’s Son Eun-chae, GWSN’s Anne.


Her fellow group-mates fromis_9 came to Chaeyoung’s graduation from Hanlim Multi Art School. She received overflowing support from the group-mates who attended high school graduation.


After graduation, Chaeyoung did not forget to capture her happy moment for the fans. She posted her photos, including her fellow group mates whom happy for her through Instagram account.