From Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to iKON’s Chanwoo, Here’s a List of ‘Evil Maknae’ in K-Pop Groups

TVXQ’s Changmin

TVXQ's Changmin

Please welcome Changmin from TVXQ! He is the “Evil Maknae” of his group, TVXQ. He is also famously known as part of the “Duo Evil Maknae” with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun! When both of them were on the same stage during the 2010 SM Town Live in Seoul, Changmin was carried on Kyuhyun’s back, but due to their ignorance, Changmin fell off from Kyuhyun’s back!

In TVXQ, Changmin often likes to bully Yunho, the leader. He also often acts like he is the oldest member and always governing the other members! Not only that, Yunho always bravely talks about everything, even though it can sometimes be considered rude, but he is trying to be honest.

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Changmin moments here:

TWICE’s Tzuyu

TWICE's Tzuyu

We also have the girl “Evil Maknae,” Tzuyu from TWICE! Who would have thought that the pure and innocent image of Tzuyu was actually covering up her “Evil Maknae” side? TWICE’s leader, Jihyo, even revealed that she was getting tired of facing Tzuyu’s silliness at certain times!

Even though Tzuyu often seems to be the quietest member, don’t get her wrong! She could turn into the “Evil Maknae” and disturb the rest of the members of TWICE, mostly their leader, Jihyo!

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Tzuyu moments here:

Red Velvet’s Yeri

Red Velvet's Yeri

Another girl “Evil Maknae,” there’s Red Velvet’s Yeri! Even though Yeri seems to be cheerful and a kind maknae, but when you reveal the relation between Yeri and Joy, you will realize that you had gotten it wrong!

When Yeri and Joy get into an argument, or when they are joking, their relationship looks like “Tom & Jerry.” She is also famously known as the savage maknae, due to the unexpected silly things she does to the members of Red Velvet!

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Yeri moments here:

iKON’s Chanwoo

iKON's Chanwoo

Last but not least, we have Chanwoo from iKON! If we take a look at his innocent face, we might get tricked by his outside appearance! Turns out, he is famously known as the “Evil Maknae” of iKON! Even his mate in the band, iKON’s Bobby has called him “Satan Chan-woo,” due to his silly behavior and his ignorance towards other members of iKON!

A demonstration of his ignorance towards the other iKON members is him making the former leader, B.I apologize to him; also, doing a lot of silly things which caused the rest of the members of iKON to get mad at Chanwoo.

Chanwoo also often uses one of his excesses, being the tallest member. He also used his advantages to tease Jinhwan, who is an older member but also the shortest member of iKON. Despite all of his ignorance, iKON members agree that Chanwoo is their best and cute maknae of the group.

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Chanwoo moments here:

That was all of the information about the “Evil Maknaes” in various boy groups and girl groups! Even though sometimes they act differently from the usual maknae behavior, but they still are the kind and nice maknae of their sunbae in the group!

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