From Super Junior’s Kyuhyun to iKON’s Chanwoo, Here’s a List of ‘Evil Maknae’ in K-Pop Groups

Super Junior Kyuhyun

Keeping Up With Some of the ‘Evil Maknae‘ In Idol Groups!

Most people have only heard about maknae, and most of them are of course K-Pop fans. But, have you ever heard the term “Evil Maknae?” Since maknae is a term for the youngest member in a girl group or boy group, there’s also another term about maknae, and that is “Evil Maknae.” If you are a newbie and still don’t have a clue about it, don’t worry! Channel Korea will explain to you the details about “Evil Maknae,” so stay tuned!

Basically, “Evil Maknae” is a nickname for the youngest member in a boy group or girl group. Commonly, the youngest one must be someone who is obedient and has cute behavior. But turns out, some of the maknaes are really playful and silly, and they sometimes like doing silly things to their sunbaes. This is the reason they are being called “Evil maknae.” Wanna find out who are the “Evil Maknaes” in the idol groups? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a detailed list of “Evil Maknaes” from some of the most popular boy bands and girl groups.

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun


First, we have Kyuhyun from Super Junior! Once you heard the term “Evil Maknae” we bet that Super Junior’s Kyuhyun was the first name that you thought about! Well, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is really famously known as the “Evil Maknae” of Super Junior.

Among the reasons why he received that nickname is that he is known for his “sharp mouth.” Super Junior’s Kyuhyun would not hesitate to talk about anything, even towards his sunbae in the group. Not only that, but he is also famously known as the most ignorant member of the group, due to his ignorance towards the other members. Even Super Junior’s Yesung said that he was getting tired with Kyuhyun’s ignorance, meanwhile, on another occasion, Kyuhyun asked their leader, Leeteuk, to carry him on the back while they were on the stage!

Kyuhyun revealed that he used to think that he and the rest of the members of Super Junior were of the same age, which is why he was often ignorant of them. But still, when the time of the “Evil Maknae” Kyuhyun had come, the other members were really waiting for that moment!

Watch one of the moments of the “Evil Maknae” Kyuhyun here:

Got7’s Yugyeom

Got7's Yugyeom

Next, there’s Yugyeom from Got7 as the “Evil Maknae” of his group! His ignorance is considered to be on another level since he has often done things that have made the rest of the members of Got7 quite irritated and annoyed.

One such moment, where the “Evil Maknae” Yugyeom showed his silly habits was during a Got7 fan meeting. Yugyeom acted silly and managed to make their leader JB go mad. Not only that, but he also has a different nickname for his sunbae in his cellphone. Such as for Bambam, he has typed his contact as “JYP’s Crazy Bam,” while for Mark, he has typed his contact as “JYP’s Dumb Mark.”

He jokingly said that he got the silliness from the rest of the member of Got7! Even though Yugyeom is often annoying, but the rest of the members of Got7 really love him in any kind of moment!

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Yugyeom moments here:

BTS’ Jungkook

BTS' Jungkook

Next, we have Jungkook from BTS! He is also nicknamed “Evil Maknae” since he is the youngest one and has done a lot of silly things to the rest of the members of BTS. Jungkook often addresses his sunbae without using the polite term hyung. Moreover, Jungkook has also often bullied his sunbae and hit them without any warning.

Proof that Jungkook really is an “Evil Maknae” is the fact that he addresses Jimin without using hyung; another piece of evidence is that he has teased Jimin for his height; also, Jungkook has successfully made BTS’ Jin be the most tortured member of the group. On many occasions, BTS’ Jungkook has acted like he is the older one and he loves it. Often times, he surprises Jin only to enjoy his suffering of being shocked by the surprise.

Even though he has done a lot of silly things, but BTS’ Jungkook is also known as a loving member. He got emotional quickly when he saw that his sunbae in BTS were getting tired or tortured.

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Jungkook moments here:

EXO’s Sehun

EXO's Sehun

Next, we have EXO’s Sehun! From his outside appearance, he doesn’t look like a maknae, right? But once you get to know him better, you realize that you had gotten it wrong! In a lot of moments, Sehun has tried to be ignorant to another member in EXO. No wonder that he got the nickname “Evil Maknae” Sehun!

Not only he is an ignorant maknae, but Sehun sometimes disobeys the advice given to him by the other members of EXO. When EXO-K was attending the Mnet Wide Entertainment News, Sehun told Suho that he wasn’t a good leader in their cooking team, and also he threw flour at Chanyeol. Such a rebellious maknae, right?

Some people also thought that Sehun seemed to be impolite towards the rest of the members of EXO, but Chanyeol defended him and revealed that Sehun was a kind and nice person despite all of the silly things he has done. Another EXO member who never gets mad at him even though Sehun has been naughty and ignorant.

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Sehun moments here:

BtoB’s Sungjae

BtoB's Sungjae

Then, there’s also BtoB’s Sungjae in our “Evil Maknae” list! Sungjae might be the most annoying person when he starts doing ignorant and silly things to the rest BtoB members. One piece of evidence of Sungjae being an annoying “Evil Maknae” is his disturbing and messing up the game when the rest of the members were enjoying it together.

Sungjae also has various levels of ignorance. The first level is categorized as the usual ignorant things, but then when it gets to a whole other level, the rest of the members of BtoB get mad very fast and are irritated by Sungjae’s ignorance!

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Sungjae moments here:

VIXX’s Hyuk

VIXX's Hyuk

We also have Hyuk from VIXX as the next “Evil Maknae.” At first, Hyuk was famously known as the adorable and cute maknae. But suddenly, he turned out into a creepy maknae! Even the other members of VIXX didn’t want to be around Hyuk when he wasn’t in a good mood.

Just like the usual “Evil Maknae,” Hyuk also often does a lot of silly things to the rest of the members of VIXX. He also bravely controls the rest VIXX member, and also gets mad at them. That’s why VIXX members have agreed that Hyuk is looking creepy when he isn’t in a good mood! One of his habits is to throw a snowball at N in the winter, and also he has successfully made Leo get scared of him when he gets mad!

Watch one of the “Evil Maknae” Hyuk moments here: