From ASTRO’s Moonbin to LABOUM’s Solbin: Here’s A List Of K-Pop Idol Look-A-Likes!

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Let’s Take a Look to K-Pop Idols Who Are Lookalikes with Other Idols!

Since there’s a lot of K-Pop idol groups, the Korean Wave is becoming really huge and also gaining a lot of attention, as well. One of the most common things that get noticed about K-Pop performers is their visual appearance, mostly when people came up from girl-groups and boy-groups! But have you ever noticed that there’s some K-Pop idols who have a strong resemblance with the other K-Pop idols? Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the details about that, so stay tuned!

The resemblance between certain K-Pop idols can happen for reasons such as their style, their hair color, or just their natural face appearance which can also look similar, as well. Sometimes, the fans feel as though two idols just look like twins! Let’s take a look at some K-Pop idols who are ‘lookalikes’ with other K-Pop idols, here!

TVXQ’s Yunho & ASTRO’s Moonbin

First of all, we have the K-Pop idol lookalikes TVXQ’s Yunho and ASTRO’s Moonbin! Even though at first people might not see their their resemblance, other people think that Moonbin had similarities with Yunho, with the youthful version as well!

1. The ‘Cold’ Gaze

Yunho simply amazed us with his ‘cold’ gaze, right? It also made people notice that he looked similar with Moonbin, when he shows off his ‘cold’ gaze, as well!

It’s very obvious that Moonbin looks like the youthful version of Yunho, right? But still, they also look as stunning as ever!

2. Their Cute Eye-Smiles

Have you seen the sweet smile from Yunho and Moonbin? If you take a look at their smiles, you can see that they both had an cute eye-smile on their visual appearance! Even though the ‘eye smile’ from Yunho wasn’t really obvious, but still it looked as cute as ever!

Meanwhile, Moonbin’s ‘eye smile’ is really obvious! Every time he is smiling, the eye smile on him increasing his charm. When it comes to Yunho and Moonbin’s bright smile, both of them are having the same!

3. Blonde Hair

Even though Yunho used to often be seen with dark-colored hair, when he dyed his hair blonde, it looked effortlessly charming! Moreover, it also reminded us of his resemblance with Moonbin, when he also gave himself blond hair!

And also, have you noticed that their hairstyle is also kind of similar, with straight hair and messy bangs?

Super Junior’s Heechul & SEVENTEEN’s Jun

People might be doubting with the statement that Super Junior’s Heechul and SEVENTEEN’s Jun were looked kind of similar, since there aren’t many similarities between them. But have you seen that on some occasions they really do look similar? There have even been certain occasions when Heechul met with Jun and he said that Jun looked exactly like him!

1. Their Eyes

Now, let’s just focus on Heechul and Jun’s eyes! If we take a closer look, both of them have such ‘sharp’ eyes! Moreover, we can see that their eyebrows also look the same.

With their sharp eyes, same eyebrows, and also that nose bridge, you have to see the resemblance!

2. Their Lips

Now, the similarities between Heechul and Jun looks even clearer! Whether it was coincidence or not, Heechul and Jun both have black hair and black outfits. Another facial feature they have which looked similar was their lips!

They both have such sexy, full lips, which completes their similarities on the eyes, nose bridges, and eyebrows discussed previously!

3. Bald Hair

The left picture is SEVENTEEN’s Jun’s as a child, meanwhile the picture on the right is Super Junior’s Heechul when he went bald for his military service! From the overall face features, they looked exactly the same!

Super Junior’s Donghae & NCT Dream’s Jeno

If you take a close look at Donghae and Jeno, they also have some physical similarities! Mostly, it looks like they have the same nose, same lips, and same eyes which have also made people think that they were ‘unbiological’ brothers, as well!

1. Tiny Smile

Donghae and Juno were both having the same tiny smile on their face! Not only that, some of their physical features such as their nose, their eyes, and their lips kinda have some similarities, right? It looks like they were brothers!

We could imagine that NCT Dream’s Jeno looka like the younger version of Super Junior’s Donghae, right?

2. Blonde Hair

We bet that you might think that both of these pictures were of Super Junior’s Donghae! But turns out, the first picture was Donghae, meanwhile the second one was Jeno! With their blonde hair color, they just looked even more similar than before!

From the close up picture above, we can see that mostly Jeno’s physical features were really similar with Donghae’s!

3. The Jawline

Another facial features from Donghae and Jeno which also makes them look similar was their jawline! If you take a careful look at these pictures of Donghae and Jeno with their sunglasses on, you can see their similarity even more!

And also, not to mention that their other physical features already looked the same, right?

2NE1’s CL & BTS’s Suga

This pair might be unique, since people have also found the similarities between CL and BTS’s Suga! Even though they have different genders, but still, on some occasions both CL and Suga were looking the same!

1. The Platinum Hair

CL and Suga are often seen with different hair colors on every occasion. When both of them dyed their hair a platinum blond, it made them lookalikes! Even though CL’s hair was kind of platinum blonde, but still it looked a lot like Suga’s hair!

Have you seen it? Suga’s hair was kind of a grey platinum, a little bit different with CL. But with their same eyes shape, they still look alike!

2. No Makeup

Both CL and Suga still look as gorgeous as ever, even though they weren’t wearing any makeup on their faces! Who knew that it also made them look even more similar? CL, with her light brown hair, her round eyes, and cute smile reminds us with Suga when he didn’t have any makeup on!

With the reddish-brown hair, the same round eyes as CL’s, and the same cute smile as CL’s, we cam see that they looked similar, right?

3. Kind of ‘Glazed-Look’

On certain occasions, CL and Suga were indeed looking similar! When they were each at their photoshoots, we could see a little similarity between them. Have you noticed their ‘glazed look’? Even though CL was using a cat-eye style for her eye makeup, her eyes still looked glazed, right?

And also, let’s take a look at Suga when he showed off the ‘glazed look’ in his eyes! When Suga was looking directly at you when his eyes were glazed, would you deny it?

BTOB’s Minhyuk & MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

Not only BTS’s Suga and CL, there’s also another set of K-Pop idols with different genders who were looking similar, and they were BTOB’s Minhyuk and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul! Let’s take a look at their similarities here!

1. Cute Lips

Let’s take a look at both BTOB’s Minhyuk and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul’s cute lips! With these angles, Minhyuk and Moonbyul were looking the same! Both of them had the same cute lips!

Even though their lips are the main features, but we can also see that their face shape and their noses are also similar!

2. Blonde Hair

When Minhyuk and Moonbyul were sitting next to each other with their blonde hair, they almost looked like twins! Moreover, their cute lips and their nose shape looked even more the same!

3. Different Photoshoots, Same Vibes

Even though Minhyuk and Moonbyul weren’t in the same photoshoot, we can see that they had the same vibes! With these close-up photos, their visual features were being in the spotlight, and they looked even more similar!

With their side visual appearance, we can’t deny the similarities between Minhyuk and Moonbyul!

A-Pink’s Naeun & BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Have you noticed before that APINK’s Naeun and BLACKPINK’s Jennie are looking similar? Without any coincidence, both of them indeed look the same, in their own way as well! Moreover, when Naeun and Jennie both had black, long hair, they looked like unbiological sisters!

1. White Outfits

Let’s notice the photos above and below! Both Naeun and Jennie are wearing white tops, jeans, and earrings in their ears. They just look really similar, don’t they?

Then, if we’re talking about their visual appearance, we can see the similarities from their eye shape and their lip shape. It’s too obvious that they are lookalikes!

2. Sporty Photoshoot

Whether it was coincidence or not, Naeun and Jennie both did photoshoots with the sport brand Adidas. And also, they were looking as stunning as ever with the sporty style, as well! Naeun, with the all-black outfit with her ‘innocent-fierce’ look also reminds us of Jennie’s style during her photoshoot with Adidas!

Jennie with her ‘pure and soft’ look, and still with the sporty style, just looked even more similar with Naeun!

3. Sunglasses Style

Next, there’s also the sunglasses vibes from APINK’s Naeun and BLACKPINK’s Jennie! Both of them were wearing their sunglasses during their free time, with the different outfits and occasions, as well. But still, with the same long black hair and their visual appearance, they were looking just like twins!

The way Naeun and Jennie were slightly lowering their heads down also looked similar, as well. With the same pink-colored lipstick and the same facial appearance, you won’t deny the similarities between them!