From ASTRO’s Moonbin to LABOUM’s Solbin: Here’s A List Of K-Pop Idol Look-A-Likes!

SHINee’s Taemin & EXO’s Kai

shinee taemin

People might have already known about the good friendship between SHINee’s Taemin and EXO’s Kai, since they were best friends even before their debut. But, if we take a look at their visual appearance, Taemin and Kai sort of look alike, right? The resemblance mostly lies with their nose shape and their full lips, as well!

1. With Glasses

The way Taemin show off his bright smile remind us of Kai’s smile, right? But this time, when Taemin was wearing glasses with his black straight hair, we can compare him with the picture of Kai down below!

Still looking at their airport style, both Taemin and Kai were wearing glasses and earphones, as well. They look like twins, don’t they? Taemin and Kai are wearing the same type of glasses, as well!

2. Same Haircut

Believe us, if you aren’t SHAWOLs or EXO-Ls, you might be having a hard time recognizing which one is Taemin or Kai from the picture above! With the same haircut, same dark brown hair color, and the same face features, there’s no question that Taemin and Kai were looking very similar!

3. Black and White Photoshoot

During Taemin’s black and white photoshoot concept, he was looking as stunning as ever! With the messy blonde hair and leather jacket, he strongly resembled EXO’s Kai from his black and white photoshoot, as well!

Both Kai and Taemin were showing off their charisma through that monochrome look, and couldn’t you just see the resemblance between them? It was very obvious!

Oh My Girl’s Jiho & BLACKPINK’s Rose

On some occasions, people also spotted a resemblance between Oh My Girl’s Jiho and BLACKPINK’s Rose! Both Oh My Girl and BLACKPINK fans have also admitted the fact that their idols were lookalikes! Moreover, when Jiho and Rose had the same pink-blonder colors, it also made them look even more similar than before!

1. Black Hair

APINK’s Naeun was looking pure and innocent with black hair, right? With her round face, full lips, and cute, small eyes, Naeun also reminds us of BLACKPINK’s Rose when she had the same black hair!

This is BLACKPINK’s Rose with her black hair! She indeed has a lot of similarities with Naeun, with the straight, long, black hair and her outfit while she was on the stage! From her visual, we can see that her nose and her lips resemble Naeun’s visual appearance!

2. Half Ponytail

With that blonde and pink hair color, half-ponytail hairstyle, and bright pink lipstick, APINK’s Naeun was rocking the style! Her hair color kind of reminded us of BLACKPINK’s Rose’s hair, right? It really suits her skin tone, and makes her look effortlessly beautiful!

There’s also BLACKPINK’s Rose with the half ponytail style, just like APINK’s Naeun! Even though Rose’s hair color was a little bit different, but we could still see the blonde hint in her hair, right? Moreover, both Naeun and Rose were looking cute with their minidresses, as well!

3. Monochrome Photoshoot

We do believe that some of you who haven’t seen Naeun before might think that the picture above is BLACKPINK’s Rose with her black hair! You can see the face appearance of Naeun was really similar with Rose, and even her wavy hairstyle, too! Through the monochrome photoshoot, Naeun was looking as stunning as ever!

BLACKPINK’s Rose with her monochrome photoshoot! Just take a look, she was looking like APINK’s Naeun, right? The differences were only in their outfit and their pose!

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri & LABOUM’s Solbin

People might be wondering, is it obvious that Girls Day’s Hyeri and LABOUM’s Solbin are looking similar? When Hyeri was wearing her hair short, people might not have noticed the similarities between both of them. But, if we take a look at Hyeri and Solbin with their long hair, we found some of their similarities. Let’s check this out!

1. Magazine Photoshoot

Even though Hyeri and Solbin weren’t in the same photoshoot, but somehow they kinda showed us some of similarities. During a Grazia magazine photoshoot, Hyeri was looking sexy, yet fierce with her deep gaze! Meanwhile, during another magazine photoshoot, Solbin also showed off her ‘fierce’ charisma, as well!

It almost felt like both of them were in the same photoshoot, the only differences were their outfit and hair style!

2. Brown Hair

It’s almost like Hyeri and Solbin are twin sisters! Hyeri was showing off her long, light brown hair which matched with her khaki sweater, as well. Let’s take a look at another portrait of Solbin, here!

Solbin with her reddish-brown hair and pastel outfit. It’s such a nice combination, and also made her look similar with Hyeri! Just take a look at their eyes and their lips, they kinda show some resemblances, right?

3. Glasses Style

With soft-pink makeup and glasses, Girls Day’s Hyeri was looking absolutely stunning! She lets her light brown hair down and amazes us with her innocent look. Meanwhile, we found the similarity between Hyeri and LABOUM’s Solbin in the picture down below!

With the same hair color, wearing glasses, and also the soft-pink makeup, LABOUM’s Solbin was looking a lot like Girls Day’s Hyeri, right? The differences are only in their outfit and their aura. Hyeri was looking cute, meanwhile, Solbin was looking sexy!

That was all of the information for today’s article about K-Pop idols who have a ‘twin’ due to their visual appearance! Even though they kind of looked the same, they still also had their own characteristics, as well.

No wonder if they kind of resembled one another, it was caused by a lot of factors like their style, their outfits, or their coincidental similarities! Let’s always support all of those K-Pop idols and respect their own charms! And also, don’t forget to tell us your opinion and leave a comment down below!